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The Bukovina Genealogy Mailing List***

Purpose of the Mailing List

The Bukovina Genealogy mailing list is a discussion group for those researching their genealogy and family history in Bukovina, a former crown land of the Austrian Empire, now divided between Romania and Ukraine. Questions and discussions about tracing one's ancestors in this area are the primary focus of this group. Discussions about the history of the province, and the culture and heritage of the different ethnic groups who have lived there are also appropriate, as are information about current conditions in the area, and travel advice for those who might be planning a visit. Long, heated debates about politics or other controversial topics will not be welcome, and would be better suited to other forums.


Mailing List E-mail Addresses***


***Please Note:  The Bukovina-Gen Mailing List is NOT owned or managed by the Bukovina Society and is described on this page as a service to our members and visitors to this website.  For any questions regarding the Email Service, please contact the List-Owner.

Remarks:  This Email Service, formerly with Great Plains Free-Net of Regina, Saskatchewan was moved to Yahoo in November 2005.  If you were a member of this former service and wish to continue your membership in the new service at Yahoo, you will need to subscribe per the instructions at the top of this page.


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