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Bukovina Records Extraction Group


Updated February 4, 1998

Founded on 14 February 1994 at the Ottawa Ontario Canada LDS Family History Centre.


To extract the information (names, dates, relationships, occupations, etc.) contained in the available parish registers for the entire crown land of Bukovina with a view to:
  1. Submitting them for inclusion in the "International Genealogical Index".
  2. Sorting them and reconstituting the extended interlocking pedigrees of the Bukovina German (and other Bukovinian) ethno-cultural group and placing the results on computer.


B.R.E.G. I

Work in progress. Currently three people are extracting the names contained in those parts of the parish registers of Radautz Roman Catholic parish contained on LDS Microfilm numbers 1768247, 1768248, 1768249 and 1768250. In addition, certain LDS cataloguing errors inherited from the films' prior repository, the Deutsch Zentralstelle für Genealogie (The German Central Office for Genealogy) in Leipzig, are being corrected and submitted to the main Family History Library in Salt Lake City for the purposes of catalogue revision.

Whereas B.R.E.G. I lost, if only temporarily, one of its LDS extractors, Mrs. Fumiko Yamada, in the Spring, as of 27 October 1997, Mrs. Renate Neurauter (nee Leining from Bielefeld, Westphalia, Germany ), the long-serving librarian for LDS religious material at the Prince of Wales LDS Chapel, has taken on the continuation of Mrs. Yamada's work on the banns register (1868-1880) for Radautz Roman Catholic parish on LDS Microfilm # 1768249 item 1, bringing the complement of B.R.E.G. I's extractors up to three again, with Mrs. Joyce Hopp, the LDS Stake director for extraction, and B.R.E.G.'s LDS liaison officer (wife of my co-extractor, now retired from B.R.E.G. I on LDS Microfilm # 1768248, item 1 [sole item] which was erroneously catalogued in Salt Lake at Roman Catholic when it is, in fact, the marriage register, 1857-58, for the Protestant [Evangelisch A.B.] parish of Milleschoutz-Radautz and filials, then still HQ'ed at Obermilleschoutz) remaining at work on LDS Microfilm # 1768247 (where she has finished item 2, Radautz R.C. marriage register, 1835-1851, 419 entries, and is 296 entries into item 4, i.e. the Radautz R.C. marriage register, 1852-1883 [having completed the register up to the middle of March 1861], and Mr. Allan Schmidt, who is extracting LDS Microfilm # 1768250, item 2, Radautz R.C. parish and filials (largely the filials in this item) combined baptismal, marriage and burial registers, 1785-1850. Mr. Richard Carruthers-Zurowski continues to act as director of all the B.R.E.G. projects, serving as the instructor in extraction and as the second extractor of most films.


As of July 1, 1996, another chapter of B.R.E.G. (B.R.E.G. II) has begun in Whitby, near Toronto. Two women, Mrs. Elaine W. Broughton (nee Miller), and Mrs. Elizabeth Shumovich (nee Osborn) have begun to extract the marriages from 1849 to 1915, on LDS Microfilm #1474919, items 3 (1849-1889) and 4 (1890-1915), for the Protestant (mostly Lutheran) parish of Milleschoutz - Radautz (1790-1940) which served most of the parishioners of the Swabian villages of the plain.


As of April 21, 1997, Mr. Alan Barry "Barry" Ginn, of Ottawa (whose mother's mother, born Bajaschestie, Bukovina in 1901, was the daughter of Eva Rumpel, *1881, Illischestie; +1971, Regina, Saskatchewan), has begun B.R.E.G. III in which he is single-handedly extracting the duplicate marriage registers (1858-1915) for the new Protestant (Evangelisch A.B.) parish at Illischestie on LDS Microfilm # 1474917, items 3 and 4.


As of November 3, 1997, Mr. Steven Pusiak (a subscriber to the Bukovina-Gen listserv whose genealogical research interests are given on the Bukovina Contact List) began to extract as B.R.E.G. IV the marriage banns registers for the Roman Catholic of Czernowitz (1789-1801) on LDS Microfilm # 1768037, item 3, which are kept largely in German with a small admixture of Latin, esp. in regards to the dates of the banns which are noted according to the ecclesiastical calendar only (unlike most later banns registers).


  1. Richard Carruthers-Zurowski, chairman and founder of B.R.E.G.
  2. Allan Wendell Schmidt, secretary of B.R.E.G.
  3. Joyce Hopp, LDS liaison officer and Stake extraction director


B.R.E.G. is made up of both Mormon and non-Mormon volunteers not all of whom have a direct tie to Bukovina. Nos 1-3 above do. We invite interested parties to contact us, especially those who wish to volunteer their time or make a donation toward the cost of the non-Mormon aspect of the project, i.e. the full extraction, sorting, reconstitution and computerization of the primary source material.


B.R.E.G. hopes to encourage others to take on similar work for other Bukovinian localities regardless of denomination, record type or ethno-cultural group.


34A, Acacia Avenue,
Rockcliffe Park,
Ontario K1M 0P4,

Copyright © 1996-1998, Bukovina Records Extraction Group (B.R.E.G.)

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