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Subject: Back page
Date: Mon, 02 Oct 2000 14:48:49 -0500
From: oren windholz <>
To: Northwest Printers <>

Hi Randy,

The following is to be place on the back (blank on the draft copy)
page. I am sending in the next email pictures and instructions on which
ones to print (also on back page).


By Maria Beckers
Translated by Dr. Sophie Welisch

On Pentecost Sunday, May 19, 1991 a Marian Forest Chapel was consecrated

in Julbach, Bavaria. Two returning war veterans, who had been in
desperate straits during the Second World War, promised at that time
that if they returned home safely, they would make a great sacrifice to
God and the Mother of God.

One of these men was Markus Heiden, born on October 27, 1926 in
Buchenhain (Romanian: Poiana Micului). In 1989 he made an appeal for
contributions to all his compatriots, who also had reason to be thankful

to the Mother of God that after the war in Germany and after their
flight, they were nonetheless able to find such a good homeland. Soon
contributions poured in, so that Markus Heiden could begin with his
for a chapel. At that time he also met Hans Krapf from Julbach, who had
already heard of the building project. Faced with a like situation in
war, he had made a similar promise. In order to fulfill their pledges
Markus Heiden and Hans Krapf got together to direct the construction of
the chapel.

Stories of how construction came about raised great interest. People
suggested to Markus Heiden that he write a book about it. Hans Krapf had

already died on February 17, 1996.

Currently Markus Heiden is recording his experiences in a book entitled
Mein Versprechen (My Promise). This book should initially be ready by
tenth anniversary of the construction of the chapel in May 2000 and
offered for sale. Primarily it is also a testament to his compatriots.

In it he describes the emigration to Bukovina from the Bohmian Forest in

1838 and the settlement in Buchenhain and the way of life at that time
well as the return to Germany [in 1940] with stops in Styria, Austria
settlement in Upper Silesia [German-occupied] Poland. In addition he
describes his military service during his tender years and the critical
circumstances of the difficult battle in which he, staring death in the
face, made his great commitment to God and the Mother of God that in the

event he were to return home safely, he would offer a great sacrifice on

their behalf.

In poignant fashion he describes the construction of the chapel with the

consecration and other festivities. In addition, Heiden thanks all who
their own way helped him fulfill his promise and also that of Mr. Hans

Since most of the participants were compatriots from his former
the chapel is unofficially called "Buchenhain-Dumbrava-Chapel." In it
the war dead of both villages are enumerated.

The chapel stands on a small elevation in the midst of the forest:
the name "Marian Forest Chapel." In 1987 a powerful hail storm raged in
this area and uprooted many trees right on the spot where the chapel
would later stand. One might even say that the Mother of God had
this area for herself. After this [devastation] they got the parcel of
land as a gift. With much effort they then cleared the wilderness and
began construction of the chapel.

In the meantime this chapel has found great resonance among the
population. Not only is its interior beautifully decorated, but its
facade is also very attractive. The well-executed onion dome, of which
many can be seen in Bavaria, has evoked especially great approbation.
Some benches have been placed outside for rest and reflection, so that
one can also enjoy the enchanting view.

People come from all corners of Germany, even from far away, as for
example from Australia, America and Romania. After the number of
had exceeded well over two thousand, a count was no longer kept.

I would like to take this opportunity to send you some photographs to
show you this well-executed chapel and ask, that should you have the
opportunity, you also visit it. The experience would be well worth
Through this chapel a lovely memorial has been erected for Buchenhain,
Dumbrava and Cornu Luncii as well as for the descendants of their former


If you are interested in ordering the book, which will be published in
May 2000 (in German) with numerous pictures, please write to:
Reimo-Verlag, Am Mitterfeld 3, 85445, Oberding/Bavaria Germany.

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