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Wednesday, 23. July 2014
09:47:20 -0700

I had a grandfather and grandmother from this country Edward and Emily Wolanski that left when he was 18 i think and my grandma was 9 when they came to Canada settled in Vita mb. a small farming town they lived there all there lives raised 5 children and then grandma passed when i was 2 and grandpa later in the 80s buried out in vita at the roman catholic church with hes parents and her parents buried there to we have a lot of aunt's and uncles buried there to . just some facts i kind of rember .

Wednesday, 23. July 2014
08:26:11 -0700

ISTENSEGITS...I can now see on a map where my ancestors where born and then came to Canada in early 1900's and settled in the Arbury/Cupar area of Saskatchewan. Here is where they received their land grants. Family names for search information: Anna Rozalia PEK Born 1882 Istensegits ...parents Gergley PEK and Borbala LASZLO Daniel LASZLO born 1881 Bukovinina maybe Istensegits? parents unkown still searching. (my grandfather) He married Anna Pek widow of Andras Lovasz born 1879 Istensegits. Daniel LASZLO and ANNA immigrated to Arbury Canada April 3, 1907. They came with Anna's daughter Regina and Anna gave birth to a son May 1907 on Canadian soil. His name was ABRAHAM LASZLO. Anyone having information on this family will be wonderful. Please contact me at; Gratia Hillier 60 Seedhouse Lane, Georgetown, Ontario. L7G 6K4 Canada

Friday, 18. July 2014
19:43:48 -0700

looking for info on my greatgrandparents Galinski last name immigrated to Canada 1912 from Bukovina jakobeny settled in saltcoats sask which is part of grayson . My great grandmother's maiden name was bogdan Also the person whos is looking for relatives of George appel from the info I have he was born 1873 in chernowitz Bukovina and died in 1973 in grayson sask he married Susie bodgan and had johann anna and Rudolph so I don't know if this is the right appel looking forward to comments back thankyou

Saturday, 12. July 2014
06:27:55 -0700

Hello. We search Edgar Armbrüster, he was born on 24.12.1936 in Jadowa. Please help to find more about them, because he have a daugther wo wish to have more infos. Thanks.

Wednesday, 09. July 2014
20:01:56 -0700

Looking for information on my great grandfather let left from Berlin to Brazil-Rio Negro/Mafra around 1889- his name was Albert Bornemann and his profession Florestal engineer .

a.cntry.woman @

Friday, 20. June 2014
17:04:52 -0700

Just found this site on a "Google" search. Interested in info. on Florence ODOWICHUK Summers, my step-mother-in-law. Nice site.

thehotherriots @

Friday, 20. June 2014
14:38:36 -0700

I know there are Appels,Hckies(Hickes)and Kleins still livung in Chernivtsi. I am wondering if any wwwould be related to Georg Appel b 1835-38 and Zacharias Hickie b 1869 and his wife Margaretha Hickie(nee Klein) b in 1866. i am a descendent of theirs in Canada. Donna Herriot

thehotherriota @

Friday, 20. June 2014
14:37:47 -0700

I know there are Appels,Hckies(Hickes)and Kleins still livung in Chernivtsi. I am wondering if any wwwould be related to Georg Appel b 1835-38 and Zacharias Hickie b 1869 and his wife Margaretha Hickie(nee Klein) b in 1866. i am a descendent of theirs in Canada. Donna Herriot

Friday, 30. May 2014
11:57:30 -0700

Is there anyone who know my father Kajetan Michael Antonowicz - born 1911 - he studied at University in Czernowitz jus. and was org. in Corporation there. He died 1943 in Schepetovka.If anyone has more information, please let me know. Kennt jemand meinen Vater, Kajetan Michael Antonowicz, geb. 1911, er ist im Hauptquartier Schepetovka beim Rückzug aus Kiew gefallen und wurde mit den Klängen "Ich hatte einen Kameraden - einen besseren kennst Du nicht... begraben - davon hat meine Mutter Elisabeth, geb. Schreiber mir oft erzählt, sie verstarb 1976 und ich habe nicht genug gefragt. - Meine Vorfahren waren aus Worms und Mainz, sie wanderten wohl im 17. Jh. in die Bukovina aus, Familien-Namen waren z.B. Schreiber, Beutel, Heinrich

boehm4 @

Friday, 30. May 2014
11:54:03 -0700

Is there anyone who know my father Kajetan Michael Antonowicz - born 1911 - he studied at University in Czernowitz jus. and was org. in Corporation there. He died 1943 in Schepetovka.If anyone has more information, please let me know. Kennt jemand meinen Vater, Kajetan Michael Antonowicz, geb. 1911, er ist im Hauptquartier Schepetovka beim Rückzug aus Kiew gefallen und wurde mit den Klängen "Ich hatte einen Kameraden - einen besseren kennst Du nicht... begraben - davon hat meine Mutter Elisabeth, geb. Schreiber mir oft erzählt, sie verstarb 1976 und ich habe nicht genug gefragt. - Meine Vorfahren waren aus Worms und Mainz, sie wanderten wohl im 17. Jh. in die Bukovina aus, Familien-Namen waren z.B. Schreiber, Beutel, Heinrich


Saturday, 17. May 2014
07:15:43 -0700

Wer kann helfen? Wie gelangt man an eine einmalige Einjahresmitgliedschsft als Zugang zur privaten Genealogischen Datenbank? Vor einigen Jahren konnte man diese Mitgliedschaft noch im online-Shop erwerben. Auf eMail-Anfragen bei der Bukowina Society gab es leider keine Antworten. Vielen Dank


Saturday, 17. May 2014
03:46:05 -0700

Kann jemand helfen? Wie gelangt man an eine einmalige Einjahresmitgliedschaft für den Zugang zur Genealogischen Datenbank? Vor einigen Jahren konnte man noch im online-Shop diesen Zugang erwerben. eMails an die Bukowina Society blieben leider bisher unbeantwortet. Vielen Dank


Saturday, 17. May 2014
03:45:33 -0700

Kann jemand helfen? Wie gelangt man an eine einmalige Einjahresmitgliedschaft für den Zugang zur Genealogischen Datenbank? Vor einigen Jahren konnte man noch im online-Shop diesen Zugang erwerben. eMails an die Bukowina Society blieben leider bisher unbeantwortet. Vielen Dank

foundermember0056 @

Monday, 12. May 2014
09:42:27 -0700

Szucs Istvan Cluj Napoca,Budapest. Good afternoon! My name is Istvan Szucs. Im hungarian, but ten years ago I live in this city. I live, work and make studies. I had studies about migrations, minorities and the connections between the public libraries and the science of the informations. My profession is family researcher. I search families in the Territory of the old Hungarian Kingdom, and in Transilvania, in Bukovina, in Moldova. In these territories not only hungarian people were, but many nations too. Sometimes we say, that the Monarchy was a big Pot. It s true! ... and Bukovina was a part of this big Pot! I think it s a good idea, if somebody knows and knowledgeable about the story of his (her) families. If somebody interested looking for roots in Bukovina (Bucowina), do not hesitate! Write me a letter and will found the lost or unknown family member! I wish all best for eberybody and good luck! Sincerely, Istvan Szucs

Thursday, 01. May 2014
17:22:40 -0700

Hallo, meine Oma Frieda Pauline Dümann wurde 1924 in Eisenau als Tochter des Heinrich Dümann und der Emma Oberländer geboren. Großeltern waren Gottlieb Dümann u. Karoline Theiss. Sowie Samuel Oberländer u.Marie Göllner. Ein Onkel war ein Michael Oberländer (Steinmetz). Vielleicht gibt es jemand der die hier genannten Personen kannte? Würde mich freuen über Neuigkeiten. Andreas Alemanno Aalen Deutschland.

mb.fontana @

Tuesday, 22. April 2014
16:57:34 -0700

Very informative site. Thank you. Am looking for relations of George Karnik and Mary Karnik{Schmidt}, from Cosmin, daughter,Barbara born July 24,1921 in Cosmin. They immigrated to Canada in 1929, settling in Regina Saskatchewan. thank you.

Tuesday, 08. April 2014
09:40:39 -0700

Eine wunderbare Seite, leider habe ich sie erst heute entdeckt. Sarah Jane hat am 18. November 2008 eine Suchanfrage gestellt, sie sucht Informationen über die Familie Mix. Vegebens habe ich versucht ihr eine Nachricht zu senden, möglicherweise stimmt ihre E-Mail Adresse nicht mehr. Die Adresse war Vielleicht ist jemand dabei der helfen kann, ich würde mich sehr freuen. Vielen Dank. A wonderful site, unfortunately I've discovered it only today. Sarah Jane on 18 November 2008, a search found it seeks information on the Mix family. Vegebens I have you try to send a message, you may no longer correct e-mail address. The address was Maybe someone is who can help, I would be very happy. Thank you. Maschinelle Übersetzung

apeacosh @

Saturday, 29. March 2014
20:27:45 -0800

I am Andrew Peacosh, from British Columbia, Canada. My great grand father was Mikolay (Nick) Peacosh and his wife was Alexandra. Mikolay arrived in Canada in 1904 and his wife followed in 1905. Also an older brother Ivan Peacosh and wife Palina accompanied them. Census records say Mikolay was from Bukovyna and Alexandra was from Galicia. Also my grandmother's parents were Zachary and Wasylina (Belle) Sloychuk. Her brother i believe was Harregje (Harry) Mushanski (born 1883) and wife was Dariynes Mushanski (1893).

Wednesday, 12. March 2014
08:59:19 -0800

Hallo, Ich suche alles über Andreas WAgner geboren wohl in Jacobeny. Kann mir da jemand weiterhelfen

Sunday, 02. March 2014
11:49:32 -0800

sunt din Stulpicani, Bucovina, fostul județ Cîmpulung și încerc să dau de urmele străbunicului meu Mihai Flocea a lui Gavril Iosub, emigrat în Canada în 1912 cu mai mulți stulpicăneni și apoi în SUA- Michigan unde a și murit după 1932. Nu am decât o fotografie trimisă de el din SUA. Celelalte date le știu de la tatăl meu, nepotul lui. cu stimă, Marcel Flocea

Sunday, 02. March 2014
11:49:27 -0800

sunt din Stulpicani, Bucovina, fostul județ Cîmpulung și încerc să dau de urmele străbunicului meu Mihai Flocea a lui Gavril Iosub, emigrat în Canada în 1912 cu mai mulți stulpicăneni și apoi în SUA- Michigan unde a și murit după 1932. Nu am decât o fotografie trimisă de el din SUA. Celelalte date le știu de la tatăl meu, nepotul lui. cu stimă, Marcel Flocea

Sunday, 02. March 2014
11:49:22 -0800

sunt din Stulpicani, Bucovina, fostul județ Cîmpulung și încerc să dau de urmele străbunicului meu Mihai Flocea a lui Gavril Iosub, emigrat în Canada în 1912 cu mai mulți stulpicăneni și apoi în SUA- Michigan unde a și murit după 1932. Nu am decât o fotografie trimisă de el din SUA. Celelalte date le știu de la tatăl meu, nepotul lui. cu stimă, Marcel Flocea

Friday, 28. February 2014
07:19:53 -0800

Guten Morgen. Mein name ist Gunther Paul. Ich suche fur information an meiner Mutters seite die Oberlander Familie. Die kommen fon der zibs. Ich wohne in american und habe kein gluck in meiner suche. Besten Dank

Sunday, 16. February 2014
12:16:14 -0800

my name is willianm eluk , my father was michael eluk born1878 in Austria . I am have a hard time find his family in the Ukraine. IF his family is from Bukovina I WOULD LIKE TO VISIT MY FAMILIES HOME TOWN IN the Ukraine. william eluk 291 idle hour blvd. oakdale ny 11769.

hneige @

Saturday, 15. February 2014
15:39:48 -0800

hello from Canada! I am trying to track down more information on my Ollinger family. I am able to track down Jakob Ollinger, born 1793 in Sereth Bukovina, married Anna Falkauer (b. in Sereth). Before that, no information. I do have the information of Jakob's son, Ignatz, and garndson, Ignatz (my great grand father). If anyone has more information, please let me know. I understand that many of this area cam from the Rhineland area between 1740-1780 (although unsure about this) Thank you Steephen Ollinger

ajschaller @

Saturday, 15. February 2014
11:46:32 -0800

I'm Alfred Schaller, live in North Wales Pa. Ancestors from Lichtenberg Bukovina. Family ancestor names : Schaller, pfeiffer, richter, luksch, winkelbauer, Baumgartner, szella, turner, biermayer, prosser, haas, niebauer, scharz, schelesny, niewiarowska, harand, niewiarowska, rach, bernhauser, wittal, walzelare, pschaledny. The oldest ancestors that I was able to find are: Vitus Vendelin Biermayer 1766-1848, Katherina Schelesny 1767-1843, and Theresia Niebauer 1784-1860. The info is from a book written during WWII to identify ancestry required by the Nazi government. I'm not aware of any living relatives in the US area.

Saturday, 18. January 2014
03:42:32 -0800

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Saturday, 18. January 2014
03:41:52 -0800

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jhyanez @

Friday, 17. January 2014
13:03:01 -0800

Is the 1910 Bukovina census available on line or at through any data source? judy jhyanez @

Wednesday, 15. January 2014
18:34:40 -0800

I found the history of Bukovina Genealogy fascinating. While my mother is of German decent (Brand), I was researching my wife's Buirkle ancestry and it is clear the surname has changed spelling over the years but that her family was from Wurtenheim-Baden area of Germany. (excuse the spelling) It appears her great great grandfather Johann Freidrich Buerkle emmmigrated to the USA in the late 1850'a and settled in Brooklyn NY and served in an engineering unit in the Civil War. I also appears that many of his ancestors settled in Michigan and Minnesota. We are awaiting my wife's ancestry DNA test that should prove very interesting. Sean Daly Hazle Twp PA

lmann25 @

Tuesday, 14. January 2014
14:24:40 -0800

Hello everyone. would greatly appreciate any help with the KOZAKIEWICZ, KELSCH, AND EISENHAUER family. thanks so much

Friday, 10. January 2014
19:41:40 -0800

I stumbled onto your site while researching my grandfather George Frehs. I have a letter written by George's mentor in the machinist trade from the village of Alt-Zuczka bei Czernowitz in Bukowina. George worked with Rudolf Schulz of Alt-Zuczka. I wonder if anyone in the Bukowina Society can help me trace George or Mr. Schulz and his business. The letter was written 28 Mai 1904. By the way, my son-is-law is Curtis Zachman, formerly of Ellis, KS, now of Fort Collins, CO. --Bruce Harshberger, Loveland, CO

Monday, 06. January 2014
19:27:25 -0800

Hi, in searching my Mock/Ast/Aust relatives, I find that my Aunt Adaminda Mock married a Jacob Germann, I know nothing of the Germann family, anyway she married him in Tereblestie, Bucovina Austria in 1906, he died? She later came to the US with one of her older brothers, if anyone know's of this Jacob Germann please contact me. thanks Lea


Thursday, 02. January 2014
13:00:25 -0800

wir alle suchen hier sehnsüchtig nach unseren Vorfahren und Nachkommen... ich möchte, dieses Mal, nicht nach Jemanden suchen, sondern all meinen Ahnen danken... für all das, was sie mit viel Mut durchgemacht haben und ich mit der Ahnenforschung gelernt und über ihr trauriges Schicksal erfahren habe. So viel Trauer, so viel Schmerz, so viel Mut.... heutzutage fast unvorstellbar. Mein Herz schmerzt vor so viel Leid. Meine lieben Ahnen, ich hoffe ihr habt wenigstens jetzt, endlich euer Frieden gefunden. Mit traurigem Respekt,werdet ihr immer in meinem Herz, einen speziellen Platz haben. Unendlichen Dank, für eure Lebenslektion. Betty, verwandt mit Prelicz/Prelich, Haidu, Zachmann, Beutel, Kauk, Pfeiffer Kisslinger, Eisenhauer/Eisenhower usw

trixligb @

Thursday, 02. January 2014
12:12:52 -0800

sorry, wrong email address before richtig trixligb @ bitte! suche die Vorahnen von Johann Haidu/Hajdu/Hayd evt Heidt usw geboren 1794 in Nagybanya/Neustadt/Frauenbach dazumal Ungarn, Beruf Tòpfner, gestorben 1850 in Mitoca Kreis Radautz, verheiratet mit Karolina Johanna Beutel geb. 1804 Tochter von Johann/Joseph Georg Beutel, Beruf Wirt, und Dorothea Elisabeth Pfeiffer geb. 1770 Rinzenberg/Kreis Birkenfeld. DANKEEEE!

trixligb @

Thursday, 02. January 2014
12:08:05 -0800

bitte! suche die Vorahnen von Johann Haidu/Hajdu/Hayd evt Heidt usw geboren 1794 in Nagybanya/Neustadt/Frauenbach dazumal Ungarn, Beruf Tòpfner, gestorben 1850 in Mitoca Kreis Radautz, verheiratet mit Karolina Johanna Beutel geb. 1804 Tochter von Johann/Joseph Georg Beutel, Beruf Wirt, und Dorothea Elisabeth Pfeiffer geb. 1770 Rinzenberg/Kreis Birkenfeld. DANKEEEE!


Wednesday, 01. January 2014
03:53:21 -0800

Ich bin auf der Suche nach den Lebensdaten und Vorfahren von: 1. Michael Christof OO Maria Kuczitz und Sohn Johann Christof *1801 Paltinossa 2. Johann Heiser OO Marianna Galuka *1784 +14.10.1853 Luisenthal und Tochter Marianna Heiser *1807 3. Dominikus Simok *1768 OO Susanna Sztrelitz *1775 Smolnik und Tochter Franziska Simok *1810 4. Anton Peschel OO ??? und Tochter Anna Maria Peschel *1806 5. Simon Meszaros OO Marianna ??? und Sohn Lucas Meszaros *1808 +26.11.1875 Luisenthal 6. Jakob Christof +1914 OO Marie Gotsch *22.07.1883 7. Michael Christof OO Rosalia ??? *1775 +31.07.1827 Andrasfalva 8. Stefan Moroschan *1825 Luisenthal OO Elisabeth Meszaros *19.10.1828 Luisenthal 9. Rosa Moroschan *06.08.1863 Luisenthal 10. Amalia Cistof/Zistof *18.09.1854 Wama (OO Johann Glass *16.07.1841 Wama) 11. Franz Cistof/Zistof *27.12.1855 Wama (OO Maria Schindelar/Schindler *16.01.1865 Wama)


Wednesday, 01. January 2014
03:40:34 -0800

Ich bin auf der Suche nach den Lebensdaten und Vorfahren von: 1. Michael Christof OO Maria Kuzitz und Sohn Johann Christof *1801 in Paltinossa 2. Johann Heiser OO Marianna Galuka *1784 +14.10.1853 Luisenthal und Tochter Marianna Heiser *1807 3. Dominikus Simok *1768 OO Susanna Sztrelitz *1775 Smolnik und Tochter Franziska Simok *1810 4. Anton Peschel OO ??? und Tochter Anna Maria Peschel *1806 +29.12.1866 Luisenthal 5. Simon Meszaros OO Marianna ??? und Sohn Lucas Meszaros *1808 +26.11.1875 Luisenthal 6. Jakob Christof +1914 OO Marie Gotsch *22.07.1883 7. Michael Christof OO Rosalia ??? *1775 +31.07.1827 Andrasfalva 8. Stefan Moroschan *1825 Luisenthal OO Elisabeth Meszaros *19.10.1828 Luisenthal 9. Rosa Moroschan *06.08.1863 Luisenthal 10. Amalia Cistof/Zistof *18.09.1854 Wama (OO Johann Glass *16.07.1841 Wama) 11. Franz Cistof/Zistof *27.12.1855 Wama (OO 26.01.1879 Wama Maria Schindelar/Schindler *16.01.1865 Wama)

oculus-exercitius @

Sunday, 29. December 2013
08:29:44 -0800

Hello all, I am looking for information about my grandparents Klein Michael and Klein Apollonia , birth name: Hoffmann Apollonia , from Molodia, Buchenland / Bukovina. My grandfather Michael Klein emigrated in 1900 alone to Canada in the area of Regina / Saskatchewan. There he married again?! Is there anyone who has information about my grandparents. About answers, I am very grateful. Geo K Hallo, ich bin auf der Suche nach Informationen über meine Großeltern Klein Michael und Klein Apollonia, geb. Hoffmann, aus Molodia, Buchenland/Bukowina. Mein Großvater Michael ist um 1900 alleine nach Canada, in die Gegend von Regina/Saskatchewan ausgewandert. Dort hat er nocheinmal geheiratet!? Wer hat Informationen über meine Großeltern. Über Antworten bin ich sehr dankbar. Geo K

Friday, 27. December 2013
21:36:29 -0800

I need to contact somebody at Radauti or Bucovina in Romania, in order to get information about my grandfather family; his name was Max Maximovich Yeremeiko or Maxim Yrimeiv (Yrimeica). My grandfather immigrated to Honduras on May 29 of 1937.

rumpeldrhorst44 @

Wednesday, 18. December 2013
20:24:26 -0800

Beim Erstellen eines neuen google-Kontos bin ich zufällig auf die Seite gestossen. Meine Eltern (Ewald Heinrich Rumpel u. Martha, geb. Haas) stammen beide aus der Südbukowina aus dem Groß-Dorf Illischestie (Ilisesti) u. wurden im Dez. 1940 mit dem letzten Transport über das Umsiedlungslager Graz/Liebenau u. die Umsiedlungs-Zentrale Litzmannstadt (Lodz) in Neu Oderberg Krs. Teschen/OS angesiedelt. Dort wurde mein Vater, ein gelernter Huf- u. Wagenschmied bei der Reichsbahn zunächst zum Heizer u. dann zum Lokführer ausgebildet. Ich wurde dort Anfang Jan. 1944 geboren, in meiner Geburts-Urkunde steht als Beruf des Vaters: Reichsbahn-Reserve-Lokomotivführer-Anwärter worüber sich die meisten Leute köstlich amüsieren. Ich habe grosses Interesse an Geschichte (Familien-) Ahnen-Forschung (Genealogie)und würde gern mehr über meine Vorfahren erfahren, wer kann weiterhelfen? Dr. Horst Rumpel, An Der Bleiche 14, 38170 Schöppenstedt; mobile: +491629011735

Monday, 25. November 2013
04:45:51 -0800

Guten Tag, mein Vater Georg şandro (Sandro, Schandro) geb. 1924 in Revna Rumänien (Bukovina),aufgewachsen im Sudetenland (Einsiedel), gibt es Verwandte die diesen Namen tragen, wer kann mir weiterhelfen und mir Angaben mitteilen. Vielen Dank Peter Sandro Klemensstraße 18 45711 Datteln Tel.: 02363-54849 Mobil.: 0171 44 70 650 E-Mail.:

Sunday, 24. November 2013
16:46:51 -0800

Joseph Lee Wishnuck, Norman, OK

Wednesday, 13. November 2013
02:21:29 -0800

Searching for informations about Families "Gorski, Krieger, Brodacz, Weisshaupt" from Jakobsdorf (Jacobeni) 7808376115

kylapeterson @

Tuesday, 12. November 2013
17:21:44 -0800

Looking for family and information for Frank Joseph Kuffner born 1903 in Arbora, Bukovina. He was my grandfather.

kylapeterson @

Tuesday, 12. November 2013
17:19:29 -0800

I'm looking for family and information of Frank Joseph Kuffner born in Arbora, Bukovina in 1903. He was my grandfather.

Monday, 28. October 2013
15:57:15 -0800

My spouses grand father " Formos " vame from Rarancea Bukovinia, Looking for connections to Formos and Rarancea. Thanks for your time Cheeers // Stephen

Sunday, 27. October 2013
05:57:31 -0800

Это Здорово что Есть такой Сайт!!!!. Спасибо Создателям.... Пытаюсь востановить утеряные корни своей фамилии Гросс. Произошедшие по объективным причинам. т.е. Передел границ в своё время в Украине до 1936 года. в Связи и с Этим была утеряна связь со своими Родными Моего Папы. Гросс Эдуарда (Карловича). Рожденого 09. Декабря 1904года. (имею свид. о Крещении . Оригинал) в Кирхе Gross Mantel. Раньше эта териториально принадлежала Германии. Ныне находится в Польше. и поселение значится как Metno.

Wanita.murphy @

Saturday, 19. October 2013
12:49:31 -0700

Thank you for all this information. My mother immigrated to the US (Detroit MI) in 1920 with her 4 siblings. My mother's name was Wilimina (Minnie) Richter. Her date of birth was January 2, 1909. Her mother's name was Ludwiga Schatz. She often talked about the villages of Clitt and Licktenberg in the Bukovina. Other family names were Prosser, Turner, Schaller and Winkelbauer. Any additional information anyone has regarding the Ricter or Schatz families would be appreciated.

wilfried.frisch @

Friday, 04. October 2013
01:59:45 -0700

wilfried frisch 14669 ketzin-havel deutschland suche haus ortsplan von schwarzthal rumänien. wilfried.frisch @

bukovina.connection @

Wednesday, 25. September 2013
09:48:16 -0700

For those interested in a visit to Ukrainian half of Bukovina (Chernivtsi Region area) and looking forward to meet your relatives there is a website Bukovina Connection at They are performing genealogical research based on Chernivtsi State Archives metrical books. The same stuff you can find on LDS microfilms, getting in touch with your relatives and making arrangements for your visit and stay. English is almost unknown in the area so you will need the help of a local translator/guide while there. To start a research they need the exact birthplace of the person who emigrated and some data like names, dates of birth and so on. Their email address is the one provided here.

