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Family Reunion

Ast (Aust) Family

The Kansas Connection



When:                         June 11th, 12th, 13th and 14th, 2004 – this year


Were:                          In a local park in Kings Beach, California – actual location is pending


Who’s Invited:            Anyone who has an interest in the Ast, Aust  Family History


We are planning on having a potluck in a local park near, or by Kings Beach – the actual location is pending … So if you live close by, please plan to bring extra lawn chairs.

 Some people are staying at the North Lake Tahoe Brockway Springs Resort … If you’d like to stay there, please call and make reservations:


            North Lake Tahoe

            Brockway Springs Resort

            101 Chipmunk Street

            Kings Beach, California  96143


Phone:            530-546-4201

            Fax:              530-546-4202


If you plan to attend, and would like to stay somewhere else, and would like assistance from someone in California, please call Helen (Young) Foster at the California connection listed below.




California – Contact:                         Gregg Foster at 415-827-3896

                                                Helen Foster at 530-534-5443


Texas – Contact                                Aileen Kendrick at 512-864-3050


Kansas – Contact                             Betty Wilson at 620-276-3564


Alaska – Contact                              Tom Foster at 907-333-8174

                                                            e-mail:  (please replace # with @)


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