Monday, 23. September 2013
13:56:25 -0700

Hello and thanks for reading this. I look for any information about Jedon / Zaraza / Kwiatkowski or Lener family. All those people are my relates and they lived in Bukovina (Bulai vilage)in XIX & XX century. Some of them emigrated to US and some went back to Poland. I would appreciate for any information:

Monday, 16. September 2013
22:52:27 -0700

Hello My name is Perry Hubick I live in saskatoon saskatchewan canada. My great grandparents immigrated to canada from Bukovina. On my mothers side she was a butz and her mother was a wagner.Her grandmother was a kipper. On my fathers side he was a Hubich which later became Hubick.They lived were born in earl grey saskatchewan farmed in the area before moving into the city of Regina. in the late 1950s I am interested in finding out more about our family from that part of the world.

Wednesday, 11. September 2013
12:30:50 -0700

I have been trying to locate members of the Toma family in Bojan,Bukovina. They lived Tomnatik, Czornowic,Krizba, in the Ukraine, Tomnaterz,Tomnatek. They were Hungarian Romanian's The names I am looking for are:Giorgie (Grigari) Toma B.1840,wife Moraine (or Maraira)B.1847 D.1904.Parasketza B1876,Flie (Ile) B. 1879 Dimitri Drobota GeorguB1892.GyorgyB1889.SimeonB1883 (My grandfather)m Girgori B 1887. Simeon's wife,(My Grandmother was Anitza Dirda B 1887. and her brother was DimentryB 1889 I can find nothing re the family before this. and with the exception of my Grandparents I can't tract them in Canada and USA once they arrived. Help

mardew03 @

Tuesday, 10. September 2013
13:36:32 -0700

Hello My Grandmother Veronica Jemna (Maiden name) came form Bukovina in 1927. She had 5 siblings; 3 lived in the USA while 1 moved to (George) Cuba and 1 (Ann) moved to Montreal, Canada. I would love to find more cousins. I am so happy to have found this site. Sincerely, Maria

leslie.slape @

Wednesday, 04. September 2013
17:59:59 -0700

My great-grandparents emigrated from Russia in 1903. They traveled by ship from Hamburg to Nova Scotia and then by train to Winnipeg and down to Lehr, North Dakota. On the document showing their arrival in Canada, someone has written "Bukovinian" by their names and then tallied the number of Russians, "Buk", Syrians, French etc. on the ship. Until I saw this document a few days ago, I did not know we were Bukovinian. Their names were Ilya "Elko" and Agafia Karaush.

Tuesday, 03. September 2013
08:33:52 -0700

Hallo, ich bin auf der Suche nach den Vorfahren meines Vaters. Leider weiß ich gar nichts darüber. Mein Vater, Anton Erwin SAWETZKI, wurde am 14.11.1937 in Buchenland geboren. Wer kann mir helfen?

Monday, 02. September 2013
10:40:54 -0700

I have traced my family roots back to Parm Hufssteden, a Bukovinian. I would like to either join your site or be allowed access to further my research. Julie McClaren Autaubo

Thursday, 29. August 2013
12:59:05 -0700

My grandfather was born in Liechtenberg February, 08, 1900. Name, Hubert Rach. He came to America 1919 and settled in Philadelphia area. Married Katherina Richter 1919 also from Bukovina. Two children Emil (my dad) and Elsie. If anyone has any information please contact me. Rachelle Rach-Miller 215-932-3103

lmann25 @

Monday, 19. August 2013
22:17:31 -0700

Hello there, I am a decendant from Maria LIPPON (KELSCH) I am researching the Lippon and Kelsch family. I would love to hear from anyone if they know anything,thank you. lmann 25

Friday, 16. August 2013
02:40:54 -0700

my broda i am there, keep of guys mugoooo NIJA BRODA

atbiedacha @

Saturday, 03. August 2013
21:49:50 -0700

Hello, I am looking for information on Dziurzynski, Gerad and Bauer families living in Hliboka. Thank you for your help.Agnieszka

Saturday, 03. August 2013
19:40:22 -0700

Nice site very well put together and much information in one area. Thanks, Rick Hamilton

trixligb @

Tuesday, 30. July 2013
06:26:32 -0700

ADAM HAIDU/HAYD-en/HOYD-en/HEID-en/HEYN/HEITS usw geb 23.12.1878 Mitoka Dragomirne, heiratete 19.2.1905 in Neu Itzkany EVA ZACHMANN (evang.) geb 12 feb 1883 in Liteni. Seine Eltern waren Peter *1851 und Barbara Kauk, seine Grosseltern Peter Haidu *1826/7 und Theresia Linzmeyer. Ich suche Informationen über die Herkunft der Urgrosseltern: Johann Haidu geb. 1794 Nagybanya=Baia Mare=Neustadt/ex Ungarn, Beruf Töpfer geh. 27.9.1818 in Neu Itzkany Karolina Johanna BEUTEL geb. 12.10.1804 in Medicey Tochter von J.Georg Beutel, Beruf Wirt, und Dorothea Elisabeth PFEIFFER letztere aus Rinzenberg/Kr. Birkenfeld. Sie waren alle, laut Ahnenpässe, evangelisch A.B. und deutscher Abstammung (auch Haidu Familie) WER WAREN DIE ELTERN VON JOHANN HAIDU, woher kamen sie? kann mir jemand weiterhelfen ? Herzlichen Dank. Betty

Friday, 26. July 2013
04:25:49 -0700

Hallo , ich suche nach Aandreas WAgner der aus der Zips kommen soll,kann mir da vielleicht jemand weiterhelfen. er ist dann nach Bessarbien ausgewandert.

natuhr @

Thursday, 11. July 2013
02:54:53 -0700

Hallo an alle, meine Großeltern stammten aus Czernowitz (Hans Uhrich, 1997 - 1981) und aus Stanislau (Emilie Prelitsch, 1903- 1996) und lebten bis 1940 (?) in Rosch; ab ca. 1947 in München. Nachdem leider alle anderen direkten Verwandten verstorben sind, gibt es vielleicht hier jemanden, der zu den beiden was berichten kann? Vielen Dank und Grüße aus München! Natascha Greulich

Sunday, 07. July 2013
10:46:43 -0700

I forgot to mention my Mendelsohn's left Carlibaba in 1905 for Montreal, Quebec...

Sunday, 07. July 2013
10:45:27 -0700

Hello All, I am hoping you can help me……My grandfather, Pinchas Mendelsohn, was born in Carlibaba. His mother Feiga Birnberg came from Iacobeni and his father Yacov Mendelsohn was born in Falticeni…… Do these names sound familiar to anyone? Thank you in advance, Melissa Mendelsohn

Jrbota @

Friday, 05. July 2013
20:25:41 -0700

Trying to locate my grandfather , Metru Bota, who was born in Bukovina Romania in 1884. If there is anyone who has the last name of Bota sand lives in that area please write me. I am coming over there in the spring of 2014. Thank you Jim Bota L@@ Alberta Canada

Monday, 03. June 2013
06:38:26 -0700

Hallo, ich bin sehr interessiert an der Seite. Die Informationen sind gut zusammengestellt. Meine Mutti ist in Althütte geboren, Stefanie Zawichowski, Tochter von Johann Zawichowski und Marie, geborene Wawrik. Werde die Seite wieder besuchen! Monika Havlitschek

Tuesday, 28. May 2013
10:16:10 -0700

Hello! Wonderful site! Lots of valuable and interesting information here! I'm searcing for my great great grandparents...last name Derkacz. My great grandfather was Lukasz Derkacz, who immigrated to Canada in 1907 with his wife Marya and his brother Martin. All the passenger list says is that they were Galician. His estimated year of birth is 1880, so his father may have been born approx 20 years earlier. I don't know how to find where they lived, although most other Derkacz that I see are from Bukovyna, I don't know if that is where they were from or if these other Derkacz are from the same "family". Hope someone out there can help! Carol

Monday, 13. May 2013
12:49:23 -0700

Hallo! Durch Zufall gefunden! Auch meine Familie stammt aus der Bukowina. Mein Großvater - Emil Brucker - wurde in 1900 in Jakobeny geboren. Meine Großmutter Adelheid Brucker (geb. Hennel 1902) in Eisenau. Auch mein Vater (Rüdiger BRucker) wuchs dort bis zur Umsiedelung auf. Vielleicht gibt es hier jemanden, der meine Familie noch kennt? Alles Liebe! Petra BRucker-Täubele aus Graz - Östereich

Friday, 10. May 2013
23:59:16 -0700

Hello looking for info on my grandfather Simeon or Samuel Landega from Vickno Bukovina born march 19,1907. Any info would be greatly appreciated Address was 441 City Vickno Bokovena, Okna Romania Zastavna District Chernivtsi Region. Arrived in Halifax Canada in April 1928 from the ship Seydlitz

Friday, 10. May 2013
23:58:40 -0700

Hello looking for info on my grandfather Simeon or Samuel Landega from Vickno Bukovina born march 19,1907. Any info would be greatly appreciated Address was 441 City Vickno Bokovena, Okna Romania Zastavna District Chernivtsi Region. Arrived in Halifax Canada in April 1928 from the ship Seydlitz

Monday, 08. April 2013
13:32:02 -0700

I am looking for any info on Georg Appel. Born around 1835-1838 in Rosch. He married a Katharina Maser-Massier spelt both ways. He died around 1899-1900.I have everything on the Massier side.Also looking for anything on a Margartha (nee) Klein born in 1866. She married a Zacharia Hickie in 1892 in Czernowitz.Anything on these two families would be apperciated.

Wednesday, 03. April 2013
02:48:29 -0800

meine vorfahren heissen ebenfalls brucker und steiner. kommen auch aus der bukowina (alt fratautz, illischestie, jakobeni...) meistens mit ahnenpass nachweisbar.

Dziurzynski <>

Sunday, 31. March 2013
19:13:28 -0800

I have being searching for Vincent Dziurzynski, his last address was uli. Mateski l3 in Malopolsa, Poland in a letter written to one of his daughters in November of 1934. I found your information very interesting and will pursue it further. Thanks, Georgia Dziurzynski, USA

Friday, 29. March 2013
17:47:57 -0800

Hello I am interested in finding memebers of the Szczcotka Family of Czernowitz. My father Lorenz was a shoemaker, he had brothers Peter and Franz sisters Rosalia and Maria

brockopp.harold @

Friday, 22. March 2013
16:32:18 -0800

Hello Sir I am a member of ancestry.ccom. I have martial ties to Bukovina Germans Thank you Harold Brockopp

Friday, 22. March 2013
16:21:26 -0800

Hello Everyone My name is harold Brockopp I am a member of My tie to the Ast, Zachmann, Wendling and several other my families are martial ties. I am willing to Share Harold brockopp

arune @

Wednesday, 13. March 2013
17:30:54 -0800

The writer is an elderly (66) student entering a Masters program in History at the University of Northern British Columbia. in one of my courses, i elected to prepare a paper on the effect of World War One on the Duchy of Bukovina. As you will appreciate, material is not easy to find in English (although I did find information on my great-grandfatehr on the Bukovina Society web pages). i was hopeful that a member or other interested party might have a moment to read my paper and comment on what I have written. This is indeed an imposition. It seems the e-mail addresses on the web list are not operational so hopefully this post will catch a response or two.. Yours truly, Willow Arune

Tuesday, 05. March 2013
14:40:07 -0800

Hi. Looking for information on the Cebuliak family who left Bukovina in 1920 for Canada. Do you have any information? 250-786-5597 (home phone) Thanks

Thursday, 28. February 2013
07:51:23 -0800

hallo, my name is Brigitte Wasdell and I am looking for families who have connections to the following surnames. 1.Anna Reindl (b.1826 in Skole, died Chernowitz 5.10.1890)husband Christian Rottenburg and her parents were Joseph Reindl and Catharina Holzstoker) 2.My great grandmother was Hortensie Rottenburg, ne Kreutz. Her mother Clementine Neumann and her parents were Johann Neumann and Katharina Gellner. Can anyone help?

ghedemin @

Thursday, 21. February 2013
13:49:40 -0800

hallo, my name is Dr. Michael Ivaschko, and i am looking from my relatives in the world They are. bassler, who came from germany , to bukovina and after the II war returned to germany Gaston bassler his brother Rene bassler, maria von Iasienitzky, and Taszchuk Thank you

Saturday, 16. February 2013
11:15:38 -0800

Hello and thanks fro reading this. I am seeking information on my wife's grandfather who was named Andrei Paicnic who was born around 1903 in Bukovina to a Marie Ozimek (father Jacobus and Francsis Kuna) and a Paicnic. The story is that he was approximately 19 months old when his father Mr Paicnic was killed in a "horrible accident" and his mother remarried an Anton Scovoronski (skowronski) Mr Skowronski then came to America and a short time later Marie and Andrei followed. They said they had lived near Lvov in Bukovina. If there is any one that can provide information on these families it would be greatly appreciated. please Email me with any information you may think might help. These spellings may be different then shown as some of the correctness has been lost over the years. Thank you. Roger Sebring

frigolaki @

Saturday, 09. February 2013
12:25:16 -0800

Hello dear friends I am looking information about my greatgrandfather Ignjac Sehuster and my greatgrandmother Terezija Kislinger they are from Pojana Mikuli if somebody know any information please contact me.

tinibert @

Tuesday, 05. February 2013
08:21:51 -0800

Hi dear bukovinafriends! I'am looking for my ancestors Andreas ROMANKIEWICZ. He was born about 1750 in Galicia (today's Poland). About 1770 to 1820 he livedin Karlsberg, Bukovina. I look forward to a message. I wish you a good time. Genoveva Bertani.

tinibert @

Tuesday, 05. February 2013
08:19:12 -0800

Hi dear bukovinafriends! I'am looking for my ancestors Andreas ROMANKIEWICZ. He was born about 1750 in Galicia (today's Poland). About 1770 to 1820 he livedin Karlsberg, Bukovina. I look Vorwand to a Message. I wish you a good time. Genoveva Bertani.

pj.wendling @

Saturday, 26. January 2013
12:51:33 -0800

I am researching my late husband's family tree and have been trying to find a way to access the Illischesti Source Book. I have just discovered your site and am anxious to explore it to see what I can learn about his family, to pass on to my grandsons. Joy Wendling

herbandfrieda @

Friday, 25. January 2013
08:43:54 -0800

my wife was born in kolovert in the Ukraine on may 27 1937 her mother was not married and Jewish her name was Ilse Braun Ilse was thinking of killing herself and Frieda my wife bekos she could not care of her properly , a christian family adopted her we beleve that saved her life. She and adopted family and birth mother to near potok Poland .I hope someone has known her mother Ilse Bron as for as we know thawas her name. Hank you.

herbandfrieda @

Friday, 25. January 2013
08:43:29 -0800

my wife was born in kolovert in the Ukraine on may 27 1937 her mother was not married and Jewish her name was Ilse Braun Ilse was thinking of killing herself and Frieda my wife bekos she could not care of her properly , a christian family adopted her we beleve that saved her life. She and adopted family and birth mother to near potok Poland .I hope someone has known her mother Ilse Bron as for as we know thawas her name. Hank you.

jiszanto @

Tuesday, 22. January 2013
22:46:10 -0800

jacob Steigerwald made a sad mockery out of Banatska Topola's RIGHTFULL Hungarian PUB owner, Kardos Janos. Kardos Janos WAS the owner of his property from 1904 until his passing in 1957. It is sad to spread in the world the degradings, belittle/ings, false descriptions, this person has done to people with whoom he has NOTHING to do, just to make himself popular.... THE VILLAGE KNOWS THE TRUTH. The Steigerwalds were the soda sellers, NEVER the Kardos Pub owners. We will let this TRUTH be known to all the Web Pages we find. Official Kataster Document awailable to all. The villages Germans were entertaining in the German "Wassa Wirtschaft" and the Hungarians in the Hungarian "Kardos Wirtschaft" - never Steigerwald...

Friday, 18. January 2013
08:34:18 -0800


patricia.corbitt @

Wednesday, 16. January 2013
09:34:41 -0800 or Ancestry.Trish 47, I am looking for any info regarding the family of Simion Toma from Bojan ,(Bukovina) Romania. He was born 14 Jan 1883 and died 1946 inSt Charles Va. USA. His mother or sister was Moranie born 28 Feb 1849 and died 22 Jan 1904. His wife was Aniza(Anne) Dirda. He arrived here in 1906 and Anzia at 1909. Any information about this family would be greatly appreciated Sam and Anne Thomas (American Names) were my grandparients and I can't find any info before they arrived America and settled in St Charles (Lee County ) Virginia.

Wednesday, 02. January 2013
20:42:13 -0800

I am seeking my great-grandfather Kost or Kostya Hnatiuk. He lived in the Austrian-Hungarian Empire until 1911, 12 or 13. He migrated to North America with his partner named Paraska Bukatar. She may also be known as Paraskevia. They also may be known by any other translation in German, Hungarian, Hutsil, Polish, Slavic or Ukrainian. They had children together. Kostya went back to Austria-Hungary with his youngest son a year later. I understand they lived in Terecheni, Serith, Bukowitz, Austria before coming to Canada, at some point. I am not sure of any other place they may have lived.

kgausm @

Tuesday, 18. December 2012
02:55:57 -0800

I'm looking for information about Rainer Knoblauch, * June 1, 1901 in Luisental and his wife Klara. At the moment I don't have more information. Two of his sons later emigrated to North America - Roland Knoblauch to Canada and Max Knoblauch to the USA. Is there any possibility to receive some more information from here?

gpanciuk @

Thursday, 13. December 2012
19:52:07 -0800

greatsite my father zacharie panciuk born in tereblecec bukovina roumania came to canada 1913 he married anna dubczak. he brought his brother wasil panciuk,elie olare, jon sauciuk to canada all from tereblecec. he also had other friends teoder durdura also from tereblecec he also new john oleniuk from stirces, bukovina.i will be visiting roumania, ukrain,&possibility bulgaria in may of 2013. i am also trying to find my mother anna dubczak birth place she came to canada on a polish passport.are there any people out there who are familiar with the names mentioned that are from tereblecec bucovina. i believe my mothre was also from bucovian , still searching . i believe my mother grandmother was piatyna majdaniuk. my mothercame to canada in 1930. happy day to all george panciuk.

Thursday, 06. December 2012
21:55:34 -0800

I have been searching for any information on Frank (Francis) Stopkiewicz with no success...just deadends.

garmanp @

Wednesday, 05. December 2012
08:08:38 -0800

My name is Patrick Garman. My grandfather's name was Philipp George Lindenbach. He immigrated to Canada sometime before 1940. My mother's family was split apart at a very young age so none of my Aunts and Uncles remember very much and all the records that they would have had were lost to a fire in the 1950's. I have been trying to find out more information about this side of my family for quite some time and have found absolutley nothing to date. Does anyone have any information on this person or a potential place to search? I have been on and had no luck.

Tuesday, 06. November 2012
12:26:10 -0800

Guten Abend!!!! Ich bin ein Nachfahre von Franz Turner geboren am 01.10.1798. Sein Vater war Thomas Turner aus Duschowitz und Mutter war Barbara Iller aus Rindlau. Franz Turner und seine Familie sind im Jahre 1836 in Lichtenberg angesiedelt worden. Ich würde gern mehr erfahren ob es noch verwandte dort gibt oder wohin sie ausgewandert sind. Danke für die Hilfe Sebastian W.

Rheinz @

Thursday, 01. November 2012
04:56:42 -0800

The maternal side of my family has its roots in Paltinossa. I think my great-grandfather's name was Bernard Zerfass, who owned a small homestead in Paltinossa. He had a daughter (my grandmother) named Johanna born 1900. She married a Josef Stolinsky and had 4 daughters, one of them my mother. Under unpleasant circumstances, my mother was forced into a marriage with Rudy Hellmann, a shoemaker in Paltinossa (?). My grandmother, my mother and her sisters left Paltinossa in the 1939/1940 (?) resettlement (Umsiedlung) for Umsiedler Lager #115 in Ebelsberg a.d Traun, near Linz Austria. Some time prior to 1946, my mother divorced Rudy Hellmann and re-married. We emigrated to the New York in 1957. Looking for anyone with similar connections to Paltinossa and Umsiedler Lager #115 in Ebelsberg a.d Traun, Austria.

Renevanhuet @

Tuesday, 23. October 2012
22:15:18 -0700

Hi there I am trying to find more info about Johan and Wilhelmine Lipinski. The lived in St, Onufry, Romania and turned to Germany back in the war. The had three childer, ludwig,Bertha and Elsa. th last was my mum who died in 2008. There is little known about this side of the family and the people who live dont want to talk about. can anybody help me or pu me in the right direction? Thnak you

jat3304 @

Saturday, 20. October 2012
23:26:17 -0700

Hello. I am trying to find information on my paternal grandmother. I would like to know who her parents were and if she had any siblings. Her name was Rosalia Ottenbriet. She was born in Molodia, Bukovina on Sept 24, 1883. She married Isidor Flegel and immigrated to Canada in 1905. If anyone has any information, I would really appreciate it. Thank you.

jat3304 @

Saturday, 20. October 2012
23:12:36 -0700

Hello. I am trying to find who the parents of my paternal grandmother were. Her name was Rosalia Ottenbriet. She was born in Molodia, Bukovina on Sept 24, 1883. She married Isidor Flegel and immigrated to Canada in 1905. I would appreciate any information on her and her family. Thank you.


Thursday, 18. October 2012
05:56:55 -0700

Hello, I am looking for relatives or any information on THEODOR LERCH from Tekutsch, Romania time 1883 to 1934

trixligb @

Tuesday, 16. October 2012
00:31:23 -0700

SZLAPAK/SCHLAPAK/SCHLAPACH FAMILY I am looking also for ancestors of Michael Szlapak, gr. cath. born 19.11.1804 in Uscieczko, died 15.02.1871 Gurahumora - Father Joannis mother Anna Szmerdij Michael married in Wama (Kimpolung) 28.4.1844 Justina Zacharias-iewicz (father Jacob). Her daughter Karolina born gr.cath. 5.05.1848 Kimpolung married Minas PRELICH/PRELITSCH/PRELICZ born 1836, died 16.11.1881 (he was k.k. Finanzw. Oberaufseher in Gurahumora)His father was Alexander Prelich born abt 1801 Finanzkommissar who married 1828 Anna Nowak. I think this Schlapak family is related to the Amish mennonites Schlapach coming from Bern Switzerland emigrated to Alsace/France. Any, even little, information would be very helpfull ! Thanks a lot. Betty

trixligb @

Monday, 15. October 2012
23:28:32 -0700

HAIDU Adam. Regarding my precedent post, I have to add, that Adam was roman cathol. but I suspect, that earlier generations were evang/lutherans. Pls see also my msg of may 2, 2012 thanks again. Betty

trixligb @

Sunday, 14. October 2012
02:17:32 -0700

PLS HELP! I would appreciate so much if you could help me to find my ancestors of ADAM HAIDU/HAYD-en/HOYD-en/HEID-en/HEYN/HEITS/HEIDUK etc born 23.12.1878 probably Mitoka Dragomirne, he married 19.2.1905 in Itzkany EVA ZACHMANN (evang.) born 12 feb 1883 in Liteni, daughter of Jacob born 6.05.1845 and Karolina Hassel born 1845, both Illischestie. (I already have the complete tree of Zachmann ancestors). They had following childrens: Emil Bruno *6.10.1911 Radautz, Otto *15.5.1921 Suczeava, Ferdindand *24.3.1924 Itzkany, Regina *25.1.1906 Liteni(married my grandpa 13.04.1930 Edgar PRELICZ/PRELICI/PRELICH), Rudolf, Hermine (married NISSL), Karl *1916, Franz. Does anyone knows if male descendants of MARTIN HAYDT/HEIDT born abt 1611 Grötzingen near Durlach, Karlsruhe, did emigrated to Galicia/Hungary/Bucovina? Thanks a lot!

dawsongl @

Saturday, 13. October 2012
22:54:58 -0700

My father Nickolas Yanchuk, could be (Janczuk) b June 8, 1894 born Sheskowvitz, Bukovina left the country and came to Canada in 1911 leaving behind two sisters and two brothers, names unknown. Can anyone help. I would love to connect with Baba and Gido and their families.

sdhlasny @

Wednesday, 10. October 2012
20:09:34 -0700

My spouses grand father " Formos " vame from Rarancea Bukovinia, Looking for connections to Formos and Rarancea. Thanks for your time Cheeers // Stephen

Monday, 08. October 2012
16:17:10 -0700

Looking for information on great grandfathers. Aninchel(Anchel)Satran born 1848) and Max Lewis (born 1855-1860) (from Chernovitz,Bukovina) who married Rebecca Satran Lewis (born 1871.)

codybear_collies @

Friday, 28. September 2012
11:36:35 -0700

My Birth father came from Bukovina. He came to Canada and then moved to USA. I am looking for any info or family members. His last name was originally spelled Duceac but he changed the spelling to Dulceac , first name was Marion. He married a woman named Helen and had three daughters. They divorced and he married a woman named Ruby Punga ( sp ) from Windsor On or Detroit Mi. Any info would be appreciated. There was a cousin named Rosemary that I met at his funeral in 1994. I know he had at least one sister still living in Romania at that time.

Joebutkovich @

Saturday, 22. September 2012
06:09:28 -0700

Hello, I am looking for any information on the bida family. Vasile and Parascheva Bida are my great grandparents and would like to go back further. They were from solca and came to the states before 1910. They traveled back and forth between Detroit, their home here, and Romania. Parascheva's maiden name was schulski or schulschi...not sure on spelling. Thank you.

Sunday, 16. September 2012
15:12:14 -0700

hello, my name is belinda petermichl, I want to know about my fahter's name leonhardt winzinger, borne in gura humora

Sunday, 19. August 2012
20:09:31 -0700

Hi all, I am looking for info related to Carolina Flegel born on 1896 in Terescheni (Tarasani) Bucovina. Thank you. Gaby Email Address:

Wednesday, 15. August 2012
15:58:58 -0700

I am looking for information on the part of my family originally from Radautz,Bukovina. The surnames of my great grandfather and Great grandmother were Osias Fuhrman and Zepora Goldhirsch Fuhrman, born in 1860 and 1863 respectively. They emigrated to the USA about 1890 but we have no information on other family that might have existed and remained in bukovina and perhaps emigrated to other countries or even the USA later on. We know that the nephew of my great grandmother was an author in the USA named Harry Golden. Thanks

Tuesday, 14. August 2012
13:25:04 -0700

Hello, I am hoping to gather more info on family of Louis and Yetta Fein

Thursday, 09. August 2012
23:08:33 -0700

Hello, I was searching for any information on Watamaniuk. I found a few posts my uncle Bill posted. My father George was his brother. They were born in Smokey Lake Alberta Canada. My father spelled our last name without the "i" for some reason. I have learned my grandfather was from Bukovina. I hope to find more information. I am grateful to have found this site. Thank you, Paula Watamanuk Goldman

Renate.Penninger @

Wednesday, 08. August 2012
01:23:57 -0700

Hallo, liebe Freunde aus der Society! Meine Tochter, Sarah Knoblauch, hat es geschafft, sich mit einem selbstgenähten Dirndl für die Wahl der Miss Herbstfest in ihrer Heimatstadt Rosenheim zu qualifizieren. Wir werten das als Zeichen, dass die Familie Knoblauch nach drei Generationen endlich in Bayern Fuß fassen konnte! Sarahs Urgroßeltern Karl und Hertha Knoblauch stammten aus Eisenau im ehemaligen österreichischen Kronland Bukowina! Eine andere Urgroßmutter wuchs in München am Königsplatz auf, und weitere Vorfahren stammen aus dem Bayerichen Wald! Wer dieses fesche Mädel ansehen und durch Abstimmung bis zum 11.8.2012 unterstützen möchte, vielleicht gibt es ja noch Knobläuche, die das tun wollen, kann dies unter tun! Nur das Mädel mit den meisten Stimmen gewinnt! Viele Grüße Renate Penniger,geb. Knoblauch

ihn209 @

Tuesday, 07. August 2012
12:38:01 -0700

Hello My family came from Solka and Glitt in Bukovina. Their names are Mandel and Kainz from Glitt and Fuchs and Goldenberg from Solka. Maybe someone out there might have heard about them.

Monday, 06. August 2012
14:42:28 -0700

My grandparents came from Chernowittz in 1911 their names were Julius Reich and Anna Shayovitz. I am looking relatives

snc1963ro @

Friday, 27. July 2012
10:36:00 -0700

Hello! I am from Bucovina, City of Suceava, Romania. I didn't know nothing about The Bukovina Society of the Americas. I dicover this site searching others tings on internet. It's very interesting that you are still connected with Bucovina. It is a very interesting site. Sebastian Nicolae

Saturday, 21. July 2012
05:02:24 -0700

Möchte mit den Leuten in Verbindung treten, die etwas von Johann und Josef sowie Emilie Oberhoffner wissen. Hamburger Passagierlisten, 1850-1934 Johann OBERHOFFNER Datum der Abreise: 26. Jul 1912, mit Familie; Schiff: Willehad, Flagge: Deutschland,Abreise­hafen: Hamburg,Ankunftshafen: Bremen; Rotterdam; Quebec. Sowie Josef Oberhoffner, Datum der Anreise: 19. Januar 1925, Ship of Travel: Orduna ,Abfahrtshafen: Hamburg , Emilie Oberhoffner Jahr Datum Schiff Quebec (Quebec City) Ort Bitte kontaktieren sie mich ober auf die Mail Adresse

Saturday, 21. July 2012
03:35:25 -0700

Hallo, ich suche Johann OBERHOFFNER Datum der Abreise: 26. Jul 1912 Geschätztes Geburtsjahr: ca. 1879 Alter: 33, mit Familienmitglieder ausgewandert. Auf dem Dampfschiff Willehad Abreise­hafen: Hamburg Ankunftshafen: Bremen; Rotterdam; Quebec.--- Sowie Josef Oberhoffner, Datum der Anreise: 19. Januar 1925 Alter bei der Ankunft: 33y Gender: Ship of Travel: Orduna Abfahrtshafen: Hamburg --- Sowie eine Emilie Oberhoffner. Jahr ?, Datum(?), Schiff Quebec (Quebec City) Alles weitere Unbekannt. Wer kann was dazu schreiben? Danke schon im voraus.

Saturday, 21. July 2012
02:36:03 -0700

Hallo, ich bin auf der suche nach Oberhoffner, Josef Oberhoffner, Datum der Anreise: 19. Januar 1925 Alter bei der Ankunft: 33y Gender: M Familienstand: M Ship of Travel: Orduna Abfahrtshafen: Hamburg, Hamburger Passagierlisten, 1850-1934 sowie Johann OBERHOFFNER, Hamburger Passagierlisten, 1850-1934, Datum der Abreise: 26. Jul 1912 Geschätztes Geburtsjahr: ca. 1879,Geschätztes Alter:33 Jahre, war verheiratet,ist mit Familienmitgliedern ausgereist auf dem Schiff ,,Willehad" Abreise­hafen: Hamburg Ankunftshafen: Bremen; Rotterdam; Quebec sowie Emilie Oberhoffner, wann sie rüber schipperte ist mir unbekannt. Danke im voraus.

Saturday, 14. July 2012
11:33:07 -0700

My Grand father Rudolph was born in Mitoka Dragomirna Bukovina 1903 came to the US in 1912, Apparently there are more Triffo's living in that same area, i'm trying to get more info: It hasn't been easy. Bob Triffo Brighton MI

Monday, 02. July 2012
12:13:18 -0700

hello, please contact me, if you know the family story of Leonhardt, Otto, Hilde Winzinger. Thans for your help.

Thursday, 28. June 2012
14:05:24 -0700

Shari Lewis Texas, USA My family roots came from Paltinossa, Bukovina Romania (Austria). Eli Moroschan who son was Tenacki Moroschan. However I am trying to find out more information on Eli Moroschan. Not sure where to go or what websites to look for.

mkschopf @

Monday, 25. June 2012
19:50:06 -0700

Hi, Im Mary Schopf and my grandmother Josephine Fastener Schopf and her family came from Bokovina in the 1880's. My great grandparents Wenzel Fastner and Catherine Niga and Great Great Grandparents were from Bokovina too. I live in Phoenix Arizona and I was born in Portland Oregon. I would really like to hear from people who are related to Wenzel Fastner.

aarynhutchins @

Monday, 25. June 2012
12:34:48 -0700

Hi, My names Aaryn and I live in Canada. My great grandfather supposedly came from Kuczmare, Bukovina which I found to be very close to Chernivtsi. His last name was either Unchelenko or Onchelenko and he came to America when he was 16 in 1912. If anyone can find anything about this town please email me. His family was killed and he did not talk about them so I was hoping to find something about them. Thanks.

Hoenig1976 @

Sunday, 17. June 2012
02:38:46 -0700

Hallo ! Bin durch Zufall auf diese Seite gestoßen. Da ich mich so langsam mal ernsthaft mit meiner Familiengeschichte auseinandersetzen wollte. Ich bin 36 Jahre alt. Als Kinder wurde uns nicht viel darüber erzählt und ich wurde auch nie richtig damit konfrontiert. Meine Urgroßeltern und meine Großeltern väterlicherseits stammen aus Jakobeni. Mein Urgroßvater hieß Karl Wenzel und ist 21.12.1899 in Jakobeni geboren und war mit Karoline Wenzel geborene Zaharanski geb. 10.04.1902 in Jakobeni, verheiratet. Daraus entstanden die Kinder Anna Wenzel (meine Großmutter) und Erwin Wenzel (beide ebenfalls in Jacobeni geboren). Anna Wenzel heiratete dann Karl Hönig. In den Wirren des 2. Weltkrieges kamen diese dann nach Salzburg und irgendwann nach Deutschland (ins Schwabenland) ! So viel zu meinem Wissen ! Falls irgendjemand was Interessantes in jeder Form (Links/Quellen...) für mich hätte - wäre dankbar !

Saturday, 16. June 2012
18:56:58 -0700

my name is richard regel, my great great grandfather was conrad schuster, my great grandfater was william schuster, my grand father was john regel/mary schuster, from kiasindorf, glacia area,then kronsberg sask, my father was willard/wilhard regel/fort qu appelle, sask/ georgina farkas whitewood sask. her family was from hungary.

Tuesday, 05. June 2012
14:12:42 -0700

hi..i am trying to track the citizenship of my grandfather and grandmother who arrived from bukovina via russia in 1907 at the age of 17..birth date approx. 1890-1892..they settled first in maple creek, then the balgonie/edenwald/zehner area shortly thereafter..their names were jacob and matilda schlottter...anyone with info please contact lynda @ 306- 731-2311..any info would be much appreciated.

namicosha @

Sunday, 27. May 2012
09:48:29 -0700

I will be very grateful, if will help me with fresh ideas with my searches of relatives of Michaelis-Nicole - Dillendorf. My great-grandmother, Michaelis Victoria, returned in the 20th years from Moscow home to Germany and in 1934 of communication with a family (allegedly - Hamburg) interrupted. Now I would like to find "" Mikhaelis in Germany, in France or in Sweden... I look for 20 years, but it is ineffectual! I will be grateful for the help. Lyudmila Michaelis Moscow

truckingal @

Friday, 18. May 2012
10:20:01 -0700

Hello! I am sending for membership today because the Bukovina Society is likely my best chance to solve a real mystery: My grandfathers Naturalization paperwork says he came from Hliboka, and said he was born in Screth, Austria; he always claimed he was a "German from Austria". He naturalized as John Carl Hartmann but his Certificate of Arrival shows the name Jan Crabski so there was evidently a name change before Naturalization. He said he came with his father as a child of 11-12 to work but didnt want to go back and ran away at age 13. I find the names Michal, 47 and Jan, 16 on a manifest but listed as Grabski-again, from Hliboka, but Polish. I suspect they were using another's identity at the time of passage. We never knew if Grandpa had other relatives here-he apparently never had contact with his family after 1913. He once told family members he was an altar boy in the Catholic Church and lived on a farm. If anyone has any ideas how to straighten this out, I'd love to hear them!

Wednesday, 16. May 2012
19:33:40 -0700

Hello--my name is Rob Rawlake and my Great Grandfather Elias or Elie Ravliuk or Rauliuk. He left Hamburg Germany in 1898 and was one of the first Romanian settlers to come to the Province of Alberta Canada. He was a carpenter by trade and and was the head carpenter that built the church in Boian Alberta.I am searching for our family information from Boian Romania. My wife and I plan to visit Romania in 2012.I would love to hear from family or friends in Romania. Good bye for now. Rob and Bev Rawlake

trixligb @

Friday, 04. May 2012
13:47:26 -0700

Hallo again! "HAIDU/HAYDU/HAJDU" could event. be "HEID/HEIDEN/HAYD/HEYD" or perhaps other magyarizated family name you know or have on your tree ? If you have some infos abt this enigma pls email me, I would really appreciate it. If you think to be related to my family "PRELICZ/PRELICH/HAIDU/ZACHMANN" pls take a look to Thank you so much for help

trixligb @

Wednesday, 02. May 2012
02:25:37 -0700

Hallo I'm Betty from Italy -Thanks so much for this website and forum, I learnt a lot of my ancestors and bucovinians history. I'm looking for ancestors of ADAM HAIDU/HAYDU/HAJDU (ev. Heid/Heider ecc) who married EVA ZACHMANN b. 12.02.1883 in Liteni/Illischestie, daughter of Jakob Zachmann and Karolina HASSEL. Childrens of Adam and Eva: Regina b. 7.2.1906 (my grgrandmother), Karl,Emil (both died in 2.WW,Rudolf and Ferdinand. My grandmother Regina married Edgar PRELICZ b. 13.08.1904 in Czernovitz, son of Josef Maxim. Prelicz and Viktoria UZIEBLO. On the Prelicz tree I've also ZITRON EISENHAUER Anna GRUIC/GRUITSCH SAUER SCHAEFER SZLAPAK/SCHLAPAK WAMSIEDEL. Other HAIDU married e.g. KAUK HODEL BEUTEL. also searching infos abt Viktoria UZIEBLO (*20.08.1877) her father was Adolphus (son of Antonii and Marietta SZAMOTA) mother Artemisia PRELICZ, siblings of Viktoria: Josefine, Adolfine, Alfredus and Reinhold probably emigrated to Chicago. My family moved 1940 to Germany. I understand D/F/E/I

Monday, 30. April 2012
14:12:52 -0700

Wer kennt eine Familie Hassel aus Gura Humoura die eine Mühle besaß? Ein >Sohn hieß August Hassel?

Monday, 30. April 2012
13:58:40 -0700

Wer weiß etwas über eine Müller in Gura Hurmora names Hassel? Ein Sohn des Müllers hieß August.

Saturday, 28. April 2012
00:08:13 -0700

I would like to find information on my family 'Basaraba' from Boyan Bukowina Austria.

ddbingram @

Wednesday, 25. April 2012
06:11:00 -0700

how did grandfather get out of Romania in 1918. Burlak

Wednesday, 25. April 2012
06:08:25 -0700

Eli and Florea Burlak had a son Wasil who came to Canada in 1918, from Cherautz. He married Angelica Onofrieciuc. Any information would be great.

Thursday, 19. April 2012
15:00:21 -0700

Hi all, I've been looking for a very long time for some information in regards to the village of Kitzman (Chitman) near Czernowitz. I want to find out more about my grandparents Maria (born Hura) and Virgil Goiciu. My grandfather Virgil Goiciu had a store there, but once the WWII started he sold it and gave everything to the people. He left the city with my grandma and they went to Galatz (Galati). Who can I contact about any information about their background, especially the family of my grandma HURA. I'd like to learn more about their background, provenience, etc. Please contact me at:

Tuesday, 17. April 2012
16:44:17 -0700

Hello, I am looking for any information on my Great Grandparents, Josef and Rosalia Gerak, they immigrated to Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada in 1913. They were from Chernivtsi, Bukovina, Austria-Hungary. Rosalia's maiden name was Kuchta. Josef's sister Anna also immigrated with along with 4 of their children, Josefa (Josephine), Paulina, Johan (John) and Euginia (Jean), they also had 3 more children in Regina, Frank, Millie and Joe. Several of the children also went by the last name spelled Garrick. Looking for any information on Gerak or Kuchta surname from Chernivtsi, Bukovina, Austria-Hungary. Thanks.

karl.rimmer @

Sunday, 15. April 2012
05:54:13 -0700

my name is Karl Rimmer, my mother was born 1921 in Gura Humorului under her Familyname Schibrovsky Maria with other 2 brothers and 5 sisters. my mother is healthy and two other sisters are still at live. the family where transfered finally in November 1940 to the first camp to Judenburg in Austria and than via st. michael in leoben they are transmitted to diffent location in Celje (SLO) Poland and austria (Asten near Linz). At the final end the meet each other in Kremsmünster (Upper-Austria. in 1946 the transfered 7 member of the Family to Germany (Münchberg,Florstadt, Darmstadt)and my mother and her Sister Emilie stayed in Kremsmünster. I am the son of Maria Schibrovsky (she married after the death of her first husband KUHAREK - died in Asten near Linz)Johann Rimmer in 1944 in Celje. than they have been transfered to Kremsmünster in Austria where I was born in 7/1945.I like to find out where other older members of the family are coming from.(Family tree)BR Karl Rimmer

debrannlee @

Tuesday, 10. April 2012
17:13:35 -0700

Hi----great webpage! I am looking for any information on the MONIUK family(could be spelt MONUIK) from Bukovina. My grandfather William Moniuk (born in 1899) emigrated to Canada in 1911 with his mother and sister. That is where the trail ends. The only info I know is that William Moniuk's fathers name was Iwan Moniuk. Iwan died mysteriously in Bukovina. Any info about the MONIUK family would be much appreciated.

Sunday, 08. April 2012
06:05:55 -0700



Sunday, 08. April 2012
06:04:37 -0700

excellent source of valuable information

Tuesday, 27. March 2012
08:55:15 -0800

Hallo liebe Bukowina Familien. Ich bin auf der suche nach Oberhoffner. Sind 1803 von Grünberg/ Böhmen nach Karlsberg gegangen und 1940 ist dann die Familie nach Deutschland sowie Amerika? oder Canada? ausgewandert. Wer kann mir was über den Namen Oberhoffner was sagen? Bedanke mich im voraus mamarosal

fox_14__ @

Tuesday, 27. March 2012
03:41:07 -0800

Hello My Great Great grandfather and grandmother Apparently Immigrated from bukovinia to Canada Thier Last name was Gerak , has anyone ever come across any other Geraks? Is it a common last name? Sincerly AG

LynnBcam @

Sunday, 25. March 2012
19:13:32 -0800

Lynn F. Boyet, Seattle, WA. My grandfather was Marion Stelloh, son of Dietrich Stelloh (Stella) from Klickitat and Riffe, Lewis County, WA. I was looking for a possible connection with Bukovina/Germany.

glukas2 @ yahoo. com

Sunday, 18. March 2012
21:21:06 -0800

Hello, My father was born in Cernovitz in 1910. He lived in the city until 1940. My grand father Maximilian Lukasiewicz passed away in 1954 in Cernowitz. Due to the communist regime my father never got to see my grand father. I am interested if anyone still alive from that era or might know about any relatives from my father's site Thank you glukas2 @ yahoo. com

meterclicks @

Wednesday, 29. February 2012
10:06:36 -0800

Searching for information on last names PROCIUK and ANTEMINUK, first names PETER and AUDOKEIA.

toderiuk1960 @

Wednesday, 29. February 2012
09:54:13 -0800

hope some one can help me find out about gerasim toderuk he is my grand father

carol.good @

Sunday, 26. February 2012
17:04:45 -0800

I am trying to find out what part of Bukovina my grandmother was born. Her parents were Johann and Eva Fiesel (not sure if the spelling is correct) they came to Sask. Canada in 1905 and 1906. My grandmother's name was Johanna Fiesel...I believe she was born in about 1903. Canadian census records record her as being born in Bukavina.

Monday, 20. February 2012
08:36:49 -0800

Hallo. liebe Forscher, ich suche noch Herkunftsort und Geburtsdatum eines Andreas Wagner, ich weiss nur das in der Zipser Gegend geboren wurde ca 1800 - 1840, er wanderte dann weiter in den NOrden von Bessarabien, vielleicht kann mir da ja jemand weiterhelfen

Sunday, 05. February 2012
18:03:24 -0800

Ref.: HEUCHERT Family. I, Johann Karl Heuchert have prepared my own website dedicated to my family tree: It is public so that nay Heuchert or other relative can browse though it. Any comments: I ma working on my family tree with software and will upload it in the near future.

agsiewi @

Thursday, 02. February 2012
13:11:37 -0800

Ich suche die Sterbedaten des Robert Turner *1867 in Lichtenberg, Bukowina und dessen Ehefrau Theresia Scheinost * 1872 in Lichtenberg, Bukowina

Wednesday, 01. February 2012
14:23:47 -0800

Good evening! I am a descendant of Francis TURNER was born on 01/10/1798 in Duschowitz. Related Search. Please log in information.

lcheers @

Monday, 16. January 2012
20:40:08 -0800

My name is Larysa Cheary and I live in Adelaide, South Australia. I am trying to contact Todd K. Legg at the email address given in the list of contacts, but emails are being returned. Not sure if he still a member of this society or just email address has changed. My surname interest is Galenzowski. I would love to hear from anyone else researching that surname in Bukowina. Larysa

ckarlein @

Thursday, 05. January 2012
19:22:14 -0800

I am looking for any relatives of a Jacob Besler born in 1883, Landestreu, Galicia, Austria. He immigrated to Canada in 1902 to Saskatchewan & married Jacobena Matzke. His parents were Heinrich & Barbara. His grandparents were Johann & Maria Catharina nee Kandel. As far as I know, he was the only person in his immediate family who left his homeland. I think he may have had relatives that came to Canada too under the name of Alfred & Bena Kendal & their children in the early 1900`s. I am Jacob`s great grandaughter & looking for info on my ancestors.

burla.doc @

Wednesday, 04. January 2012
13:51:57 -0800

Greetings from the creators of this site Bucovina.Mulţumesc more! My name search Arcadius and family descendants emigrated year HOROBEŢ.La ânceputul sec.20 Canada, then set year or two brothers SUA.Au was my grandfather-Horobet to Basil and TOADER.Vasile Detroit lived year (Arlington, 12), but Basil had four copii.Poate someone can help me with something, so ştieceva about family? thank you

burla.doc @

Wednesday, 04. January 2012
13:48:57 -0800

Salutări din Bucovina.Mulţumesc mult creatorilor acestui site!Mă numesc Arcadie şi caut urmaşii familiei HOROBEŢ.La ânceputul sec.20 au emigrat ân Canada,apoi sau stabilit ân SUA.Au fost 2 fraţi de a bunelului meu-Horobeţ Vasile şi TOADER.Vasile a locuit ân Detroit(Arlington,12),dar Vasile a avut 4 copii.Poate cineva mă poate ajuta cu ceva,ştieceva despre aşa familie?Vă mulţumesc din suflet!

Tuesday, 03. January 2012
20:33:06 -0800


Tuesday, 03. January 2012
03:50:56 -0800 Hallo, ich suche Vorfahren meines Vaters Leonhardt Winzinger. Der Bruder meines Vaters war Otto Winzinger.

a.wasdell @
Sunday, 18. December 2011
07:29:23 -0800
I have recently joint the Bucovina Society of the Americas and I am very impressed with their web-sites. I would also like to wish you all a very happy Christmas. My family comes from the former Bucovina and I am still looking for contacts which might be able to provide me with some information on members of my family. My greatgrand father was Wilhelm Alfred Rottenburg.(1849-1901) He was born in Stryj and died in Suczawa.His wife was Hortensie Pauline Kreutz. Her parents were Josef Kreutz and Clementine Kreutz (geb. Neumann).Another name which features is Katharine Gellner. Can anybody provide a link of these names in your family trees? The names of my greatgrand fathers brothers were Julius and Gustav Rottenburg. Anybod out there who has come across these names? Brigitte Wasdell

ingrwen @
Thursday, 15. December 2011
07:47:35 -0800
While researching family names from my mother's side, at one point I searched for "Viktor Pscheidt", my mother's first cousin. As a result, I found a reference to his name in a Bukowina Society of the Americas newsletter dating back to June 1998, under this listing: Al Schmidt, 7897 Decarie Drive, Gloucester, ON, Canada K1C 2J4, e-mail:, asks for parentage of the following Reverend Fathers: ... Viktor Pscheidt, ... . Information on the above would be greatly appreciated - i.e. siblings and ancestors. Tried to contact Al using email listed in 1998 newsletter. Unfortunately this email address is no longer active. If you are reading this and know Al's current email, please let me know as I can tell him something about Viktor Pscheidt's parentage. I also have photograph of Viktor Pscheidt and his parents with congregation at his ordination ceremony. Thanks, Ingrid
Saturday, 26. November 2011
13:45:44 -0800
Georg Michael Eberle, immigration 1752, Pennsylvania: Does anyone have his line of decendants? My name is Steven Epperly, 7th generation decendant of George Epperly, born 1775 in North Carolina and died 1848 in Macon, Missouri. I am trying to find the father of my George.
Monday, 14. November 2011
18:25:00 -0800
I am still trying to gather more informatio on the Kucharek and wishnuck family.
Tuesday, 08. November 2011
06:48:07 -0800
My name is Margaret Bukojemskyj. My husband Eugene Bukojemskyj was born in Usti, Czechoslovakia. His fathers name was Cyril Bukojemskyj, born in Bukovina. He was Lord of Nonling, probably I mispelled it.

collprof20 @
Monday, 07. November 2011
07:22:47 -0800
My paternal ancestors are from Boian and Nova Selica in Bukovina area of Romania, now Ukraine. I was delighted to find this site and would consider getting a membership, but the site does not appear to be updated and maintained. Could someone comment/clarify, please? Julie Ontario CANADA
Saturday, 05. November 2011
04:30:21 -0800
Hallo an alle Mein NAme ist Helmuth Geletiuk. Mein Großvater Kristian GeEletiuk stammte aus Itzkany/Suceava und war dort bei der Eisenbahn beschäftigt. Er hatte einen Bruder namens Josef Geletiuk. Mein Vater, ebenfalls mit Namen Josef Geletiuk, kam 1939/1940 zusammen mit sienen Eltern ( Kristian und Juliane geb. Wasciewicz) nach Salzburg/Austria, gemeinsam mit 6 weiteren Geschwistern. Dieser Zweig der Familie lebt heute in Österreich, Deutschland und den USA(Boston). Michwürde nun interessieren, ob jemand etwas weiß, was aus der Familie des Josef Geletiuk geworden ist. Angeblich gibt es noch Nachkommen im heutigen Rumänien, doch meine Nachforschunegn blieben ergebnislos. Würde michfreuen, wenn jemand hier helfen könnte. Leibe Grüße aus Salzburg/Österreich
Saturday, 05. November 2011
04:30:20 -0800
Hallo an alle Mein NAme ist Helmuth Geletiuk. Mein Großvater Kristian GeEletiuk stammte aus Itzkany/Suceava und war dort bei der Eisenbahn beschäftigt. Er hatte einen Bruder namens Josef Geletiuk. Mein Vater, ebenfalls mit Namen Josef Geletiuk, kam 1939/1940 zusammen mit sienen Eltern ( Kristian und Juliane geb. Wasciewicz) nach Salzburg/Austria, gemeinsam mit 6 weiteren Geschwistern. Dieser Zweig der Familie lebt heute in Österreich, Deutschland und den USA(Boston). Michwürde nun interessieren, ob jemand etwas weiß, was aus der Familie des Josef Geletiuk geworden ist. Angeblich gibt es noch Nachkommen im heutigen Rumänien, doch meine Nachforschunegn blieben ergebnislos. Würde michfreuen, wenn jemand hier helfen könnte. Leibe Grüße aus Salzburg/Österreich

fredley @
Tuesday, 25. October 2011
11:11:19 -0700
Hello. My grandfather came from Bukovina, and my grandmother came from Galacia. They emmigrated to Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada between 1905 and 1907. I have had no luck finding out any more about them. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks..........Fred Johnson

lemaier47 @
Saturday, 15. October 2011
14:21:04 -0700
Just ran into this site by accident and when I started to read the comments I noticed that my mothers name Emeila Huber was mentioned by

randijo02 @
Sunday, 02. October 2011
00:13:30 -0700
Thank you so much for making your site free and available to anyone! My grandmother was Emma Mabel Sauer, her father and mother were Fred and Frances (fannie Flaman) Sauer who came to Washington from Saskatchewan. Until your site I did not know anything beyond that. I did know that my grandma Emma was from Regina Saskatchewan and she make the best cabbage rolls in the world she called them "helishkies" this is spelled phonetically because I don't know the true spelling. She graciously taught me how to make them but I never could find this particular preparation outside of Canada, Now I know it came from the immigrants of Bukovina where her parents were both born. She always used to say her parents were born in Austria but she had no more information to give. Again, Thank-you so much!

pacettis4 @
Tuesday, 20. September 2011
21:02:06 -0700
I wrote a little over a year ago of my connection to the Gaschler family in furstenhal, bukovina. My mother was born there and passed away March 2010. I had several responses but my computer crashed and I lost all contacs. My mother had a cousin Anna in Ellis, Kansas, married to an Eddy Seibel. We visited a few times. Could you all please contact me again? I would really love to research and make more connections.

a_m_schmidt @
Friday, 19. August 2011
07:28:21 -0700
Excellent site. Is it possible to contact Al with the Schmidt family tree? Thank you.

kyung @
Friday, 12. August 2011
10:56:27 -0700
My name is Ken Yung, I recently joint the Society and I am researching the families on my mothers side.Her father was a Klatt and her mother a Geib and they lived at Strasbourg Saskatchewan. I have traced her family back to Johannes Huber,Margarethe Huber, Nikolau Huber for which I have no births, deaths,etc.I do have an Emeila Huber who was born Mar 5,1906 and died Aug 10,1964. I have located, via internet,an Al Schmidt who has researched the Schmidt family and he mentions these names in his family tree. I am wondering if these same names would be the same people I am looking for. I would be pleased if he would EMail me.The Geib family is a little more elusive and I only have traced back to Jacob Geib born April 6,1892 and know that his father was Heinrich Geib and his mother Katharine Maier/Mayer/Meier, but nothing more. If someone knows anything about the Geib family, i would like to hear from them.

kmarkowski @
Monday, 08. August 2011
16:20:17 -0700
Looking for Markowski(Metro, Andrew or Peter) or (Annie Yaschuk) families from Bukovina. They came to Canada between 1898 to 1903. They were Ruthenian and lived in Last Mountain, Saskatchewan. Please contact Sheila Markowski at This is my husbands family.

dechert @
Saturday, 06. August 2011
02:12:25 -0700
I am George Dechert (57), My old dream was fulfilled last month, as I took a trip in Bukovina, from the source of the river Siret (Hungarian language: Szeret, means love!) by village Rutchka to Suceva along the river. I have been to Storozinetz, Chernowitz, Siret Vadul, Zoristea, Suceva, Kimpulung, Cioconest, and many other places.I was fascinated! The people, the nature, the architect, the spirit of the Monarchy. Next month we'll go back to follow the organization of or big project: A tour along the river Siret from the beginning to end:Galati!! The idea felt me 3 years ago, as I got a book about the El Camino, and I thougt, Why not Siret? " years ago i have been around Bacau City in Moldva (Romania) where a bout 60000 csángo' s (ancient Hungarian)are living, close to the River! The story will be followed later. I had a lot of adventure and I have many photos too. With best regard: George Dechert H-8553. Lovászpatona Kossuth u 44,

maureen.chapman2 @
Wednesday, 27. July 2011
07:04:53 -0700
Looking for information regarding my great grandparents.(census below) Family name has many different spellings. Their daughter Elena married Frederick Ivin, s/o Ivan Ivin who came to Canada from Russia. I believe thew 1911 census may be some of the same family. 1906 Census District: SK Mackenzie (#14) Subdistrict: 27 (Townships 34, 35, 36, 37 in ranges 2, 3, 4, 5 west of the 2nd M) Dederok Vasel Head M M 50 Austria immigrated 1904 Dederok Mary Wife F M 45 Austria Dedrok Ellen Daughter F S 20 Austria Dederok John Son M S 14 Austria Dederok George Son M S 12 Austria Dederok Jenett Daughter F S 18 Austira 1911 Census, Mackenzie, Saskatchewan Delorack, Domica head widow m May 1864 age 47 orgin Bukovina entered Canada 1908 reside Twp 26 Range 31 Mackenzie, Sask. Delorack, John son b Jun 1901 age 10 Delorack, Wasil son b May 1903 age 8

sabine.strauch @
Friday, 22. July 2011
12:27:43 -0700
Hallo, ich bin auf der Suche nach Informationen über die Familie REIS(S)DORF. Die Vorfahren kamen aus Illischestie. Bin an ALLEM über Familie REIS(S)DORF interessiert. Außerdem noch Familie JERKEWITZ

krunzer3 @
Thursday, 21. July 2011
23:40:08 -0700
Love the site. Have been investigating the paternal side of my family and with the passing of my dad and g'ma/g'pa I'm left with quite a few holes on how and where my family came from Bukovyna to Spring Valley, SK in 1911. My great g'father's name was Josef Runzer and his wife Katherine came to Canada in 1910/11 with a daughter Eva and my g'pa Benjamin(Benafacius sp?). My remaining sources can not remember a village name other than they came from Bukovyna. any info on a village name or great great g'parents names would be great.

hein473 @
Friday, 15. July 2011
11:22:34 -0700
Interesting to read names I am familiar with, and which my mother, Anna nee Besler (Bessler, Boesler) Hein, born in Landestreu, Galicia, was familiar with. The names of people I knew in my life, listed also in Bukovina records and in Lndestreu records were: Heuchert, Dressler, Baumunk. Pastor (Karl?) Heuchert and son Pastor Lawrence Heuchert, were friends in Minnesota. Baumunk was the maiden name of my aunt Mrs. Phillip Besler Jr.. in Melville, Canada. Dressler was the name of relatives of my mother in Canada, and a Dressler is in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, along with other Dresslers in Canada. My mother's maiden name was Kendel ( the name also was spelled Kentel in other places). My mother, born in 1895 in Landestreu, at times mentioned "Bukovina" in conversation. I believe she had relatives there. Thank you. Rev, Harold A. Hein, 473 Lowell Dr., South eEgin, Il 60177

dianagbaker @
Thursday, 14. July 2011
08:27:28 -0700
SHUBERT, NOVAK AND JAKUBOWSKI(YAKUBOVICHSKY)searching for relatives where I maybe able to find them. You have a wonderful site, I am glad I was able to review your site, great information especially about possible immigration sites before Ellis Island. 1884 and 1886 Thank you

sunrise.29 @
Monday, 04. July 2011
07:53:28 -0700
I find your webpage, information and knowledge interesting and wonderful. I have sent 2 emails in and of yet, not received a reply but I'm sure there will be one shortly. I would, someday, like to visit the place my Grandmother was born. Her name was Gietel Fassler. She married Josef Stopler there. Fran Lerman, Jensen Beach, Fl. 34957

lmg_gorod @
Monday, 04. July 2011
06:21:47 -0700
I'm from Chernivci the beautiful and gorgeous city , which is my childhood city in Bukovina. Now I reside in USA and I'm very intrested in the history of this great region, and never was able to learn in school.

jenniferbucci @
Sunday, 03. July 2011
18:02:41 -0700
Looking for GERLIP, GERLIEP, GERLIEPP, GERLIEB relatives. thank you.

reiser-monika @
Sunday, 19. June 2011
07:35:27 -0700
Liebe Leser, meine Ahnen und Familien (Weiss, Hönig, Schätz, Pitsch, Pollak, Neumayer, Lommer etc.) stammen aus der Bukowina bzw. sind dort einmal eingewandert. Mich persönlich würde die "Bory-Story" interessieren, da es hier vornehmlich um die Gegend von Gura-Humorului geht. Wer hat die Bory-Story zu hause und würde sie mir überlassen. Herzliche Grüße M. Reiser

Karla4homes @
Saturday, 18. June 2011
23:00:31 -0700
My Grandfather was Frank Radmaker(Radmacher).His family settled in Klaber(Lost Valley) Lewis County,Washington in the late 1880's from Austria with 8 - 9 children. My sister and I are the only surviving direct descendants to Frank, we have limited history about surviving relatives. Frank married Rosa (Staub)Radmaker,Koppigen Switzerland. They had two sons, Karl and Robert, both deceased.

im_del @
Wednesday, 01. June 2011
19:48:16 -0700
Great day today, and a great site you have here, learning of my old country roots. I am Sentes on paternal side, origins to Istensegits, Bukovina.

rudi.pilsel @
Tuesday, 24. May 2011
11:35:09 -0700
Interesting to see the names Pilsel whicvh is my family surname and the forenames Rudolf, Gustav, Josef etc which are all our family forenames. Is ther a connection I wonder? Rudolf Pilsel, England

ts1989 @
Thursday, 19. May 2011
21:57:48 -0700
hi im looking for some informations about the families Kazimirski and links my great-grandfather was franz kazimirski born in vatra-dornei.his father was anton kazimirski born 1828 in dorna vatrei;died 1907.his mother was Rosa links(daughter from Anton Links) born 1832 Jacobeny Suceava; died if there is somebody who has any more information about Kazimirski or Links Please contact me ts1989 @

felixmj38 @
Thursday, 05. May 2011
03:32:54 -0700
Bukovina & Tatrzanka Galicia. When the masses moved to the Americas. they carried common ideas, sent money, letters, etc. to their relatives remaining, encouraging them to come to their new homes. War, hunger, persecution, class separation, land ownership, population, etc. pushed this exodus to extremes. Names altered, spelled different, transposed errors, moved to new area, lived closely. Ancestors follow this pattern, daughters married young, weddings in family customs, religion, huge part. My Grandmother Katarzryna Wojtarowicz born Oct 12 1886, (nee Catherine Cosmic) came from Piatkowa, Poland, near Nowa Saez, Pazemysl area, more than one Piatkowa. Left with Wilks Family 5/31/1906 to Utica NY. She married Frank Kusmis changed to Cosmic or Casmer at the Holy Trinity Polish Church in Utica NY 1907. They moved to Dexter, Jefferson, town of Brownville, New York, he worked at the Sulphite Mill. Frank's fathers name was Mike Yarros, his mother, Magdalene Scofrauski

vickigirdis @
Friday, 22. April 2011
06:03:33 -0700
Francisck Yarosz/Franciszek Jarosz born around 1879 in Austria. When he entered the United States in 1907 he listed his ethnicity as Austria, Polish. His listed his last place of residence as "Wolistrowska", Austria. I was told this could be a village in Bukowina/Bukovina called Wola Ostrowska (Galicia, Austria-Hungary 1900). Can anyone tell me where this village is and what major city it is located near? Perhaps it is a small town and not on a map dated 1900.

marlene _ pinkerton @ hotmail. com
Tuesday, 19. April 2011
18:53:43 -0700
I am searching the village of LUDI HORECEA for any information on my GRANDMOTHER EFROSINA (ROSE)ZWONETSKY. May be spelt ZWONASKA or ANYTHING EVEN CLOSE to these two spellings or for that matter anything beginning with "ZW" or "ZV". FATHERS NAME was NISTAR or NESTOR. MOTHERS NAME was MARIA. SIBLINGS NAMES were; ELIZABETH, VERONICA, ELANKA, and IVON. IVON was a priest somewhere in Bukovina. I'm asuming in LUDI HORECEA. ANYONE at all with even a piece of information to the above would be appreciated.

vickigirdis @
Saturday, 16. April 2011
12:06:36 -0700
I am looking for information on my great grandfather - Frank (Kushmish) Yarosz's family from Bukovina. He came over to United States alone in 1906. He was baptised in Bukovina. According to family lore, a family member did not understand the priest when they asked for Frank's last name so it was mistakenly recorded as what sounds like "Kushmish". Frank had four siblings (John, Martin, Michael and a sister, name not known who all settled here in the United States)

kburneau @
Saturday, 16. April 2011
09:53:28 -0700
Found this page while searching for Alt Fratautz, where my great Grandfather Heinrich Hollerbaum, who was born their. Thanks you very much for the information on this page

collprof20 @
Wednesday, 13. April 2011
11:34:53 -0700
April 13/2011 Just came across this site. Started searching paternal side of family only a few months ago (Romania and Slovakia for grandparents). Towns of Bojan (Boian) and Modry Kamen keep appearing in my search. So far do not have def. birthplaces for either, and no maiden name for g'mother. Her name Julia, married Jan Turanksy (~1918?) who was POW in Romania during breakup of Austria-Hungarian empire, so we've been told; his trade may be "shoemaker". First he, then she & daughter emigrated to Windsor, ON, Can: she on ship "Empress of Australia" (Nov. 1928) from Cherbourg, FR; his passage unknown so far but before that date. Would appreciate any help with these names: TURANSKY, MAGERKA, MAGIERKI, perhaps even BOLINKSI. All relatives except cousins dead now and no one wanted to speak of "old country", few documents available.

locoboilerguy @
Sunday, 03. April 2011
21:12:23 -0700
Thanks for the great site. I think I am finally getting somewhere after finding a city name on a ships manifest. Trying to find out more through the church records. John Braun

orianae @
Wednesday, 23. March 2011
15:13:45 -0800
I am looking for any information on my grandfather, Georgi Eliuk (Iluk, Eluke, Iliuk) who was born in Brodoc and his wife, Wasylka Bozyk who was born in Onut. Georgi immigrated to Canada in the early 1900's leaving behind his father, Hnatiw and mother, Aksana (nee Shustal)as well as a sister, Mary. I would appreciate any info about their iives/relatives in Bukovina. Oriana Eliuk Woodmore, Manitoba, Canada

walter.kailbach @
Saturday, 19. March 2011
06:31:15 -0800
Betr.:Rottmann In the book Radautz, die deutscheste Stadt des Buchenlandes (Franz Wiszniowski / 1966) page 211 : Anton Rothenburg was Bezirkshauptmann to 1906 followed 1906 from Dr. Robert Prokopowitsch Bezirkshauptmann to 1919 , later „Bezirkshauptmann was nominated from Romania. Greetings from austria Walter.

a.wasdell @
Saturday, 12. March 2011
07:22:38 -0800
Dear Bukowina friends 3 years after my first message I am still looking for information on the following relations. 1. Wilhelm Alfred Rottenburg, he was "Bezirkshauptmann" in Radautz and my great-grand father; his wife was Hortensie Kreutz. 2. his brother was Julius Rottenburg, he was director of the Postoffice in Chernowitz, his 1.wife wasLudmilla Pellizaro de Beatini, 3. Gustav Rottenburg, he was a railway employee; his 1.wife was Emilie Simader. Is there anybody out there in whose family these names appear or have information on the above persons.I would be delighted to hear from them . Best regards Brigitte Wasdell (geb.Rottenburg)

balandygo @
Tuesday, 08. March 2011
13:31:19 -0800
Hi my name is Bev Landygo from Kamloops BC Canada...I am looking for information on my husbands grandfather his name was Wasyl Landega and he came to Canada in 1907...he was from the okna Bukovina area he also had a brother by the name of Kost or Kosten landega who also moved to canada...I would like any information on their family .....parents names or brothers or sister ....Landega could have been spelled different years ago...Thank you Love the site...

lindaspivey @
Saturday, 05. March 2011
10:15:54 -0800
I am looking for information regarding my father who was born in Bukovina. His name is Franz Bodnariuk born 1923. He had sisters named Emma and Anna. We have also heard of an uncle named Droniuk. My grandmother's maiden name was Mischka, Meschka?? not sure of spelling. I haven't been able to find anything. If anyone has information, I would greatly appreciate it.

timtoole @
Friday, 04. March 2011
02:52:00 -0800
Great site. Regards, Tim

Familie.Schwermer @
Sunday, 20. February 2011
12:22:31 -0800
Dear Bukovina friends, I am looking for FRIEDA MARTHA MAIER (born 24.03.1923 in Jadowa). Her parents were JOSEF (from Jadowa) and BARBARA MAIER (Molodia). The whole family came to Germany via Litzmannstadt (21.09.1942) and had to work in BARTH (Mecklenburg/Vorpommern)in the Pommersche Industriewerke. Does anyone know more about this family? Best wishes, Katrin Schwermer

Rumpel.Genealogy @
Friday, 18. February 2011
00:24:38 -0800
Rick Rumpel, Germany Hello Everyone, It's been a while since I've been here in the guest book section. I need a little help with the Ast branch i.e. Franz Ast b. 1873 to Christian Ast and Anna Wendling. Apparently he married a König had a daughter Luise (1905), she married a Johann Roth (1903-1976). Eight children...Anna Roth (1936-2003) married Erwin Schmidt (1932-2003). Looking for confirmation on this info and the ancestors of Erwin.

Thursday, 17. February 2011
21:01:19 -0800
I am looking for POLONIC relatives of my Grandfather Nicholas and Great Uncle Lazar whose parents were Teodore and Miranda.

Nancy @
Thursday, 17. February 2011
20:56:22 -0800
I am looking for relatives of my Grandfather and Great Uncle, Nicholas and Lazar Polonic, whose parents were Teodore and Miranda.

marusa2222 @
Wednesday, 16. February 2011
22:55:47 -0800
Good day! are looking native father Lumikovsky Gavrilo Petrovic, born in Yurkivtsi, Zastavnovskogo region Chernivtsi region. His brothers and sister Helen lived in Romania, the district Suchava.No someone emigrated to Portugal and it is rumored that even Kanadu.Familiya: Lumicovchi or Lumikowsky. Do not speak English, prostite.Za any information thank you.

rintoulranch @
Thursday, 03. February 2011
11:38:09 -0800
Wonderful, awesome, incredible. I have been dabbling with my family history for 20 years and look forward to reading all the information so many great people have contributed to this site. My Silzer ancestors settled in Assiniboia and I enjoy piecing the little pieces of information found here together with what I have been handed down through the generations.

harringtondebera @
Wednesday, 02. February 2011
13:24:09 -0800

ewmunich @
Tuesday, 01. February 2011
00:15:24 -0800
sorry, aber mein Eintrag in deutsch ist nicht lesbar !!! So habe ich das nicht geschrieben, wie es hier gezeigt wird.

ewmunich @
Tuesday, 01. February 2011
00:04:34 -0800
Mein Vater, Ernst Wenzel ,ist in Luisenthal (Fundu Moldovei) 1921 geboren und 3 mal habe ich den Ort schon besucht. 1940 musste meine Familie die Bukowina verlassen. Es hat mich schon sehr beruehrt, denn Geburtsort meines Vaters zu besuchen und da zu sein. Ich habe auch eine kath. Messe in der Kirche besucht, dazu kam Pfarrer Simon aus Campulung. ich weiss nicht,ob er immer noch Pfarrer ist und auch die Gemeinde betreut. ich wohne in Muenchen (Munich) und freue mich auf meinen naechsten besuch in der Bukowina.

ingrwen @
Friday, 21. January 2011
11:15:36 -0800
Glad to have discovered this website! I've been researching my family history and seek some information on my great-grandfather and his ancestors: the Remus family. His name was Johann Remus. According to my mother, he settled in Augustendorf, Bukovina, as a young man and there he married Rosina Hoffmann. Don't know all their children's names but these I know: Maria (married Anton Pscheidt, and mother of Karl Viktor Pscheidt), Augustine, Bernhardt, Regina (married a Kuschinski?), Walter or Valentin? and Franz (my grandfather born 1897). Any help as to where Johann came from and who his parents were would be most welcome, as well as his wife Rosina. Would also like to verify if they had other children. Many thanks!

dsjmb5 @
Tuesday, 18. January 2011
18:48:43 -0800
Hello, My name is Susan Smegner (Schmegner) Gaskill. I have wanted to find out about my family since I was a child. In 2010 I began my search on I met a gentleman that lives in Germany. He suggested I join the Bukovina Society site. I am thrilled. He has given me a lot of information about the area. One day I would love to visit and see where my Grandfather was born. He came to America in 1906 at the age of 16. I have been able to find information back to my Great Great Grandfather, but no further. My Grandmother's various names were Gotsch, Kerth, Walthers. Any information would be appreciated. Thank you, Susan

donna.mckay @
Monday, 17. January 2011
12:05:48 -0800
I have been trying to locate the surname Gerak - in Czernowitz. Immigrated to Canada - Regina Saskatchewan in 1913. Also the names Kuctha and Morhardt. If anyone knows these names please contact me

mountaineagle @ bresnan. net
Sunday, 16. January 2011
23:58:46 -0800
i was an adopted child in search of my biological family and this site has both my grandfathers name (Kucharek) and my grandmothers (Wishnuck) listed. i am anxious to discover more. i have an uncle left (my grandfathers son or you could say my mothers brother) i just contacted him last week but how do you start asking questions as i have found so many who don't want to share.

daurita.rastoaca @
Saturday, 15. January 2011
23:43:50 -0800
Interesant ! Nu stiam de existenta acestei societati. Eu sunt din Bucovina ,mai precis din orasul Campulung Moldovenesc,jud.Suceava.Ma numesc Catalin Rastoaca Am aflat de voi ,citind un articol intr-un ziar romanesc.Acolo cineva din staff-ul asociatiei spunea ca in 1996 a vizitat Bucovina, care era frumoasa dar foarte saraca. De atunci, au trecut mai multi ani,cetatenii si-au ridicat standardele de viata. Ar fi bine sa tineti legatura cu administratia locala si cu muzeul Bucovinei din Suveava, sa veniti anual in Romania, doar asa veti fi in actualitatea zonei. Va doresc numai bine si felicitari pentru asociatia voastra. Sa fiti mandri de originea voastra. Suntem un popor mandru, harnic, frumos, plin de traditii care nu trebuie sa se piarda.

pension-erika-otzberg @
Wednesday, 12. January 2011
04:39:34 -0800
Hallo, Ich suche noch immer nach Sacher aus Milleschoutz bei Radautz und Wagner aus Zirps die aus der Bukowina nach Bessarabien ausgewandert sein sollen

kitsguy19 @
Tuesday, 28. December 2010
13:31:04 -0800
Greetings My Great GrandFather and family arrived in Canada from Bukovina and wintered in Edenwold, Sask before taking a homestead in Earl Grey, Sask. My Grandfather returned to Edenwold to marry my Grandmother whose family was not from Bukovina. Similarly, my Grandmother's sister married a Bukovina settler from Central Butte. My question: What is the connection of Edenwold to people from Bukovina. No one is able (or left) to answer this. A mystery... Clint Meyers Vancouver, Canada

christina-aue @
Monday, 27. December 2010
07:16:24 -0800
Hello, I search to family name Ellenbruch (or Ellerbruch, or Ellebruch, or Erlebruch) I had read this name in the date from Bukovina. Do you can write me, which familys these are? Best regards Christina Aue,

moragsinclair @
Monday, 27. December 2010
06:51:18 -0800
Hello Mr.Parke, Epifan had a german mother, romanian father, they lived on a farm growing hemp and jute. His father was also a customs officer. A infant school photo of Epifan, in uniform, suggests a german infant school. He spoke: German, Romanian, Ukrainian, Polish, Italian and English. He lied about his age to join the army during the second world war. He may have been a student at Czernovits. will that help? Many Thanks.

Sunday, 26. December 2010
07:33:53 -0800

gramee @
Saturday, 25. December 2010
06:31:54 -0800
My name is Jeanette (Schuster) Evans Willett. I am beginning research on my family who settled in Ellis, Kansas. Schuster, Gaschler, Geschwentner. I have DOB, and DOD, but need add'l info, as to occupation, religion, etc. Any help would be appreciated.

rkeseluk @
Wednesday, 22. December 2010
09:03:50 -0800
Hi my name is Rick Keseluk and I am seeking information regarding my family that came from Repuzhintsy Chernivtsi back in the early 1900. The name of my great grandfather was Georgiu Moisiuc and my great grand mothers maiden name we Anna Torsky. They move to Canada with four children Peter Moisiuc, John Moisiuc, Daniel Moisiuc and Vasilina Moisiuc my Grandmother. She married a Nicholas Kiselica in 1917 in Canada. Peter Moisiuc and parents went back home, Peter was a priest and died in 1941. If anyone has information regarding my family could you please contact me.

rkeseluk @
Wednesday, 22. December 2010
08:58:59 -0800
Hi I am in Canada and my anme is Rick Keseluk and I am seeking info on my family that came from Repuzhintsy Chernivtsi back in the early 1900. The name of my great grandfather was Georgiu Moisiuc and my great grand mothers maiden name we Anna Torsky. They move to Canada with four children Peter Moisiuc, John Moisiuc, Daniel Moisiuc and Vasilina Moisiuc my Grandmother. She married a Nicholas Kiselica in 1917 in Canada. Peter Moisiuc and parents went back home, Peter was a priest and died in 1941. If anyone has information regarding my family could you please contact me. rkeseluk @
Sunday, 19. December 2010
04:12:50 -0800
Hallo, Können Sie mir etwas über Sacher sagen, ich weiß nur das Sie nach Alt Sarata ausgewandert sein sollen, aus der Bukowina

ajm2626 @
Tuesday, 14. December 2010
11:01:26 -0800
Looking for relatives and documents on my family. My problem is that I don't know my great grandfathers (Max Lewis b 1857) parents name and was trying to locate his birth certificate to get the names. Rumor has it Max last name might have been changed and that he was related the the Rabbi that built the "Golem".Max also was an Advisor to Czar of Russia 1914-1918.My great grandmother Beckie Satran-Lewis (born 1871) father's name was Aninchel (born 1848)(Ansel,Anstel,Anchel) Satran who came to the US widowed. Curious of who her mother was and if there are any siblings. (I believe there was a brother Joseph) and he might have had a different last name. Where might I be able to locate these documents. They say location, Austria, Poland, Chernowitz and Hungary Prior to coming to the US and residing in Massachusetts and Brooklyn,NY Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Wednesday, 08. December 2010
11:55:07 -0800
I'm an Italian student of Political Sciences in Naples, University Federico II. I'm writing a paper on multiethnic Bukovina and Czernowitz for my exam of European Contemporary History. I think I'll prepare my thesis for Master of Arts degree on the history of Bukovina, this beautiful little region where Germans, Romanians, Ukrainians, Jews and many others (Italian also!) lived in friendship and peace! I enjoyed reading a lot of articles on this site, also in German (I don't speak German but "Google translator" has helped me a lot!). I would like to know something more on Italians in Bukowina! Thank you and my best wishes for all! Davide Lamparella P.S. excuse me if my english is not correct Greetings from Italy

a_j_m_ @
Monday, 06. December 2010
11:44:51 -0800
Hello. My grandfather was Phillip MILLER MÜLLER b <1891> Czernowitz. His parents were Johann MÜLLER b <1857> Arbora d 1935 Regina SK CAN & Margaret MANZ b 1855 Bukovina D 1935 Regina SK. Johann's father Johann MÜLLER b <1831> Galicia & mother Juliana NEU b 1832 Galicia. Johann & Margaret arrived 14 Dec 1910 in St.John NB CAN on SS Montreal destination Earl Grey, SK. Much has been published re: their dau. Aurelia who married Adam Miller s/o Franz & Caroline who both d in Balgonie SK. Philip's siblings (some died in infancy) Johanna, Theresia, Carolina, John, Aurelia, Adam, Josef, George (married Bertha SAUER) Eva, Karl, Leon, Jacob and Martin. The last 2 went to Toronto about the same time as Philip & wife Lydia Meier 1941-2. Would anyone have any info on this family? My Meier's were founding members of the St. John Church in Balgonie. My dad was born on the farm across the road from this Church @ GP's Johannes MEIER and Anna PONTO. Alethea a_j_m_ @
Friday, 03. December 2010
12:11:54 -0800
Hallo liebe Besucher dieser Seite, ich suche jegliche Informationen über meine Großeltern, die zuletzt vor der Umsiedlung 1940 in Budinetz in der Nähe von Althütte gelebt haben. Franz Hofbauer, geb. 11.09.1904 in Glitt und Maria Straub, geb. 28.06.1910 in Chudin Liebe Grüße und Danke M. Gutter
Friday, 03. December 2010
11:49:43 -0800
Liebe Leser dieser Seite, ich suche jegliche Informationen zu meinen Großeltern. Maria Straub, geb. 28.06.1910 in Chudin Franz Hofbauer, geb. 11.09.1904 in Glitt Sie haben wohl zuletzt in Budinez in der Nähe von Althütte gelebt, bis sie 1940 umgesiedelt wurden. Freue mich über jede Information. Danke! Monika

maxpar @
Monday, 29. November 2010
18:24:00 -0800
Hello all, MY research has my maternal great-grandparents NIKOLAI ORLECKI AND ANNA KUPCHENKO coming to Alberta in 1901. If anyone can help with sources for those names in BUKOVINA ,I would graetly appreciate it.
Monday, 22. November 2010
14:24:35 -0800
Hello! My name's Scridon Ioana, I'm from Romania and i'm interesed by zipser communities from Europa. If you know anything about this topic or are somehow about membership of this community please let me know. For more information i leave my email address

carole.don @
Monday, 22. November 2010
10:49:20 -0800
Boyanhuk,Bukovina Enjoy your web page very much. Would like some direction in locating my grand fathers parents - father, mother, sibblings. First name - George, last name spelled Temeriwski (Canadian Naturalization-1926), could be also spelled Temerewski, Temereski, Temeriski. Grandfather born in 1890 in Boyancuk.Would appreciate any help I could get. ep up the great work. Don Timeriski
Friday, 12. November 2010
11:39:04 -0800
Hallo, Ich wollte mal fragen ob mir jemand evtl. Stammbauminformationen ueber die Familie Stadler aus dem Ort Karlsberg bzw. Putna geben wirde ... versuche seit einer weile mein Stammbaum etwas zurueck zu verfolgen bleibe aber leider so im Jahre 1870 hängen ... wirde mich über Antworten freuen ! mfg R. Stadler
Saturday, 06. November 2010
12:22:14 -0800
Nice site. I am looking for information on the kessler or von kessler name or baron von kessler if anyone has any info please contact me Karin Kessler Montreal

greywolf37 @
Friday, 05. November 2010
11:53:50 -0800
Who ever wrote on my comment about looking for Georg and Marie Appel,and Zacharias Hicke(Hickie) and Margarethea Hicke (Klein) said you have his report's card's from Oberrealschule in Czernowitz and his baptismal paper's, please e-mail me.I am excited to learn that there is something out there that belongs to one of my great grandfather's.I'll be hoping you get this and e-mail me. Donna Herriot
Sunday, 03. October 2010
11:22:35 -0700
I am starting to research my ancestry. My grandfather came from Pojana Mikuli, Bukovina. I have his report cards from the Oberrealschule in Czernowitz and I also have his baptismal papers. His fathers and mothers name are on those papers, along with, I believe, the names of his grandparents. They are in Latin so I am having problems translating. Would information be available through the society? Thank you!
Friday, 24. September 2010
16:41:49 -0700
I'm so glad I found your website! My grandmother was from Czernowitz and Radoutz in Bukovina. Her father was a Jew, Wexler, but her mother was a Catholic, Kottler. She arrived in the USA in 1901 at the age of 4 yrs. I look forward to researching your website and looking into membership.

she_who_loves_cats @
Monday, 20. September 2010
19:37:00 -0700
I'm glad to have found this site! I'm looking for info on my Paternal Grandparents: JOHN ARENOWICZ from LADONIA STOWRYNOTZ and ELEONORA MARKO from KOSTESTEP WALSKONTZ. It would be great to get info on them from someone here, but I doubt it will come that easy. What I'd really like to find out is info on the places they came from. What was the PROPER name of these towns in the first part of the 20th Century. What are they known as TODAY? If anyone can help me, I'd be extremely grateful.
Saturday, 11. September 2010
11:49:27 -0700
Hi I am looking for anyone with the surname of HANCHERUK or PELECHOSKY from Ukraine Bukovina then immigrated to Wostok, lamont ALberta Canada. or any information on how to find some records! Thanks for your help!

gkerth @
Wednesday, 08. September 2010
17:43:28 -0700
My name is Gary Kerth born in Regina Sask.My grandfather's was Louis, and I believe he was born in Germany.My father's name was Ronald Erwin Kerth.I know that I have relatives in the state of Kansas. I would like to hear from you if you might be related. I now live in Vancouver Bc.Canada.

a_m_schmidt @
Monday, 06. September 2010
11:20:14 -0700
Terrific site. Don't know if it is possible to contact the Siewi Family Tree with some questions.Eduard Petrowitz was my husband's great grandfather. We understood that he was an orphan born on 26 Aug 1861, however, he is listed here with parents Jakob Petrowitz and Katharina Paukner. Their other children seemed to die in infancy. The group sheet only shows four of Eduard's children. My husband's grandmother, Rosalia, was born on 27 July 1891 and emigrated to Canada in 1910.Was this list taken from a 1910 census and that is why she is missing? The other children listed are definately her brother's and sisters. Thank you for your help. Anne

greywolf37 @
Sunday, 29. August 2010
22:17:17 -0700
George Melynk, i see that you and me may be related.I think that my grandfather Roudlf Appel is a brother to your grandmother Anna Appel.I'm trying to find info on George and Maria Appel.I can't find your comment to get your e-mail address.I see you got my comment.If you see this please e-mail me. Donna Herriot(Appel)

dieter @
Saturday, 14. August 2010
06:11:43 -0700
Hi, found this really impressive webpages here while looking for my ancestors. My mothers family was Antonovici from ludi horecei. They left 17xx and came to Vienna. Greetings Dieter Paesold

greywolf37 @
Friday, 13. August 2010
13:43:13 -0700
Great site.I am looking for my ancestors by the name of George and Maria(Mary)Appel(Stark) both from Jakobeny.Also looking for Zacharias Hicke and Margaretha Hicke(Klein)who were married in Czernowitz in 1892.They all left and went to Saskatchewan.Any info would be great. Donna Herriot
Thursday, 12. August 2010
13:04:07 -0700
To: Lynn Kreke Box 266 Nampa, AB T0H 2R0 lkreke @ Hi, I am also a descendant from Schönthaler(Schoenthaler) family from Bukowina and I am in the process of discovering my roots! I've read your message on the Bukowina Society and I thought maybe we can combine our knowledge and find more and. maybe we are related. My Grandmother maiden name was Schönthaler Elena and her father was oborn in Bukowina, Gura Putnei(Karlsberg). Ms. Irmgard(a US Bukowina genealogist) thinks that Karslberg Schönthalers are descendants of Jeremias Schönthaler and Anna Arschbrenner. Catholic and Lutherans. Greetings from Romania, Madalin

Kwallace918 @
Friday, 30. July 2010
19:17:48 -0700
Hello, I am looking for information on my family from Buckovina. Names include Jacob Fiesel and Paulina Karst, her siblings were Christian Karst, Anson Karst, Maria Karst and Rudolf. Both Paulina and Jacob left Bukovina to live in Regina Canada in 1890. Other family names are Konrad Mohr, Luise Mock and Eva Mohr. Philipp Fiesel and Amalia Lauer. Any information on these families would be greatly appreciated.

sibiu.transivania @
Thursday, 29. July 2010
11:53:42 -0700
Bukowina Genealogie Hallo, könnten sie mir etwas über den Namen Bihon sagen? Ich bin auf der Suche nach meinen Ur-Ahnen und hoffe, dass sich unter Ihnen jemand befindet, der etwas über die Familie Bihon weiß. mein Vater: Bihon Ion (01.05.1915) war das 7 Kind von: Bihon Ilie (06.07.1880) sie lebten im Herza Gebiet. - ?Ternawka Dorf? das ist alles was ich weiss... koennen sie mir weiterhelfen?! PS:meldet eu bei: Danke! Bihon
Thursday, 22. July 2010
21:51:05 -0700
I am trying to trace my father's family. His birth certificate lists his parents as George T. Wolansky and Waselyna Lamyk, both from Borouz, Bukowania. The migrated to outside of Edmonton, Alberta Canada in the late 1800's. Can anyone help? Thank you, Meredith

anthonyackner @
Friday, 16. July 2010
07:01:39 -0700
Thank you for a very informative web site. I am tracing the background of my grandfather Adolph Achner born 1880 in Ropcha Bukowina. He graduated from Bern University in 1904 and his dissertation entitled "Falschen Chinarinden" still appears to be available. He emigrated to England became Dr Conrad Adolph Ackner and set up a dental practice in London's Welbeck Street where he continued working until the late 1960's. I believe his father was a farmer in the area and may have been called Heinz Achner

1stsgtonstaff @
Monday, 12. July 2010
16:56:21 -0700
My dad was born in Bukovina in 1929. His parents emigrated to Bukovina years before. He was orphaned by the time he was twelve years old, his mother, then his father dying in the late 1930s. He was then raised by his oldest sister, Hilda. In 1939, he, along with many other Bukovina Germans were declared 'volksdeutsche' by Adolf Hitler and shipped out of the area, to be brought to live within the borders of the Reich. However, they were settled, instead, in Poland. Dad had many stories to tell about his experiences during World War 2. Dad emigrated to the USA in 1952 and settled in Los Angeles for a time. Then he moved to the San Fernando Valley, north of LA. He passed away in 2007.

englandbill2 @
Tuesday, 29. June 2010
14:03:42 -0700
Great site found while researching Franz Mang Snr and family, who emigrated to Edenwold, Saskatchewan from Satulmare, Bukovina in 1890/91.

ritterharry @
Saturday, 26. June 2010
12:07:51 -0700
Hallo Ich suche unterlagen von Johann Nikolaus Ritter aus Nohen,war dann in Neu Itzkani als Lehrer. Und auch von Andreas Wagner geboren in Zirps, kann mir da jemand weiterhelfen.

pracman @
Monday, 21. June 2010
17:49:26 -0700
Hello all ! so many people looking for ancestors in this part of the world !!AMAZING !! I have narrowed down HLIBOWICKI search to 2 people - AUXENTIUS ( married ANNA SCHULTZ in 1835) and JOHANN ( gr cath priest around 1890 ) both in Czernowitz. If anybody can direct me to more information, will be very grateful. Ihor Victor H

b.boenner @
Wednesday, 09. June 2010
01:33:23 -0700
Hallo! Mein Name ist Bianca aus Deutschland. Ich besuche diese Seite schon seit längerem und finde Sie toll. Ich suche Bilder und Informationen über BOBESTI, Buchenland. Die Familie meines Vaters lebte und arbeitete dort auf dem Gutshof der Adelsfamilie MEDVECZKY. Mein Großvater ADOLF TISCHINGER mit seiner Frau Josefine geb. Hartinger lebten dort mit den Kindern Medika und Rudolf (mein Vater). Auch ASCHENBRENNER gehört zur Familie, teilweise wohnten sie in Althütte. Wer hat Fotos oder andere Informationen? Wer kennt die MEDVECZKY Familie oder kann mir Kontakt zu Nachfahren von EMMERICH MEDVECZKY, zuletzt TÜBINGEN, ver- schaffen? Ich möchte damit meinen Vater zum Geburtstag überraschen. Ich bin sehr daran interessiert und würde mich über alles freuen. Ich beantworte garantiert jede Mail. Im Voraus herzlichen Dank.

b.boenner @
Wednesday, 09. June 2010
01:00:00 -0700
Hello! My name is Bianca from Germany and I'm searching for fotos of BOBESTI, Bukowina. My father and grandfather lived there with her families, called TISCHINGER, HARTINGER and ASCHENBRENNER. My grandfather worked for the family MEDVECZKY. This was a great land owner from Hungaria. Does anyone knows this family and has informations or fotos? Is there anyone who lived also in BOBESTI? Who knows my family? Some of the ASCHENBRENNERS lived in ALTHÜTTE. My grandfather, called ADOLF TISCHINGER and his wife JOSEFINE TISCHINGER (girlname HARTINGER)lived and worked in BOBESTI with her children Medika and Rudolf (my father). I'm searching for a long time after fotos or other informations because I want to surprise him on birthday. Please write or send me all you know and have. I will answer you in any case. Thanking you in anticipation.

la_stewart22 @
Friday, 28. May 2010
08:38:45 -0700
hello my name is Lynda Stewart (Nemechek) my family immigrated here in the late 1800s and i was looking for some family history... you have a picture of my great grandfather Louis Nemechek as a child... at one point i came to your website and saw that my sister and i are on the geneology.. but we have another sister and i also have two children that i would like to add to it... i would also like to know when is the next timw that you guys will be holding your gathering in ellis... most of my family lives in and around wakeeny.. thank you so much for all of the info... this site is wonderful.

lmann25 @
Wednesday, 26. May 2010
20:56:56 -0700
Hi there, I have recently started studying my family history. I have some old photos on the back it says Radautz Bukowina. The people in this photo are from the Schneider family. If anyone can help me with my search i would so appreciate it. My great great grandmother was Adlophina Schneider. She married Alexander Koskovich. Theyr'e chidlren were born in Solka Bukovina. I would love to learn more about them. Thank you for this great site!

CKEvery @
Sunday, 23. May 2010
12:27:44 -0700
Great Web Site! My father's family were settlers from Ellis, Kansas, his father's name was Joseph Kozlowski who married Rosalia Flax in Ellis, Kansas. They adopted a daughter Patricia who married into the Webber family of Ellis. Together Joseph and Rosalia had children of thier own, Isidore, Leo, Katherine, Rose, Frank, Pauline, Edward, Anton (Tony), Lenord and Barbara. My father was Anton (Tony Kozlowski) who married Carmen Lorenzo in Sebastopol, California located in Sonoma County. Anton (Tony) and Carmen had three children, Carol, Perry and Cynthia. Joseph Kozlowski also had a sister, Regina Kozlowski who married a Biletshi and they settled in Saskatchewan, Canada. Thank you, Carol Kozlowski-Every

hoenigp @
Sunday, 16. May 2010
16:30:33 -0700
oi! sou Cris Hoenig, do Brasil. Vi um recado assim:reiser-monika @ Friday, 02. April 2010 13:29:05 -0800 Dear Bukovina friends, my parents or ancestors come from the area Arbore, Vicov, Putna, Radauti and Gura-Humora. Seeking the origin of my great grandparents (paternal) and Emily White Alois, born Gräb (whose mother is a Margaret Koch / Arbore) White Alois one sister in Czernowitz (married Onestschuk. A son was born around 1911 had Rudku) My great-grandparents ( mother's side), Leopold and Hermine Hönig, born Pollak-Vienna. My great-uncle Alfred Hönig, born 1886 in Vienna, wandered about in 1913 after Brazil (Blumenau area to off). In addition, I seek descendants of Karl Dörre (born about 1893-96) area Saaz, Bohemia. Who can help me? Possibly. is he emigrated 1925th Meu avô era Alfred Hoenig veio da Austria e morou em blumenau. Por favor entre em contato comigo. Att Cris

luminita_m @
Thursday, 13. May 2010
00:39:31 -0700
I am very excited to find this site. I am Romanian, living in Romania, but my husband is American, from a mixed family, Slovak and Romanian. My research area is the Modern History of Bukovina, the history of that land which was once called "the Switzerland of East" or the "bridge between West and East". Best regards.

ajm2626 @
Tuesday, 11. May 2010
16:53:46 -0700
Came across this site and thought you might be able to direct me to the right place. I have some names and have heard stories of some ansestors and was curious to find out where I can some information. I know my great grandfather was from Bukovina. (c) and beleive his name was changed to Lewis from one of these , Loew, Loeb, Lobel. I heard that he was an advisor to the Czar of Russia in 1914. I have a few other stories but don't want to bore you if of no interest. I look forward to hearing from you.

rbgottselig @

Friday, 07. May 2010
08:44:36 -0700
rbgottselig @ My first visit here. Great site. I am looking for info on Adalbert Aschenbrenner & Albertina Hoffman (maybe Huffman). They went to US in 1892 in Oregon, then to Kansas,on to Southey, Sask. and finally to Jameson, Sask. Was told that Albertina was born in Vienna, Austria, but am not sure. They supposedly came from Bukovina. Anyone that could help, that would be great.
Tuesday, 04. May 2010
12:17:43 -0700
Hallo, mein Name ist Sonja Missikewitsch und ich interessiere mich für meine Vorfahren mit den Namen Missikiewitsch/Missikiewicz/Missikewicz/Missikewitsch. Wer hat Informationen über diese Leute? meine eMail-Adresse: Vielen Dank
Sunday, 02. May 2010
21:01:46 -0700
Hello, found your great site today ! Congratulations. I live in a rural community in Australia so researching family is difficult. If anybody can direct me to information about HLIBOWYCKYJ / HLIBOVYTSKY / HLIBOWICKI family connections in Bukovina, it will be greatly appreciated. Apparently ther were a number of Greek/Ukrainian Catholic priests in the family. With thanks Ihor Victor Hlibowycky

duallyguy1 @
Saturday, 01. May 2010
23:13:02 -0700
trying to trace the Family name "PUDETZ" Where it comes from and when they came to Canada..I have found very little info, any help..Thank you.

zinfolk @
Thursday, 29. April 2010
15:20:12 -0700
Lynn Jager Tosh - looking for relatives... My great grandparents Peter Jager (born Rosch, Molodia 1855) and Barbara Neumar immigrated to Spring Valley, Sask, Canada in March 1911. Does anyone have more info to share? Thank you!!

zichron @
Thursday, 29. April 2010
04:28:31 -0700
My name is Shlomit and I live in Israel. Unfortunely, I sturded only now to look for my roots. I'll highlly appreciate any hint of their past. My father's name was ZIGMUND KORBER, his father's name was Israel. My mother's name was Erna Yuda, her father's name: Shlomo & her mothther's name: Rosa. My parents were sorvivers of Transnistria labor camp. They lived in Czernowitz, Putilla and Bersad. E-mail: Zichron @

reiser-monika @
Friday, 02. April 2010
13:29:05 -0800
Dear Bukovina friends, my parents or ancestors come from the area Arbore, Vicov, Putna, Radauti and Gura-Humora. Seeking the origin of my great grandparents (paternal) and Emily White Alois, born Gräb (whose mother is a Margaret Koch / Arbore) White Alois one sister in Czernowitz (married Onestschuk. A son was born around 1911 had Rudku) My great-grandparents ( mother's side), Leopold and Hermine Hönig, born Pollak-Vienna. My great-uncle Alfred Hönig, born 1886 in Vienna, wandered about in 1913 after Brazil (Blumenau area to off). In addition, I seek descendants of Karl Dörre (born about 1893-96) area Saaz, Bohemia. Who can help me? Possibly. is he emigrated 1925th

straussc @
Thursday, 01. April 2010
12:25:28 -0800
I'm looking for information on any Samborski/Samborchi, specifically children or brothers/sisters of Stefan Samborchi, son of Vasilie, of Paraul-Negru (translated from a Romanian birth Certificate). Stefan's son was known in Canada as William Samborski, but is called Vasilie on the birth certificate as well. William was born March 2, 1892. His birth record is in the Eastern Orthodox Archdiocese of Bucovina, in the birth register of the Eastern Orthodox parish in Paraul-Negru page 266-267. Stefan married Domka/Domna Gnep. They both died in Lady Lake Saskatchewan, Canada. They emigrated to Canada sometime after 1910 as their youngest child was also born in Paraul Negru.

kpacetti @
Tuesday, 23. March 2010
08:02:46 -0800
I am so happy to have found this website while looking for the spelling of the city where my mother was born, for use in her obituary. She is of the Gaschler family that moved to Feurstenthal,Bukovina from Bavaria. This has been so enlightening, I can't wait to find out more when things settle down. Karin Pacett, Fond du Lac, WI, USA

Errieglerf4 @
Monday, 22. March 2010
22:32:26 -0800
The family name TARNAWIECKI and also RIEGLER are jewish names. Vukovina was full of jewish population and during WWi and II, they left for Peru, Canada, U.S.A. and other places, escaping persecution. Look in the Jewish genealogy for those names. Ernest Riegler Finkelstein.

vera-strauch @
Thursday, 18. March 2010
14:55:07 -0800
Suche Verwandten aus Voloka mit Nachname UNGUREAN: Uljan Konstantin(geb.1890-92) und Domnika(1907-08), Kinder:Ungurean Jon,Georg,Vasili,Jeni,Maria und noch 3 Kinder.Ausgereist nach Ledbridge(1912-1916),später nach Vancouver(1952).Sucht Enkelin Vera Strauch von Uljan's Bruder-Ion Ungurean.Danke für die

valerie_mariani32 @
Sunday, 14. March 2010
23:09:56 -0800
A very interesting site. Thank you Eugene for the heads up on the virtual map. Any information concerning the AGOPSOWICZ family from Bukovina, Austria would be very welcome.

D.u.R. Lipka @ t-online. de
Sunday, 07. March 2010
02:25:12 -0800
Mein Name ist Rita Lipka geb. Spitzschuh. Mein Vater wurde in Jacobeny /Bistritz geboren. Bevor er starb erzählte er mir, dass Brüder seines Vaters nach Amerika ausgewandert seinen. Gibt es möglicherweise noch Familien dort ? Mit freundlichen Grüssen Rita LIpka
Monday, 01. March 2010
07:59:21 -0800
writeman Stapan Karachko wrote by history city Chernivtsy and landshaft Southern Bukovina -when her Archive history see and read people it world- it shadow city Chernivtsy and nice Carpatian Landshaft Sourhern Bukovina .Him post on Ukrainian langviage on Good Luck.Fortune for Yours!!!

kasiawyzykowska @
Sunday, 28. February 2010
04:38:11 -0800
Poszukuję informacji na temat rodziny praprapra-dziadka. Nazywał się: Bazyli Aywas [1756-1826] - Borowce. Jego żona: Justyna Mikołajewicz [1777-1853], córka bojara, Jakuba. Aywasowie to Ormianie, którzy przez Czerniowce, Husiatyń przywędrowali do Polski. Wnuk Bazylego, mój pradziadek Franciszek [1862-1940], był burmistrzem Wieliczki. Wiem, że wielu Aywas'ów pozostało na Bukowinie. Szukam informacji na temat wszystkich Aywas'ów. W 1790 nadano im tytuł szlachecki i przydomek Norses. Byli właścicielami dóbr: Ilostów, Stecowa, Krzywotuły Stare. Kilka osób jest pochowanych w miejscowości Śniatyń. Interesują mnie rodziny współmałżonków Aywas'ów, które nosiły nazwiska: Krzysztofowicz, Bohdanowicz, Capri vel Kapri, Scholz, de Baisinger. Świetna strona ! Pozdrawiam wszystkich. Kasia Wyżykowska [Polska]

maleshbl @
Saturday, 27. February 2010
15:14:41 -0800
Feb.27,2010 I am looking for information on my great grandparents. Theodore Daneluik born in Lleit,Bukovania,Austria in 1885 and Elizabeth Rasputneck born in Radutz,Bukovina,Austria in 1884. They married in Bokovina in 1906. Very interesting website

maleshbl @
Saturday, 27. February 2010
14:59:28 -0800
Feb.28.2010 I am looking for any information on Theodore Danluik, born in Kleit,Bokovina Austria in 1885, married to Elizabeth Rasputneck birn in Radutz,Bukovina,Austria in 1884. Married in 1906.

Peter.Zetzmann @
Friday, 19. February 2010
12:26:02 -0800
Hello, I'm Zetzmann Elizabeth, born Misliworski, born in 1940 in Czudin circle Storojinetz. I try contacting my relatives Misliworski Elizabeth Maseiarelli de Maipu 1191, Don Bosco CP (1876) Argentina take on the Internet. Please, if possible, at the Internet address. Würde mich sehr freuen, thanks to Elizabeth Date 25.3.08 Ronald Tremmel: We knew a woman Mary Straub, Tremmel born in Falkenberg (Elster), she was my Firmpatin. Remember a conversation where the name was called Tadeus. Please contact me

p_massier @
Friday, 19. February 2010
04:25:29 -0800
Good day, my name is Paul Patrick Massier and I reside In Onario, Canada. My grandfather's name was also Paul (Victor). Any help in tracing family roots would be greatly appreciated.

bellip @
Monday, 15. February 2010
10:27:58 -0800
Did anyone know about my father's name leonhardt winzinger?

hsieloff @
Saturday, 06. February 2010
11:20:40 -0800
My grandparents, Johann and Barbara Hehn raised 11 children in Tereblestie--Mina, Dina, Emma, Amalia, Ludwika, Elsa, John, Hildagarde, Siegfred, Karl and Ernst. Most children emigrated to Kitchener, Ontario after 1925. I am interested in learning about Tereblestie, located on the Sereth River in the Ukraine.

meldovicnaya @
Thursday, 28. January 2010
19:03:26 -0800
Specific names in my research include: Elich Moldowan (Alex Moldowin) Mary Sandul, Wasylena Sandul, Eleanor Sandul, Katryna (Kay) Sandul, Lucille Sandul,(Hurst) Nicolay Hupchuk (Hoobchuk, Hoopchuk) ? Fedoruk. All, or most are from Bukovina, Austria (at the time) Some from Brodoc, some from Dobronounrz. These families mostly lived in Manitoba (Gardenton, Stuartburn)and Fort Frances, Ontario and from there moved and died in the lowermainland of British Columbia., most in Richmond after WWII. Relatives are living in Ontario, BC, California. No contact has been made in Bukovina or anywhere over in the Ukraine, but Alex Moldowin wrote letters to relatives there in the 1960's.

wmocanu37 @
Thursday, 21. January 2010
02:25:52 -0800
OLGA MORZCINSKI was my mothers name. My name is Walter Mocanu and i am residing in U.S.A. We immigrated in 1956. Her brothers name OTTO and he lived in Vienna Austria. The last time i saw OTTO was around 1952

m.j.mcmorrow @
Tuesday, 19. January 2010
07:40:42 -0800
"Mt. Sauczuk" is in British Columbia, Canada. Who was he (or she)? 1/19/2010 Arlington, VA

gandeherman @
Saturday, 16. January 2010
14:52:12 -0800 just found this website and havebeen trying to find more of my dad's history Joseph Bernhauser Parents namesWilliam bernhauser and mother Marie FuchsIknow my grandfather had abrother by the name of Stefan and some of mygrandmother brothers moved to South America My dad was born in Oslo I;m not sure Austia? he offen talk about Bukovine
Saturday, 16. January 2010
03:47:48 -0800
Die böhmischen Kirchenbücher, die in Pilsen lagern, werden seit Januar 2010 sukzessive digital veröffentlicht auf Anmeldung kostenlos. Bisher leider nur Orte A-D zur Verfügung. The Bohemian metrical books, deposited in Pilsen, can be viewed on since January 2010.

shawn68 @

Monday, 11. January 2010
09:06:09 -0800
Just found this site and LOVE it! I am researching the Jacob and Mary Goss family who emigrated to the US from Alexanderdorf in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

kensauer @

Saturday, 09. January 2010
20:25:09 -0800

My granddaughter and I have been looking for Martin Sauer and Elizabeth Sahling. Martin was born in i860 in Tereblestie, Bukovina, emigrated to Canada in 1911, nad died here in 1930. We are anxious to find out his family back as far as we can go. As well, just wondering if anyone has the ship's manifest for the MONTROSE travelling from Antwerp, Belgium to Montreal. Or pictures of the families on board the MONTROSE. Thank you kindly. Dr. Ken Sauer

klaus.irion @

Thursday, 07. January 2010
03:46:24 -0800

Hi, thank you for the interesting website. I am descendant from a Irion who move to Brazil late 1800. His name in Portuguese is Jose. I would be really be grateful if someone could let me know if you know who were his parents and relatives. Many thanks

uwevonau @

Wednesday, 30. December 2009
04:44:45 -0800

Hallo Frau Ute Hennel! Ich habe Ihren Eintrag vom 17.03.2008 gelesen. Leider kam meine Mail an Sie zurück. Ich habe Ihre Mutter in meiner Datenbank. Ihre und meine Vorfahren lassen sich bis 1245 zurückverfolgen. Ich würde gerne mit Ihnen Kontakt aufnehmen. Gruß Uwe Vonau.

wudi67 @

Wednesday, 30. December 2009
04:25:38 -0800

Hallo meine Name ist Franz Wudi. Ich bin in Thalmassing (Bayern/Deutschland) geboren und aufgewachsen. Bei meiner Ahnenforschung bin ich auf Ihre Seite gestoßen. Leider ist mein Englisch nicht so gut, so dass ich meinen Text auf deutsch schreiben muss. Mich würde interessieren, was Ihre Society genau macht. Mit freundlichen Grüßen Franz Wudi wudi67 @

shubenig @

Sunday, 27. December 2009
01:09:58 -0800

So happy to find this site! Am I the first Hubenig here? I am the great-great grandson of Johann Hubenig who came to Canada from Bukovinia in 1893. German as speech is a geration lost. My Grandfather spoke it well, but my Dad's German is poor and mine non-existant. I seem to be the one in the family with a curisoity of the past. I am learning German and have just returned from a tour of Austria. I intend to return when my German is better and actully try to viste the home hand left over 100 years ago!

elisazet @

Sunday, 20. December 2009
15:44:46 -0800

Hallo, ich bin Elisabeth Zetzmann, geborene Misliworski, geboren 1940 in Czudin Kreis Storojinetz. Ich versuche Kontakt mit meinen Verwandten Elizabeth Misliworski de Maseiarelli Maipu 1191 Don Bosco CP (1876) Argentinien per Internet aufzunehmen. Bitte wenn möglich um die Internetadresse. Würde mich sehr freuen, danke Elisabeth Zum Datum 25.3.08 Ronald Tremmel: wir haben eine Frau Maria Straub, geborene Tremmel in Falkenberg (Elster) gekannt, sie war meine Firmpatin. Erinnere mich an ein Gespräch, wo der Name Tadeus genannt wurde.

elisazet @

Sunday, 20. December 2009
15:44:41 -0800

Hallo, ich bin Elisabeth Zetzmann, geborene Misliworski, geboren 1940 in Czudin Kreis Storojinetz. Ich versuche Kontakt mit meinen Verwandten Elizabeth Misliworski de Maseiarelli Maipu 1191 Don Bosco CP (1876) Argentinien per Internet aufzunehmen. Bitte wenn möglich um die Internetadresse. Würde mich sehr freuen, danke Elisabeth Zum Datum 25.3.08 Ronald Tremmel: wir haben eine Frau Maria Straub, geborene Tremmel in Falkenberg (Elster) gekannt, sie war meine Firmpatin. Erinnere mich an ein Gespräch, wo der Name Tadeus genannt wurde.

wilmerk @

Monday, 07. December 2009
11:50:11 -0800

My grandfather Wilhelm Kornelson left his home area "Itzicani" east of Radutz in the early 1880s, then returned to Romania, married and came to Canada in October He settled in Balgonie Saskatchewan in 1889. I am trying to learn if there are records in the Hays area that may indicate that he came to that place in his first venture to America. He worked for the railway while in Kansas. I really enjoyed your page and the comments of Rev. Parkes.

jonascarrow @

Monday, 07. December 2009
10:15:06 -0800

A very informative site, thanks for maintaining it, great job! Jonas

gone_now @

Sunday, 06. December 2009
15:06:31 -0800

My name is kyle Harasem my family ancestors came from Boian , Bukovina Dora Harasem brother Kost Harasem and father Onatre Harasem any one know any Harasem's give me a post back

sbuko1 @

Tuesday, 01. December 2009
18:52:19 -0800

Hello! This is my first time comming to this site, i am looking for some information on my family history. my name is sarah bukovinsky and i was told that my family came from bukovina and that my great... granfather was a duke there. I have never really meet any other bukovinsky's in my life time.

ajbyrne @

Thursday, 26. November 2009
18:39:56 -0800

Hello, Very nice site! I'm looking for any info on the Straub family from Vancouver B.C., and Calgary Alta. My Mother was Carol June Straub, Aunt Rosemary, Grandfather Jack Straub. From 1900-1965 Any info would greatly be appreciated!

lazylk @ aol .com

Friday, 20. November 2009
19:25:29 -0800

My grandfather Charles Samuel Kolber came from Bukovina with his family late in 1889. Larry Kolber

Friday, 20. November 2009
05:48:37 -0800

Born in Czernowitz in 1934 I survived the holocaust in Obodovka, Transnistria 1941-44 and have been living in Israel since 1948.I visited Czernowitz in September 2009 and I can report the the the town has recently been restaurated,renovated and restored to its loveliness in a most beautiful landscape of parks and woods. Dr Yeshayahu Goldfeld

Ilse77c @

Tuesday, 17. November 2009
07:43:20 -0800

Liebe Leser, Mein Name ist Ilse Moroczkanicz. Suche Nachkommen von der Familie Maximilian2 Moroczkanicz und von meiner Mutter, Cäcilie, geborene Orlowski.Meine Großmutter mütterlichseits: Karoline Orlowski, geb Bieber, geb. am 28.22.1864 in Stanislau, gestorben am 28.07.1939 in Czernowitz.Eltern meines Vater: Karoline,geb. Drechsler und Thomas Moroczkanicz. Meine Mutter hatte einen Bruder: Valerian Orlowski--er wurde in Katyn erchossen. Dieser war verheiratet und hatte 2 Söhne. Von dieser Familie ist mir nichts mehr bekannt. Wer kann Auskunft geben? Danke!

emeric121958 @

Friday, 13. November 2009
13:27:13 -0800

Hi,my name is Emeric Kozsan,emmigrated to Canada,Saskatoon,Sakatchewan in 1984,father Emeric Kozsan born 1927 in Dornesti,Bucovina.Can anybody give me some information on the family tree.

kurt.rankel @

Sunday, 08. November 2009
15:19:53 -0800

Hallo Liebe Landsleute, habe zufälig diese Seite beim Surven entdeckt. diese Seiten sind sehr interesant für mich, da meine Mutter Rosa Rankel geborene Binder, ja auch aus Buchenhein stammt!! liebe Grüße aus Deutschland sendet euch Kurt Rankel!

dbykay @

Saturday, 07. November 2009
20:03:29 -0800

Hi,I just found your site. It is very interesting since it adds a little more information on my great-grandparent. Their names were Ignaz and Catherine. Here is where we are having problems, Rossler, Rozzler, Roszler. Both itineraries into Port of Baltimore and Ellis Island show different spelling of the last name. My grandfather was born in Moldavia, Austria-Hungary and we go by the last name of Roszler. I can trace my great-grandparents on itineraries to US and where they settle in Steelton, PA but before and after that I can't find anything. If anyone has any information that could help me, I sure would appreciate it.

jim.czelenski @

Wednesday, 23. September 2009
12:21:20 -0700

I am looking anyone with information on the name CZELENSKI. My grandfather, Josef, was from Pozorita. I am also looking for RIEGER: Georg, Michael; KLISSLINGER, Anna. OTTENBRIET: Franz, Peter. Wagner: Maria, Christina, Heinrich, Catharina. They are all from Molodia, Tereblecea and area. Jim Czelenski

meekerjs @

Saturday, 19. September 2009
20:50:14 -0700

Hello, This my first visit to this site. I am searching for my father's family history. Surname STEIN. They lived on a farm in Unterstanestie de jos, a suburb of Czernowitz. My father emigrated to NY USA and some of his cousins to Saskatchewan, Canada after WWI. With all the name and boundary changes in that part of the world, this is the first site that has been helpful to me.

PhilippLindner1 @

Wednesday, 02. September 2009
15:09:10 -0700

Hallo, gibt es was neues aus Jakobeni ?

marlenetauscher @

Wednesday, 02. September 2009
09:41:28 -0700

Hi, I am looking for anyone who knows where the CIMPAN or KIMPAN or CAMPAN or Kampan family lived and were. My grandfather's name was EUTIME and his parents were: PETRUS and mother was SOFRANIA (FEBRONIA S BIERCE (BEER) We would love to know and put it in our family records. If anyone has any knowledge of this please email me at : Thank you so very much.

monika-reiser @

Tuesday, 01. September 2009
05:17:41 -0700

Hallo liebe Bukowinafreunde, meine Eltern bzw. Ahnen kommen aus dem Raum Arbore, Vicov, Putna, Radauti und Gura-Humora. Suche die Herkunft meiner Urgroßeltern Weiß Alois und Emilie, geb. Gräb (deren Mutter ist eine Margarete Koch/Arbore) und Leopold und Hermine Hönig, geb. Pollak. Mein Urgroßvater hatte eine Schwester in Czernowitz (verh. Onestschuk). Mein Großonkel Alfred Hönig ist ca. 1913 nach Brasilien (Gebiet um Blumenau) ausgewandert. Wer kann mir weiterhelfen ?

Lynne_Opitz @

Monday, 31. August 2009
15:42:41 -0700

Hello, I am interested in learning about my family origins in Bukovina. My grandfather's name was Viktor Opitz (maybe originally Opiatz) and he was born in 1881. He considered himself a Ukrainian and spoke the language. He was a tailor by trade and came to the United States via New York between 1900-1910. He married Blanche Dumbrowski from Warsaw, Poland. He told my father that he came from a small town outside of Chernowitz. He sent money home to his father, Pancraty Opitz (Opiatz) to a town called Koropchow (perhaps spelling is not entirely accurate. After that, my trail runs cold. Not much is known. If there is anyone who might have some knowledge about tracing my roots, I'd be greatful. Lynne M. Opitz

davepridie @

Monday, 24. August 2009
12:35:27 -0700

I am interested in hearing from anyone named Pridie from the village of Chahor or nearby. My great grandfather emigrated from that area around the turn of the last century.

mark74 @

Thursday, 20. August 2009
09:56:05 -0700 MELNYK/WATAMANIUK Smokey Lake Alberta My name is Steffany MELNYK my great great grandparents IVAN and MARIA WATAMANIUK came from Boriwtsi Buckowina in 1907 along with children Nickolay,Magdalena,Nastasia and Peter. They settled in Alberta. Other grandparents are as follows: MICHAILO MELNYK was born in 1852 in Kiselew Buckovina and married DOMKA DANYLUK she was from Borewstze.Here was born 5 children Nastasia,Maria,Nick,Vaselena and George. In 1898 they came to Canada on the steam ship Bulgaria along with his brother Nicholi and brother in law Tod Bilar. George Melnyk was already there. Feel free to contact me.

wubertalex @

Sunday, 16. August 2009
14:35:26 -0700

Hi, I´m preparing a cv for my grandpa Ferdinand Wudi. He´ll celebrate his 90th birthday next friday 21th of august. Your page is so helpfull to find all the locations and details what he told me. Thanks a lot and do not hesitate to contact us. BR, Alexandra Ebert-Wudi, Mainz (Germany)

margane @

Monday, 10. August 2009
07:14:04 -0700

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren, bitte helfen Sie mir bei der Suche der Geburtsorte meiner Mutter,Tanten und des Onkels in der heutigen Ukraine. Ich kann diese auf keiner Landkarte finden. Die Orte sind lt. Angabe meines verstorbenen Großvaters: Johannisthal; Wilhelmsthal; Wasilowka und Timnasowa. Ich bin für jede Antwort dankbar. Noch kann ich die Orte besuchen. Danke Tom

desborough394 @

Sunday, 02. August 2009
08:40:19 -0700

trying to find anyone who knew Pawlo Hostiuk born 7-9-1911,lived in Ukraine,farmer,lived in Kasia district in Chimezen or Chimozin orChimogyn.Was in ukrainian,came to uk as labourer.Since died,twin daughters seeking any information where he came from .wANTING TO VISIT PLACE OF HIS BIRTH.mrs MARGARET DESBOROUGH.

lion54 @

Monday, 20. July 2009
21:24:13 -0700

Greetings from Canada. We are researching a great grandfather who came to Canada around 1924 - we think via Hamburg. His name was George (Giorg) Shewchuk. Any infomrmation would be appreciated...or suggestions where one might look for information.

werner.sokacz @

Tuesday, 14. July 2009
11:49:16 -0700

Hallo, ich war mit meinen Eltern wieder vom 22.06. - 01.07.09 in Jakobeny, bzw. Vatra Dornei. Wir haben das Grab meines Großvaters und Urgroßvaters in Jakobeny besucht und hergerichtet. Haben das Eisental bis zur "Schütze" abgefahren, waren in Suceava, usw. Mittlerweile gibt es nicht mal mehr einen Tageabbau in Jakobeny, das war bis vor zwei Jahren noch der Fall. Da hat man dann die Stollen der Bergarbeiter, wie es mein Grossvater war, gesehen. Viele Grüße aus München, bzw. Jakobey Familie Hubert Sokacz

dietrichman @

Sunday, 12. July 2009
19:51:34 -0700

Hello, I am interested in finding out more information regarding my family from this region. Their names were Christian and Anna(Breyerier) Dietrich. (Settled in Killaly, Saskatchewan from Czernivitsi Bukovina. Also I would be very interested to know if I have any family that is still in Czernivitsi today.Please email me! Thanks J. Dietrich

maggiegee42 @

Thursday, 09. July 2009
20:22:23 -0700

Searching information on a UNKOWN MOHR married to ANNA STETTNER (dauther of Karl Martin Stettner)(Augustdorf Galicia) one son RUDOPH MOHR. Last know address is Nachterstedt uber Aschersleben, Halternstr 9 Deutschland & Hoyn Germany belived to be from around 1951. Originally from Galicia or Bukovina Margaret Canada

alimaka @

Monday, 06. July 2009
09:10:26 -0700 Hallo, wer hat folgende Namen in seinem Stammbaum und kann mir weiterhelfen in der Ahnenforschung: Katharine Reisch (geheiratet mit Jan Danyluk in 1895), Johann Peter Reisch, Karoline Beck und Familie Beck, Aschenbrenner. Diese Personen stammen aus Kolomea/ Augustdorf/ Mariahilf. Jede Hilfe und jede Spur wäre herzlich willkomenn! Anna

ullielli @

Sunday, 14. June 2009
07:48:06 -0700

Hallo, mein Name ist Ulrike Wagner geb. Oberländer. Ich wende mich an alle Leser, denn ich suche eine Übersicht in Form einer Karte , in der die deutschen Ortschaften der Bukowina eingezeichnet sind. Wenn jemand weiß wie ich an eine solche Karte komme wäre ich sehr dankbar, wenn sie mich über meine e-mail-Adresse kontaktieren würden. Es grüßt U. Wagner

charyram @

Tuesday, 09. June 2009
23:39:55 -0700

Looking for family names ROHR, RUHR, ROMANKIEWICZ, SCHNEIDER, WAPOWA, SAMBORSKA, LACZYNSKA in the Bukowina Austria Area. Main names are Wenzel, Hugo & Carl (Rohr/Ruhr). Looking for any information but would extremely like connection to the living. Thanks Charlene Roehr Oliva - Omaha, NE

fkahuna @

Saturday, 06. June 2009
14:19:15 -0700

After much searching, I think I have finally located my wife's maternal grandmother and great grandmother. My father in law only knew that his mother's maiden name was "Morow" but had been much longer in its original form. After much searching and a good bit of luck, I have found them in the Ellis Island records, arriving together in 1913. Their names were Wanda and Leontine Skomorowska and they were from Gurahumora, Austria. Leontine's son Bruno also arrived in the U.S. at that time. They planned to live with Leontine's older daughter Marie who was mariied to Eduard Tilich a native of Suczawa, Austria.If any of these names or locales are familiar please contact me. I am trying to take the Skomorowska line back further. Thank you

olimpiastoica @

Friday, 15. May 2009
11:52:51 -0700

I just found out more information about my family history; my grandfather was born in a town in Bukovina. He was in the Soviet Army ... during the war he was stationed in Romania for a while, and never left. Apparently I still have living relatives in the region - I'm going to try to find them.


Wednesday, 06. May 2009
06:22:37 -0700

Hello1My name is Roman wiszniowski, my Grandather was born in Sniatyń, at this time it was Poland,mi Grandmother lived two kilometers from romanian board.I know that before second world war the board was very flexible...


Wednesday, 06. May 2009
06:22:32 -0700

Hello1My name is Roman wiszniowski, my Grandather was born in Sniatyń, at this time it was Poland,mi Grandmother lived two kilometers from romanian board.I know that before second world war the board was very flexible...

vlad.mitric @

Monday, 04. May 2009
02:13:39 -0700

Hello my name is Vlad Mitric-Ciupe from Bucharest / Romania My grand parents were bord as Austro-Hungaria citizens (Romanian ethincs in Storojinet - Bukowina) in 1901(ARCADIE MITRIC - grandfather ) and 1912 (Elisabeta MITRIC born Kostasul(or Costasuc) - grandmother) my grand parents fled Storiojinets becouse of the soviets and dies in ROMANIA from Bukowina we're also related with the following : Bruja , Boca , Ivasiuc , Kostasuc , Gaina , Soloviuc and of course MITRIC If anyone has any info's about those names please give me a sign you can reach me at :

bsstonge @

Tuesday, 21. April 2009
16:42:13 -0700

Very nice website. My great-grandparents Theodor Dmytriuk/Dmytruik and Rachela Slowski came from Bukovina,Ukraine. Looking for any information about them, such as who their parents were and if they had siblings, nieces or nephews. They migrated to Canada in 1903 with their 2 young sons, Ivan and Nick. Thank you Bonnie DeMetrick St.Onge

ghoffmann1 @

Tuesday, 21. April 2009
09:09:31 -0700

My name is Guenther Hoffmann and we immigrated from Germany to Regina in l957. We left for the US in 1964. My father was born in Czernowitz Bukovina and we have/had many relatives from my mother's (a born Gelowicz) side in Regina and Grayson. I attended the Balfour Technical High School, the Saskatchewan Teacher's College and the University of Saskatchewan and received my degree in Education. I now live in Portland, Oregon USA since 1964 and represent Germany as the Honorary Consul in Oregon and SW Washington as well as Idaho. My parents were active members of the German Canadian Club "Harmonie" in Regina. Guenther Hoffmann Portland, Oregon USA

Saturday, 11. April 2009
15:47:51 -0700

My grandfather, Charles Polly (spelling may have changed when he immigrated) lived in Resita, Caras-Severin County before immigrating to the U.S.A. in 1906-1907, through Ellis Island. His DOB 9-01-1890 and DOD 6-14-1962 in Glendale,CA. He also had a sister that came with him by the name of Pauline (Alexi was her married name). They lived in Philadelphia until about 1920 when they moved to Los Angeles, CA. He married Juliana Lang in 1912 in Philadelphia. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Nancy Noble

FarPacific10282 @

Tuesday, 07. April 2009
20:58:20 -0700

Hello. So happy to have found this website. My grandfather emmigrated from Czernovitz in 1910 and came here to NYC. Neither he nor my late father related much in the way of family history leaving me very curious to learn about my roots. Can I find help here? Our last name does not appear on your list of family surnames. Yours truly, Elliot Kriegsman

Monday, 06. April 2009
13:49:51 -0700 Hallo, mein Großvater hieß Wladyslaw Danyluk, und wohnte vor 1939 in Stanislawow und Kolomyja. Ich weiß, er hatte 3 oder 4 Schwester und einen Bruder. Er war in der polnischer Armme in 1939. Nach dem Krieg wohne er bis zum seinen Tode in England (wahrscheinlich in Leeds). Ich bin auf der Suche nach der Familie Danyluk. Ich wäre sehr dankbar für jede Information (auch in Englisch) - Anna.

gsmukowich @

Thursday, 02. April 2009
10:22:28 -0800

To escape Tsarist persecution and to reap some of the heralded fabulous riches of the new world, in the early 1900's, my Great Grandparents, Daniel Smukowich and Anna Pushchanska migrated to Canada from neighboring villages of the Ukraine. I note that the Bukovina Society database has 3 Smukowich's listed and I would be interested if there is a connection with the Canadian Smukowich's. Please contact me

sandydnas @

Tuesday, 17. March 2009
17:29:57 -0800

I am searching for the BIRTH PLACE of KASPAR BRODT (BROD OR BROT)b.1767 im Reich and d. 17 08 1853 in Satulmare, Bukowina. Can not tell what "Reich" is - a town? district? He was married to BARBARA GRAULE b.1771 d.15 07 1837 in Satulmare, Bukowina. Any help would be appreciated!

rwilson @

Tuesday, 17. March 2009
06:33:19 -0800

Fur Rico Gebert, Ich habe Gebert Auskunft fur Sie. Mein Grossvater war Emil Gebert and sein Vater war Joachim Gebert aus Gross Linde, West Prignitz, Brandenburg. Er ist im Jahre 1872 nach Texas, USA, hinausgefarhren. Er hatte einen Bruder mit Namen Christoff, der auch in Texas wohnte. Noch heute gibt es viele Gebert Familien in Texas. Robert Wilson Prairie Village, Kansas USA

Andicarmen @

Sunday, 08. March 2009
12:51:16 -0800

Wer hat noch Bilder oder Informationen von Tereblestie (Heutige Schreibweise Tereblecea) von der Zeit vor 1945. Die Familie meies Vaters wurde von dort vertrieben. Meine Großeltern waren Maria und Jakob Triffo, deren Kinder: Franz, Helgo, Martin, Adolf, Wilhelm, Otto Triffo. Ebenso ist die Familie von Wilhelm und Apolonia Hoffmann interessant. Hat evtl. auch jemand Reiseinformationen? Wir möchten diese Ortschaft unserer Väter mal besuchen. Andreas Triffo (35) aus Bamberg / Deutschland.

moragsinclair @

Sunday, 01. March 2009
06:11:16 -0800

my grandmothers family were german my fathers surname cot'ec both catholic his father farmer out side cernovits up to russians taking farm he was the first to have tin sheets on his roof in the area they grew hemp and jute they left to bucharest 1940s is anybody alive that knows the family or the maidem name of my grandmother my father leftafter the war as the russians were looking for him and made his home in england

karlsuch @

Sunday, 22. February 2009
19:23:26 -0800

Great site. My great granparents came from Toporwitzi in Bukovina, Petro Sucholotosky and Elena Huculak. They emigrated to Smoky Lake, Alberta, Canada in 1902.

crete06 @

Saturday, 21. February 2009
03:11:30 -0800

My name is Damien Pscheidt from France. I was born on 1975. I search my family in Buchenland, Deutschland, Usa ... I have a book from this périod but i don't understand everything. Sorry for my bad english

a.wasdell @

Wednesday, 18. February 2009
09:05:08 -0800

I was interested in your website. I am looking for any information about the Rottenburg,Kreutz,Reindl and Bohutinsky family who lived in Galicia but mainly in the Bukowina during the 19th and ealy 20th century. Brigitte Wasdell, England

kmorhart @

Tuesday, 17. February 2009
20:49:38 -0800

Kendra Morhart Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada For many years my family wondered just where we had come from. Speaking an odd version of German, and having many ukranian traditions we were never sure where to begin looking. My Mother came across some information linking us to Bukovina. I would be very interested if anyone has any further information regarding the Morhart family or the Novak(owski) family.


Monday, 09. February 2009
16:39:46 -0800

My name is John S. Koernke. It appears my last name has been listed as Bukovina name. I find this interesting - is my last name considered German andv what does it mean ? You can e-mail me at Thank you if you can help me in this matter.

Rico.Gebert @

Monday, 09. February 2009
04:14:39 -0800

Hallo, mein Name ist Rico Gebert, ich suche Kontakt zu Familien mit den Namen GEBERT. Würde mich freuen wenn sich jemand meldet. Vielen Dank an die Society für die großartige Arbeit!!

domernuc @

Sunday, 25. January 2009
22:44:39 -0800

My name is Tim Reidy Jr. My great-grandparents (Gustav Bialy and Matilda Pizak) immigrated from Stupka to Chehalis, Washington. They then moved from Chehalis to Mt. Angel, Oregon. We are just beginning to research their history. We know the piece from Chehalis onward, and have found some info about coming from Stupka, but were unaware of the rest of the history. This site really make everything click. It is interesting to put together vaguely remembrances of cousins in East Germany that my great-Aunt would write to with various nationality claims of Austrian, German, and Romanian. I would love to hear from anyone with info about the Pizak or Bialy family, espacially if they have any info about the family from Stupka.

zinfolk @

Sunday, 25. January 2009
10:27:34 -0800

RE: JAEGER, JAGER, YAEGER, YAGER Jacob JAEGER married Babara HACK abt. 1845 in Austria. Son Peter Yeager b21/11/1854 Chernovitz d26/12/1928 in Canada? wife Barbara NEUMAR b28/09/1859 Chernovitz d11/10/1931 Canada? Peter and family immigrated to Spring Valley, Saks Canada in April 1911. Children: John 20/08/1882 d04/10/1924 m.Sophia (stayed in Austria) George b20/08/1884 d05/08/1950 Wyandotte, MI m. Elizabeth NEUMAR b16/08/1888 m10/10/1908 Chernovitz Peter Jager b28/11/1886 d09/12/1962 m.Margaret HUGET b07/1890 m abt 1910 Margaret Jager b09/06/1893 d19/03/1964 m. Wasil BOUCZUK Spring Valley Barbara Jager b16/05/1896 d11/06/1960 m Rudolph MARTIN b1895 m.1916 Spring Valley Cecelia Jager b21/09/1899 d28/03/1961 m. Frederick YOUCK b1897 m1919 Spring Val. Jacob Jager 14/02/1902, M. Catherine HAUS b1905 m 1925 Regina, 2nd wife Nan Carolina Jager b09/10/1906, m. Alex SCHWINDT b.1904 m11/01/1925 Spring Valley Does anyone know any of these folks??? Lynn Jager Tosh

davidsanderladd @

Tuesday, 20. January 2009
12:50:04 -0800

Hey... My great-grandparents,Ivan Andrejew and Maria Antonichuk emigrated from Bukovinia in 1896 or 1897.They came over on the SS Ontario,and settled in Stuartburn,Manitoba(Canada).Thier last name was later changed to Andrews. They had 10 children,one of which was my maternal grandmother,and I have no idea who was born where. Anyways,if there is anybody who is related to me,or you know anything about my family,could you e-mail me? I'm located out of Hargrave,Manitoba,just about at the Saskatchewan border. Thank-you David Sander-Ladd davidsanderladd @

Renate.Penninger @

Tuesday, 20. January 2009
06:03:38 -0800

Hallo, mein Name ist Renate Penninger, geborene Knoblauch. Meine Großeltern,Herta und Karl Knoblauch stammen aus der Bukowina und lebten dort bis 1940. Meine Großmutter ist 1912 geboren, in Eisenau in die Schule gegangen und lebt noch, kann sich aber nur mehr schwer erinnern. Sie sagt aber, die Zeit dort sei ihre beste gewesen. Leider weiß ich viel zu wenig über meine Vorfahren. Mein Großvater hatte eine Schreinerei irgendwo bei Cimpolung. Ich weiß aber keine Adresse. Vielleicht gibt es jemanden, der meine Großeltern gekannt hat und mir weiterhelfen kann. Wir leben jetzt in Bayern in Rosenheim. Ich finde Eure Beiträge sehr interssant! Gruß Renate Charlotte Penninger, geb. Knoblauch

randy @

Monday, 19. January 2009
20:07:54 -0800

I’m the son of Martha Wendling 1938, daughter of Jacob (Jakob) Wendling 1907, son of Franz Wendling 1879. I have Franz’s passport showing travel from late 1800’s thru Bukowina and on to America. Family notes remark about his need for a sponsor at Ellis Island in 1910. He sent requests to a cousin in Canada and a non relative Fredrick Wending in Chicago. Only Fredrick replied and thus he came to the US.

ricstrobel @

Sunday, 18. January 2009
11:37:53 -0800

I am descended from Jakub Kislinger of Moravia, Czech Republic born in the early 1800s. He sometimes lived in Bukovina per relatives in Czech Republic, and his daughter was married there. We are unable to find records on Jakub in Bukovina. I am trying to tie him to the Kisslingers of Bukovina, and all evidence is that he had relatives there. Some of the Kislingers immigrated from the Bohemian Forest area to Moravia, and were part of the glass industry there. Some immigrated to Bukovina. Any information that would help me on the Kislingers would be helpful. Thanks. Richard Strobel

maggiegee42 @

Tuesday, 13. January 2009
10:35:56 -0800

Looking for a town called PEDECAUZ KRIES CZERNOWICZ, has anyone heard of this place? Persons we are researching are a JULIA STETTNER married to a ISADOR WASYLEWSKI (WASILEWSKY). Thank-you to all that contribute to the making of this wonderful site. M.Graham

steve.a-z @

Monday, 05. January 2009
23:08:49 -0800

Always looking for any info on Agopsowicz (immigrated to Edenwold, Saskatchewan - 1892). If anyone's can GoogleEarth to Romania and still see the outline of Bukovina today (look at Northern Romania).

j.easton @

Sunday, 28. December 2008
18:28:39 -0800

I am interested in starting my "scherle" family tree. I dont have a lot of information to start from, but here goes. My grand parents were from Bukovina. Their names were Martin Scherle (born dec 5 1896) and Phillipine Scherle (born feb 16 1897). Martin Scherle came to Canada in 1911, and Phillipine Scherle came to Canada in 1912. They were also first cousins. They lived on a farm in Saskatchewan, possibly near Vanguard. patti

scottdorey @

Tuesday, 23. December 2008
20:43:44 -0800

I am looking for information on Karl Lerch 1857-1927 who married Julie Janota ( died 1906) children: Karl, Anton, and Franz Josef 1885-1955 who moved to canada They lived in Znaim



jennslist @

Saturday, 20. December 2008
01:31:18 -0800

2nd Message Researching SCHERLE from Bukovina that came to Canada and USA in early 1900 Also interested inrelatives : MOHR, MANZ, SAUER, WAGNER ,WENDLING, WERB, KIPPER, SCHWEITZER, HUBICH, GLASS, FRIES Thanks for your help Jennifer Clarke

jennslist @

Saturday, 20. December 2008
01:18:49 -0800

I am researching the SCHERLE that are descendants of Johann Michael Schärle (b1650) Hossingen, Balingen, Württemberg. His Great Grandson Konrad Scherle (b1765) migrated to Tereblestie, Bukovina in 1783. Konrad’s descendants lived in Tereblestie, Czernowitz, Illischestie and Hliboka. In the late 1800's and early 1900's many of them came to North America. My great grandparents, Konrad Scherle (b 1854) and his wife (and 1st cousin) Margaretha (Scherle) Mohr (b 1857) came to Canada in 1911 with their daughter Theresia Scherle (b 1890). Konrad died shortly after arriving in Canada either in Waterloo, Ontario or Fairy Hill, Earl Grey or Regina, Saskatchewan. thank You Theresia married (Lutheran Church) a 3rd cousin named Franz (Frank) Scherle (from?) Franz was much older than Theresia, probably born sometime between 1850 and 1880. They had two sons born 1918 and 1919. Franz died sometime before 1930 when Theresia remarried. Thanks Jennifer Clarke

Joan Kenower

Friday, 19. December 2008
14:41:18 -0800

In reading Gregor von Rezzori's The Snows of Yesteryear I have just read that he lived in Bukovina. I Googled it to learn what I could. Thanks

trtalbot @

Thursday, 18. December 2008
19:06:07 -0800

Are there any collections, private or archival, of traditional music, whether secular or hymnal? I would be interested in them, as Bukovina was an ethnic crossroads, and would most likely have a cultural mixture of musical influences in its traditional music. Thanks. T. Robert Talbot, Pocatello, ID. P.S. I play and collect for accordion and hurdy gurdy.

Tuesday, 16. December 2008
12:20:47 -0800

My name is Mona Hoedel, my father is William Hoedel. I appreciate all the effort put forth by all the members and (non-members) of the Bukovina Society of the Americas. It is essential to know our heritage and the history. My father lives with me in Phoenix.

Monday, 15. December 2008
04:12:51 -0800

Hi Friends, I see you have in your database records a name TRAWNICZEK. other possibilities of this name are Trawnicek, Travnicek, Trawnitchek, Travnitschek.... it's depends of the locality ... german, austrian, czech I would like to ask you .... Do you have in Trawniczek record any notice if the family was Jewish? In 1793 in Czech crown ter. existed only one J. family with this name, I'm probably last member. Thanx to all many regards and all the best Petr Travnicek, Czech rep., Liberec /Reichenberg/

aleksandar.sajdl @

Saturday, 13. December 2008
14:04:57 -0800

Hello, my name is Aleksandar Sajdl. I am looking for information on Seidl family who lived in Bosnia (Sibovska, Polje near Derventa, Bosanski Brod, Slavonski Brod, Vares). I know just a few names. Seidl Gaspar (Kaspar, Caspar) and Rosina Baumann both born between 1870-1900. She was born in Mariahilf (Galicia) and came to Bosnia about 1882. They had several children: Josef, Katharina, Ludmila (born in 1911), Ignatz, and maybe Maria, and another male child. All of them except Ludmila and Ignatz went to Germany (I presume) when the World War II began. Unknown male child became a soldier and never returned home. I have no idea where from did they come (Bukovina or Galicia or even Germany) to Bosnia. Searching for the information I discovered that majority of Seidl families in Serbia and Croatia came from Romania (Banat or Bukovina). Any information regarding these individuals or Seidl last name in Bosnia will be great help. Thank you.

erikadumfarth @

Wednesday, 10. December 2008
12:18:10 -0800

danke das ich ein stück weg zur meiner geschichte zurück gefunde habe..........dank eurer bemühung

Monday, 08. December 2008
13:43:44 -0800

Hi people!MY name is Marcian Mariut and i wanna need information about my grandvater Ambros Straub von Arbore, Bukovina.Everybody cann help me?

Sunday, 07. December 2008
07:50:54 -0800

Wer hat folgende Namen in seinem Stammbaum und kann mir weiterhelfen in der Ahnenforschung Josef Wawrik/Wawryk & Maria Adelsberger Wenzel Wawrik/Wawryk & Theresia Beck Ignatz Adelsberger & Petronella Aschenbrenner Fridolin Erl & Anna Hartinger. Blasius Erl Adele Erl Maria Erl Martin Mirwald Die Personen stammen aus Althütte, Davideni, Storojinetz

maggiegee42 @

Saturday, 06. December 2008
15:52:21 -0800

Is there anyone out there that can help me translate a obituary for a Julia Wasylewski from Kries Czernowiz 1949? The script is in the old german. I would appreciate any help I can get. Thank-you M.Graham

kuslabar1 @

Friday, 05. December 2008
19:02:15 -0800

Please any information about John (Johann) Ast (1892-1927) born to "Katel" Ast. John had a sister Louise Ast (1890-1972. Both children were illigimate. Any information concerning the father of John would be appreciated.

shannon.lea.0 @

Sunday, 30. November 2008
16:42:35 -0800

Hi there I am looking for any information on Darlene Fawn Wurzer born Nov 23,1949 in Lehtbridge Alberta If you know of anything that might help please email Thank You

Thursday, 20. November 2008
00:58:58 -0800 ja interesant was vorväter usw so alles gemacht haben... ich hoffe ,dass ich noch viel mehr erfahre. steve wacin (watzin)

Tuesday, 18. November 2008
20:58:30 -0800

Hello, I am looking for Mix Family info from Arzis...please send to or

Tuesday, 18. November 2008
05:17:17 -0800 I am Paul Thomas grandson to Friedrich Tomas/Tomasek/Tomasi born 1875 Temesvar/Temeswar area now in Romania, and grandmother was Anna Apfel/Appel/Afpel born 1880 They were both Austria Hungarian (now Timisoara/Timis County region. They came to U.S.A. in 1906 to state of Oregon. My surname never had "H" in it in old country. They spoke German and I believe were Catholic. All of my aunts and uncles are now gone, except one. I am hoping to find Tomas family Link in Timis County. Anna Apfel father was Peter Apffel. I am trying to get information on Anna and Friedrich parents, as I am trying to do some genealogy family research. The is wonderful site to see surnames from place where grandparents grew up. Thanks, Paul

Monday, 17. November 2008
11:18:26 -0800

I just wanted to report success, thanks to all that helped.

Wednesday, 12. November 2008
09:26:54 -0800

I am looking for my family who lived in Storozhinets. The last name of my uncles is Aleksiuk (Mihail and Victor. I have visted them long time ago with my father Grzegorz. I would like to contact them. I had cousin name Luba. I do not know her married name. My name is Jadwiga (Aleksiuk) Czajka.

Edna F @

Monday, 10. November 2008
18:24:25 -0800

I am looking for information on Hodel, Hedl, Hodl and Hoedel all different spellings for this name. I am interested to hear from any members of this family who still live in Austria. The great grandparents were originally from Rosch, Austria. Their names were Lorenz Hodel and Eva Thiele. I am looking for their childrens children as the parents would be deceased Gertrude, Amelia who was married to a Franz Ludwar, Michael who was married and divorced, Anna who married a Franz Ottenbreit. Contact me at

violetblue20 ~A~T~ yahoo D/O/T com

Wednesday, 29. October 2008
04:14:33 -0800

Homepage: Towns of my Fastner and Niga ancestors: Solka/Solca (Suczawa), Glitt/Clit, Gurahumora, Woronetz (Kimpolung), Frumosu (Kimpolung) or Frumoasa (Siebenbürgen), Wama, Andrasfalva, Paltinossa, Wolowetz, Ponjana Mikuli, Ostra. Names I'm researching: Niga, Fastner, Hany, Schmidt, Friedl, Laslo, Mohelnitzky, Ruskauff, Sporniak, Korny, Haslinger, Rachlicki, Turner, Schätz, Richter, Kuffner, Eisenhauer, Warga, Lohmer, Geib, Schopf, Seefeld, Pecher, Furtmann, Sittner, Tischler, Rankel, Beer, Baer, Vlaschin, Hawlik, Wegrzynowicz, Wihlidal. Fastner Family Tree:

Friday, 24. October 2008
11:57:15 -0700

Meu nome é Reinaldo Kvitschal, procuro saber sobre a procedência do meu sobrenome que me parece ser da Republica Tcheca onde é escrito "KWITSCHALL" tenho tentado encontrar informações mas não consigo.

hwr5 at comcast dot net

Wednesday, 22. October 2008
17:39:48 -0700

My earlier entry is at 18 August 2008. Allow me to list some of the names I found on gravestones in the Jewish cemetery of Moldovita in case someone may be looking for these names: Pesach Wolf Sattinger, Mendel Feiger, Abraham Rommer, Schmiel Leib Landwehr, Moishe Buechler, Alter Montag, Fischl Tuchman, Israel Stier, Ruchel Goldschmid [sic], Henze Landwehr, Leah Margovici, Sure Rivkeh Goldschmid, Gittel (not sure of that first name; it was hard to read) Tuchman. Henry Rosenberg

darwinwagner @

Tuesday, 21. October 2008
20:02:02 -0700

To those of you that are seeking german/austrian/galcien family names, may feel free to contact me in their research. I have been researching these families for thirty-some years and have a huge database. Email or write; Darwin Wagner 904 - 611 University Drive Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada S7N 3Z1

arie.amir @

Saturday, 18. October 2008
14:18:42 -0700

My name is Arie Amir. I am located in Tel Aviv, Israel. My father is from Neu Hutte. I would like very much to visit this village, whose Jewish community was destroyed in 1940. I can travel to Romania, however I assume going to Ukraing and visit this area of Storojinetz might be complicated. Anyone can help with advice?

Sunday, 12. October 2008
11:38:35 -0700

what a site ,reseaching the spies family from katholisch in particular adam(I-US) Spies who married christina baumgaertner there in 1834 that's all the information i have,i am his 5 times great grandson.goggled his name many many times today your site came up.thank you kev england

Sunday, 05. October 2008
12:18:35 -0700

Meine Mutter Maria geb Toma September 1919 in Alt Zuczka 167 aus der Gemeinde Czernowitz. Name der Familie der Mutter Ungurean. Umgesiedelt 1940 nach Deutschland, wohnhaft in Leipzig. Suche Verwandte, Nikolaus Ungurean geb 09.11.1915 in Alt Zuczka. War in dem Ort, aber es konnte mir keiner helfen. Laut Priester wohnt im Nachbarort eine Familie Ungurean. Wer kann mir Hinweise geben. Meine Mutter hat Otto Czubka in Czernowitz geheiratet. Danach die Umsiedlung mit meinem Vaternach Deutschland.

Sunday, 05. October 2008
12:15:58 -0700

Meine Mutter Maria geb Toma September 1919 in Alt Zuczka 167 aus der Gemeinde Czernowitz. Name der Familie der Mutter Ungurean. Umgesiedelt 1940 nach Deutschland, wohnhaft in Leipzig. Suche Verwandte, Nikolaus Ungurean geb 09.11.1915 in Alt Zuczka. War in dem Ort, aber es konnte mir keiner helfen. Laut Priester wohnt im Nachbarort eine Familie Ungurean. Wer kann mir Hinweise geben

nologo @

Wednesday, 24. September 2008
13:50:19 -0700

My grandfather, born 24.9.1873 in Bojan, was born with the name Kapralec. Later his name was changed to Marczak. Is there an explanation for this change of names? Is there any information available of the family name of Kapralec.

edithmath @

Tuesday, 16. September 2008
12:36:23 -0700

I'm searching for my ancestries. My grandfather named Ferdinand Richard Schulz and was born in Arbora at 1st of March 1904. His parents were Josef Schulz and Ida Manz. His father died, when he was a child and his mother married later again and was named Eisenhauer. My grandmother was Karoline Missiekewicz, born at the 1st of July 1903 in Arbora. Her parents were Leon Missiekewicz and Friederike Matheis. My grandparents left their home in 1940 and lived at last in Germany, Saarland. My grandfather died at 18.12.1968 and my grandmother at 31.7.1979. They had 4 children: Arnold, Ella, Albert and Hilde,my mother. The fifth child died during the second war as a baby.

ssiez28689 @

Tuesday, 16. September 2008
05:40:53 -0700

Looking for info on the surname of Tomaschefski. My great granfather was August Tomaschefski, married to A. Kromrei. August and his wife sired many children, including my grandfather Adolf Otto, and had brothers by the name of Emil, Carl, others unknown. They lived in Kreis Mohrungen, Adolf was born in 1888, came to US in 1912.

marie-therese.guellier @

Monday, 15. September 2008
07:41:13 -0700

My name is Marie-Thérèse Guellier, born Wiszniowski and live in France. My grand-father Wendelin Wisniowski was born in Radautz.second grand father Martin Reif in Radautz. I am rechearching informations for genelogy :Family and descendance of Roman Wiszniowski (1818) of Radautz, Mirbauer Elena (1898), Russ Elisabeth born Wiszniowski married in 1902, Reif Martin (1898), Wittal Joseph ( 1885),Pscheidt Johann(1878), all born in Radautz. I found on this site the ascending ones of my paternal grandmother and that of my maternal grandmother Merci pour toutes les informations passionnantes sur la Bucovine, site remarquable.

petrragg @

Saturday, 13. September 2008
14:07:20 -0700

Having "stumbled" over the Bukovina code of arms when searching something totally different, I now find myself with tears in my eyes. Bukovinians in the Americas - I never thought about it. I was born in Stutttgart-Büsnau. My father, Erhard Grünwald, was born in Dorna, my mother Else, nee Renner, came from Czernowitz-Rosch and I grew up in a suburb with streets named Buchenländer Straße, Radautzer Weg.., a suburb built by Bukovinians. Reading names of so many people I know on this site has deeply moved me. Most descendants of Bukovinians in Germany are so well "assimilated" - like myself - that the organizations like "Landmannschaft der Buchenlanddeutschen", in which my parents were deeply involved, are dying out. My parents don't live any more and the bond to the Bukovina doesn't exist any longer - but maybe it does in a way, considering the fact that my eyes water when I read your homepage.... Thanks for your effort and work. Petra Grünwald-Göransson petragg @

legalsandy @

Friday, 12. September 2008
17:02:32 -0700

My maternal gr-gr grandmother's maiden name was Hellinger and the family was from the Lancaster Co. PA area. Before that they may have been from NY or elsewhere in PA (Reading area?). I have not been able to trace farther back than about 1800, nor do I know who emigrated to America or when. Furthermore, our family history has always stated that we are related to the famous author and playwright, Mark Hellinger. If anyone can shed any light on anything contained in this email I would appreciate it. Sandra Walters Enterprise, FL

richebee @

Thursday, 11. September 2008
07:03:03 -0700

my maternal grandparents came fro romania in early 1920's i always knew them as george and rose boborosky now i am given this Emma was a sister of Rose Boborowski. She was born in Mitoka-Dragomirna / Bukowina. The Bukowina is since 1918 part of Romania, former Austria - Hungaria. so now i try to find relatives of theirs with that name richard lee banting grandson canada

kcvalciuc @

Wednesday, 10. September 2008
19:55:40 -0700

Hello, I am trying to find information on my family "Covalciuc" also mis-spelled "Covalcine" from Bukovinia, Romania to Canada and to the US late 1800's and early 1900's Thanks

Saturday, 06. September 2008
13:11:54 -0700

My name is Alexandru Grigorescu and I am the owner of a tour operator in Romania. After doing for years many private tours for people in search of their ancestors we are now thinking of organizing a group tour to Bukovina (both the Romanian and Ukrainian sides) in 2009. In order to match the exact needs of the potential travelers we have the following idea: we will not first write an itinerary and present it, but instead ask the persons interested, which locations they would like to visit and then put an itinerary together based on the feed-back. After having the itinerary a departure date will be also fixed. I think it's a good idea and it will offer to more persons the possibility to visit this very beautiful region full of history and interesting stories and people. Write to us and hopefully we can get a group together.

tomwirges @

Saturday, 06. September 2008
11:43:41 -0700

Al I know is that my grandfather-Franklin Harold Wirges-came to the USA from Europe sometime between 1880 and 1898. Some time prior to 1898 he married Elizabeth Kramer. There is a City in Germany named Wirges, but I don't know if that is where the family came from originally or if they came from Bukovina. How would I find out? Thanks, Thomas M. Wirge

Sunday, 31. August 2008
23:05:02 -0700

A new Bucovina web portal of Marginea County.

cecilia @

Saturday, 30. August 2008
20:09:46 -0700

SURNAMES: Janz - Zehaczek (Illischestie), Laukhardt - Stohr (Radautz), Dzundza - Seidl - Dech (Sniatyn / Czernowitz) I am searching for information on Wenzel Seidl, who married Margarite Dech, about 1840/1850 in the Czernowitz / Sniatyn area. They had a daughter Anna Seidl (born about 1850). Current research at

Friday, 29. August 2008
12:17:01 -0700

nice site

thralls @

Friday, 29. August 2008
12:03:33 -0700

Hello, My Great Grandfather was Samuel Massier and I do know a bit of our family history from the account he wrote down after coming to the USA. My grandmother, Wilhelmina Augusta had three sisters (Tressa, Lydia and Sussana)that I knew but also two brothers who after WW1 traveled to Canada and no one heard from them again. I have my Uncle (John)Johan Samuel's wallet he made while at Ft. Snelling. Any information about what happened to him or his brother George would be interesting to me. My Grandmother and her sisters were the best of people and I loved all of them. Lynda Thralls

lu.binder @

Thursday, 28. August 2008
13:21:09 -0700

Hallo,mein Name ist Ursula Binder,aus Bayern.Meine Eltern und Großeltern stammen aus Galizien und der Bukowina.Ich finde dieses Gästebuch fantastisch,weil unzählige Leute ihre Ahnen suchen.Ich suche meinen Urgroßvater d.h.den Vater meines Großvaters Alois Binder geb. 20.11.1885 Kimpolong, Sofie geb.Rada,desgleichen den Urgroßvater Jakob Rada 1856 im Kreis Sta- nislau heute Zastawa, Sofie Emmerling aus Meklemburg.Alois und Sofie haben erst in Kimpolong gewohnt,dann viele Jahre in Czernowitz und wurden 1940 zwangsumgesiedelt nach Oberschlesien Kreis Warthegau und dort auch eingebürgert. Mütterlicherseits suche ich die Vorfahren der Urgroßeltern Ioan Nahorniak,Maria Relikovska,Adalbert Kochanskij und Barbara Litwinska alle aus Czernowitz.Ich war zweimal in Kimpolong und zweimal in Czernowitz in sämtlichen Archiven,habe aber fast nichts gefunden.Wer weiß was überdiese Leute,ich versuche meine Wurzeln zu finden.Für jeden Hinweis bin ich dankbar.

lars_hoedel @

Thursday, 28. August 2008
02:20:56 -0700

Hello, my name is Lars Hödel from Germany. My familiy had lived in the Bukovina till WWII. My grandparents were Lorenz Hödel, son of Joseph und Elisabeth Hödel, bornee Lang from Czernovitz and Hedwig Hödel, bornee Hönig, daughter of Rudolf Hönig (who is said to have been an attorney at law) and Elisabeth Hönig, bornee Paskewitsch from Molodia. If anybody should have information on my familiy, please feel free to e-mail me: Thank you very much!

michael.sali @

Friday, 22. August 2008
19:33:40 -0700

I had a very interesting read on your site. THANK YOU so very much! I am researching my wife's family STRAUB. Her grandfather Frank Straub came to Regina, Saskatchewan Canada in June 1912 where he was met by relatives named Kuffner. He had arrived by train at night, and in the morning was saddened to have come to a place where there was no roof on the train station as as the Regina Tornado of 1912 had tore it off. I am looking for any information as to relatives and family of a Frank Straub who had travelled to Canada. Respectfully, Michael C. Sali


Thursday, 21. August 2008
12:15:13 -0700

Really nice website. Iam looking for an interest group in Argentinia. If any one is interested, please send me an email:

Jbelgum @

Wednesday, 20. August 2008
21:37:39 -0700

I am doing research on the Mintenko Motoshoski families from Bukovina. Kozma Motoshoski married Maria Mintenko (b. 1901) in Cuciurul-Mare, Czernowitz Bukovina. Any information is welcome. Janni Belgum, Sicamous, British Columbia, Canada

hwr5 at

Monday, 18. August 2008
06:54:59 -0700

Recently returned home to Northampton, Massachusetts USA from a wonderful trip to Bukovina, both Romanian and Ukrainian sides. Stayed in Suceava and Chernowitz; traveled to Kisselice where my grandfather was born, Radautz (Radauti) where my mother and grandmother were born and my grandparents were married, and Moldowitza (formerly known to Austrians as Russ Moldowitza) where many family members lived and where I found my great grandmother's gravestone.

Monday, 18. August 2008
01:31:17 -0700

Ich suche Informationen über die Familie Christof aus Luisental und Pojoritta. Vor allem um Ignatz Christof 1864-1892 oo Elisabeth Moroschan *1869 mit den Kinder Peter *1889 und Rosa. Sowie Informationen über die Familie Sosanska aus Radautz mit Amalia 1866-1939 und deren Tochter Maria *1898 oo mit Peter Christof *1889.

Saturday, 16. August 2008
12:05:16 -0700

Hi! I'd be happy to get some information about the last name "Kremeike". If you have some information please contact me at "" The oldest ancesty I know named Richard Kremeike or Ernst Kremeike. Greets Kremeike

Tuesday, 12. August 2008
14:19:59 -0700

Habe leider noch nichts von meinen Vorfahren gehört. Suche die Vorfahren meines Vaters Leonhardt Winzinger.

Monday, 11. August 2008
09:38:47 -0700

Gibt es in Czernowitz einen Deutschen Verein? Wer kann uns Notenmaterial von Liedern, die in dieser Umgebung gesungen werden (Ukrainisch, Rumänisch, Deutsch u. a.) organisieren? - Danke im Voraus!

thorsten (at)

Sunday, 10. August 2008
05:31:33 -0700

Meine Vorfahren (ältester Vorfahr: Mathias FLAMANN oo Katharina KÖRBER) kommen aus der Bukowina / St. Onury. Ich freue mich, hier mehr über ihre Heimat lesen zu können. Ich bin sehr interessiert an Informationen zur Familie FLAMANN und bitte, Kontakt zu mir aufzunehmen. ---------- My ancestors were settlers in the Bukovina / St. Onufry (oldest ancestor: Mathias FLAMANN oo Katharina KOERBER). I'm happy to read more about their homeland. I'm very interested in information about the FLAMANN family; please contact me.

ecekaren @

Sunday, 27. July 2008
08:43:08 -0700

Back into the site after afew years of rest. Keep up the great work as this site is a god send. Still looking for information on the following family names: GORDA, GERMAIN ,GARALUK. My reat grandfather Aritmon GERMAIN was born in Cernauti, Voloca, Austria came to Canada in 1912. He worked for a farmer named Milton SETTER in Russell Manitoba. My great grandmother Ecatarina nee GORDA came to Russell the following year. I am still trying to find out which ports of entry they arrived in and which ports they left. Any information would help. Once again, thank you for your wonderful site. Please email me with ANYt information : ecekaren @

Saturday, 12. July 2008
14:25:49 -0700

Hallo, meine Großeltern sind in Bukovina/Illischeschti geboren. Ich habe nur Kopien von 2 Ahnenpässen, ausgestellt am 06. November 1940 in Illischeschti Meine Vorfahren (alle Illischeschti): Richard Friedrich Klein * 13.01.1908 (mein Opa) Josef Klein * 16.12.1881 Jakob Klein * 05.06.1846/Luise Irion verw. König * 23.05.1948 Gaßner Marie * 04.08.1887 Gaßner Heinrich, * 09.01.1859 / Kerth, Marie * 14.12.1860 / Johann Kerth/Marie Rumpel JOhann Irion/Elisabetha Stahl Armbrüster Katarina Stefanie * 16.03.1913 (meine Oma) Armbrüster Heinrich* 09.07.1881/Ast Karolina Juliana* 13.07.1886 Armbrüster Johann* 07.09.1834/Roos Sofia * 14.11.1838 Peter Roos/Anna Maria König Armbrüster Anton/Catharina Zachmann Ast Johann * 21.01.1858 / Rumpel Anne * 07.03.1860 Michael Ast/Karoline Mock Heinrich Rumpel/Luise Zachmann Wer hat Informationen oder Sonstiges für mich. Carmen Stahl geb. Klein Bellheim Rheinland-Pfalz

sdzcaribee @

Friday, 11. July 2008
13:26:07 -0700

Does anyone know the names, Dzuran or Gartner from the Bukovina? My dad was George Dzuran and my mom, Cilli Gartner. They were from the village of Ocna (spelling?). They left in 1937 on a ship sailing to the Caribbean, where they married and I and my siblings were born and raised. My mother was Jewish, and she presumably lost her sister Susi Ehrlich and her two children to the Nazi atrocities. I had heard there was a Peter Dzuran in Pennsylvania but have not been able to find him. Thanks for any info.

get1800 @

Thursday, 10. July 2008
19:32:38 -0700

hello, I am looking for members of the Fogel family from Botosani Romania.

joceytauscher @

Sunday, 06. July 2008
11:27:55 -0700

Hello, my name is Jocelyn Tauscher and I was born and raised in Venezuela, South America. My father Joseph Tauscher was from Washington and I’ve heard great stories about my ancestors. I would still love to know more about my family’s roots and origins. If anyone reading this has any information please contact me joceytauscher @

ecologica @

Sunday, 06. July 2008
01:46:29 -0700

Louise Krynski (nee Pachonik) I would be pleased to hear from anyone related to the Pachonik family

donschm @

Tuesday, 17. June 2008
11:38:56 -0700

17 June 2008 I have some relatives that were born in Stadin, Bohmen around 1749. I am trying to locate this place in the Czech Republic, but so far haven't had any luck. Any suggestions?

petersandro @

Sunday, 15. June 2008
06:27:05 -0700

Guten Tag, mein Vater Georg şandro (Sandro, Schandro) geb. 1924 in Revna Rumänien (Bukovina),aufgewachsen im Sudetenland (Einsiedel), gibt es Verwandte die diesen Namen tragen, wer kann mir weiterhelfen und mir Angaben mitteilen.

charyram @

Thursday, 12. June 2008
09:00:58 -0700

Family name: Röhr; Looking for any connections around Chernovitz. My father Michael was born there in 1936 and his father Martin also. Martin had 16 siblings. Can anyone help? Charlene Oliva

patriciafillmore @

Tuesday, 10. June 2008
20:01:44 -0700

I am so happy to have found this website - my grandfather was born 4/21/1880 Bukovina and moved to Oshawa Ontario Canada. His name was Peter Bohoychuk in Canada, but I can find no similar names spelling. I believe he had one brother Mike that moved to British Columbia Canada and two sisters, names unknown, that remained in Bukovina. If anyone can add to this history I would so appreciate it.

meineAhnen @

Sunday, 08. June 2008
22:45:22 -0700

Hallo, kann jemand Angaben zum Namen Johann Rudolf Gessert , bzw. generell zum Namen Gessert machen ??

meineAhnen @

Sunday, 08. June 2008
22:41:43 -0700

Hallo, kann jemand bzgl. des Namens Johann Rudolf Gessert weiterhelfen ?

jmdaguilar @

Saturday, 07. June 2008
19:33:00 -0700

Hello, I'm looking for anyone that knows about my family members that came from Bukovina in or around 1899 and settled in Stuartburn, Manitoba, Canada. Sanda Tkachuk, widow, with children Ivan, Gregori, (George - my grandfather, Nicola, Domka - we don't know the name of her husband or her maiden name Probably Dymytro Badiuk and Elena Kosowan - with children Marichka, Samta, George, Petro and (Wasylena - my grandmother) Probably Petro and Paraska Dzaman - with children including Elena and (Maria - my grandmother) Fakas family with children including (Pytro - my grandfather)- we don't know much about the Fakas family If you have any information, you can reach me at, thanks

Thursday, 05. June 2008
18:10:37 -0700

Falls es Bukowina Sachsen gibt, deren Vorfahren aus Zipser Bela und Eisdorf, beides in der Oberzips (Szepes) kommen, wuerde ich mich ueber Kontakte freuen.

sethboy @

Sunday, 01. June 2008
19:51:14 -0700

Hello, Great site, glad I found it. I am trying to find out where this town or village is in Bukovinia. On my grandmothers citzenship records it states she was born in Iwankiwci, Bukovinia. If anyone has heard of this place or something that sounds similar I would appreciate the info.

myster-y @

Tuesday, 27. May 2008
15:10:51 -0700

hallo ich suche informationen(namen der eltern usw.) über einen otto christian Knebel der am 15.11.1924 in Jakobeni geboren ist casey_0003 ich hatte versucht dir eine e-mail zu schicken aber irgendwie ging das nicht

marlenetauscher @

Friday, 23. May 2008
14:37:09 -0700

I am really enjoying reading about where my roots originated, My grandmother was Julianna Kessler , married Utime Cimpam, Her mothers name was Katarina Wudi and her father Conrad Kessler. My father : Wezel Tauscher, son of Maria Brandl and Venceslaus Tauscher. My grandparents often spoke of where they came from Bukovina and I would love to know what relatives we have in Austria, germany and or Romania. If anyone reading this has any info please contact me . Marlene TauscherClarke my email address is: marlenetauscher @ . I love all the pictures and even though I was born in Canada and have lived here all my life , your site feels so familiar to me. Marlene.

agu3ki @

Tuesday, 20. May 2008
03:03:43 -0700

Guten Tag, mein Name ist Annette Gutzeit, geb. Geib. Beim Blättern in Büchern aus dem Nachlass meiner Großtante Amalie Poletin, geb. Geib, bin ich auf das Buch "Bukovina - Heimat von gestern" gestoßen. Mein Vater Josef Geib, geb. 30.10.1921, lebte bis zum Einzug bei der Wehrmacht 1940 in der Nähe von Cernowitz und wohnt seit der Nachkriegszeit in Gütersloh, meine Großeltern Valentin Geib und Rosa, geb. Klumpner sind seit vielen Jahren tod. Sollte sich jemand an meinen Vater erinnern (Freunde oder Familie), wäre es wunderbar, wenn eine Kontaktaufnahme per Mail an mich möglich wäre. Liebe Grüße Annette Gutzeit (geb. Geib)

gDFinken222 @

Sunday, 18. May 2008
11:53:33 -0700

Hi, I would like to find any of my family now living in Romania, Moloci & Covalciuc from Bucovina & Granicesti (not sure of spelling) Our family settled in Detroit & Canada, in the late 1800's or early 1900's. thank you Diane

ronewoniak @

Saturday, 17. May 2008
15:32:41 -0700

My name is ronald ewoniak. My granfather , Tofan Ewoniak and his wife , Wasylina arrived in canada in May 2000. They came from Banilla Bukovina. My grandfathers parents were Anna + Andy. They settled in the Shandro area , which is north-east of Edmonton. Has anyone ever heard of this family?

Sunday, 11. May 2008
00:17:42 -0700

I live in Alberta Canada and I am looking for information on my grand father. His name was Leo Hollaczek. He was born in Austria around 1905. I believe he had a sister. I am not sure of her name.

IoneUit @

Saturday, 03. May 2008
15:24:42 -0700

I am also researching the family name Meyer, Maiers, Meier who were from Eisental, Baden, Baden. It seems the family was from Muellenbach but Christening was done in Eisental. The relative I am looking for is Barbara who was born 4 December 1824 and she may have had a sister Theresa who was married to Joseph Graff. Barbara was married to a Schuet also from Baden. Her husband fell ill on the way to the US and died. She had a son whose name was Andrew. My email: IoneUit @

gelowitzm @

Friday, 02. May 2008
18:59:52 -0700

I am part of the Gelowitz family. If anyone has any information on that family, who emigrated from Molodia, Bukovina in the early 1900's to Grayson, Saskatchewan, please contact me at gelowitzm @ msn . com. I'd also like to know the location of Molodia presently.

Tuesday, 29. April 2008
05:14:09 -0700 Ich suche alles über die Familie Steinbach gelebt in Eisenau -Bukowina, Josefsberg - Kolomea Galizien und Seewald. Würde mich über jede Auskunft freuen.

eellady @

Sunday, 27. April 2008
17:42:56 -0700

Hello. My name is Patricia Bailey and my mother was Frances Korsi--a shortened and Americanized version of KORZENIOWSKI. Her father was Karl KORZENIOWSKI, son of Josef K and Maria HARAND; he m. Anna Maria Skripska, dau of Franceska (KLUSKA) and Josef SKRIPSKI. Families settled in Kansas City, Missouri; Detroit, Michigan; and Milwaukee, Wisconsin. There are ties to the following families: GUSS/GUZ, TRUNDE, FOSTICZ, KONIGSBAUER, FEIGEL, SCHROEDER, DUDICZ, AND OTHERS. I am willing trade information. Please contact me via email:

redneckgurl_ @

Tuesday, 22. April 2008
22:28:32 -0700

My last name is Nystoruk, my baba was Katherine Kosolowsky, and my gido was John Nystoruk. I know they were from the bokovina provinces (thats all the information I have), and settled in Kubsar, Saskatchewan. I am making a trip to the Ukraine and would love to connect with any Ukrainian history/family that may still be out there.

marianne @

Saturday, 05. April 2008
08:23:55 -0800

Mein Name ist Marianne Mann. Ich bin eine geborene "Linzmayer". Mein Vater Hermann Linzmayer geb. 1927 in Neuhütte-Bukowina war mit meiner Mutter Elisabeth geb.Hödl geboren 1930 verheiratet. Meine Großeltern väterlicherseits hießen Adolf und Franziska Linzmayer geb. Hödl.Die Geschwister meiens Vaters heißen Arthur und Genoveva.Meine Großeltern mütterlicherseits hießen Ferdinand und Anna "Hödl" geb. Löffelmann Tochter des Julius.Ihre Mutter hieß Theresia Jekal. Alle in Neuhütte geboren.Wer kann mit diesen Namen etwas anfangen? Die Generation stirbt langsam aus. Seit mein Vater im Okt 2007 verstorben ist, würde ich gerne mehr über meine Wurzeln erfahren. Fange leider sehr spät damit an. :-( Einige aus der Verwandschaft heißen noch.. Holinski, Wurzer, Zitron, Zahn, Schwarz.Gruschinski, Dumitraschkewik. Bin sehr gespannt !!!

Saturday, 05. April 2008
07:24:23 -0800

hay my is piotr goman form poland and i wand to now if thar is any famly ho is looking for me. im adophit by duch people on my 1/5 jears old. i wase in a hopital in warschau. im looking for my real parends and famly namemd by GOMAN. if somebady now no ware i can look for my famly please mail me!!!!!! im a roma zigeuners from poland and im looking for my real mam and dad. thank you. from piotr goman.

Wednesday, 02. April 2008
09:13:19 -0800

Hello all we're looking for some family history. does anyone knows anything about a family calles "von Wiska"? It might be an old Family in eventually Preussia or Böhmen, does anyone knows anything? Also about another part of our Family, which is called "von Herzer"..there must be still some members in Germany .. please let us know

cmuntain @

Tuesday, 01. April 2008
15:04:39 -0800

We have found 3 letters that require translation. They were written by a survivor of the first world war and the german government transfer of bukovina germans of 1939. The letters are written in a coloquial german. The writing is clear. We would appreciate your help in this matter.

cmuntain @

Tuesday, 01. April 2008
15:02:47 -0800

We have found 3 letters that require translation. They were written by a survivor of the first world war and the german government transfer of bukovina germans of 1939. The letters are written in a coloquial german. The writing is clear.

djhmhanse @

Monday, 31. March 2008
00:02:40 -0800

Hello! What a great site! I am searching for my father's family. My grandpa Philipp Heichert/ Heuchert (b 1 Jun 1910) and my grandma Elisabeth Heichert/ Heuchert(b 22 Feb 1906)came to the US in 1952. My father and his siblings were in their teens or younger. I know that my grandfather was 1 of 14 children and that the oldest 7 came to the US, Canada, and South America before the younger children were born. My great grandfather was a pastor in Josefsberg (I think). Any information on my family roots would be greatly appreciated. Thank you and have a great day!

carpac @ telkomsa . net

Sunday, 30. March 2008
00:44:20 -0800

A message for Thorsten Pachonik I read your e-mail and am answering your request that any pachonik make contact with you. I live in South Africa and, if you wish, can tell you about how the pachoniks came to be living in South Africa. ooking forward to hearing from you Carl Pachonik

Tuesday, 25. March 2008
13:11:31 -0800

hallo, ich heiße andrea hartick und wohne in dorna bei gera in deutschland. meine mutter, rosa gerbeth geb. muhm am 15.09.1939, ist das vierte kind von friedrich muhm geb. 1909 in jakobeny. auch meine mutter wurde dort geboren. wer kennt noch jemanden mit diesen namen? ich habe gelesen, dass die familie muhm als zipser in jakobeny angesiedelt waren und ursprünglich aus göllnitz stammen.

Tuesday, 25. March 2008
10:54:07 -0800

I have been spinning my head trying to find the town that my grandparents came from. The only information I have on them and their siblings and all records is that they came from Willawcze. I would so like to know which town they came from. The names that I'm searching are: GREIF, LECHNER, SCHIESEL, ZWECKER, BRECHER Thank you, Lois Friedman

contact @

Tuesday, 25. March 2008
08:49:35 -0800

I am searching for any information and living relatives of Maria and Edmund Tremmel who were my grandparents. They married on 1 July 1923 in Althuette and had three children, my father Michael and his brother Tadeus. There was also another child a son who died (may have been called Josef). My grandfather left for Warsaw (?) on his own in December 1938. My grandmother divorced him in 1942. She was living at that point in Resettlement Camp 16 in Loben, South Poland, for Buchenland Germans. She then moved to Falkenberg/Elsen. Maria had two sisters and at least one brother. On her divorce papers her maiden name is given as Walintski. Can't find anything similar on database however. Have been reading database with interest and finding out about Buchenland - whole experience is fascinating - Ronald Tremmel

k.hollerbaum @

Sunday, 23. March 2008
01:11:34 -0800

Die Familie meines Vaters kam 1941 aus der Bukowina. Franz Hollerbaum u.Anna geb. Pick aus Altfradautz. Wer kann weitere Angaben Über meine Vorfahren geben?

BeateElisabeth.Windhager @

Saturday, 22. March 2008
13:15:33 -0800

KLOSTERMANN in GURA HUMORA Who knows anything about them?! Else, Erna, Silvester?!

BeateElisabeth.Windhager @

Saturday, 22. March 2008
12:51:15 -0800

Meine Großmutter, Else KLOSTERMANN, geboren 1925 in Gora Homora lebt nun in Österreich, Timelkam. Die Namen ihrer Geschwister lauten Silvester und Erna (beide allerdings schon verstorben). Silvester lebte in Ried i. I.,Österreich, Erna in Arolsen, Hessen. Sie wurden nach Oberschlesien (Wolfsdorf) ausgesiedelt. Kennt jemand ähnliche Schicksale bzw die Klostermanns aus GORA HUMORA? LG, Beate Windhager

cmuntain @

Friday, 21. March 2008
20:43:19 -0800

We are trying to locate the family of Wenzel Muntean near Vorchdorf gmunden Austria. He came with his famiily from bukovina in 1939 courtesy of the german govenment relocation program. We have a number of letters that he wrote in an attempt to come to Canada. Unfortunately we lost contact with him after 1946/47. Any help would be appreciated.

cmuntain @

Friday, 21. March 2008
20:41:27 -0800

We are trying to locate the family of Wenzel Muntean near Vorchdorf gmunden Austria. He came with his famiily from bukovina in 1939 courtesy of the german govenment relocation program. We have a number of letters that he wrote in an attempt to come to Canada. Unfortunately we lost contact with him after 1946/47. Any help would be appreciated.

cUteHennel @

Monday, 17. March 2008
13:09:24 -0800

Hallo, ich bin Ute Hennel, die Tochter von Otto Hennel geb. in Eisenau und seiner Frau Ingeborg Hennel, geb. Vonau in Rudolfshütte. Bevor sie ausgesiedelt wurden lebten sie in Kimpolung. Ich war sehr erfreut uredie Website zu sehen und überracht wie weltweit sich die Buchenlanddeutschen organisieren. Mein Vater hatte an einem Buch über die "Zips ( Region um Eisenau) mit gewirkt. Falls Interesse besteht, würde ich mich über eine Kontaktaufnahme freuen. Die Mütter haben für Ihre Kinder ein KochBuch gemacht. Bis dah8in viele Grüße

zdriliuk @

Sunday, 16. March 2008
23:18:10 -0800

Hallo, mein Name ist Guido Zdriliuk, 43 Jahre alt und ich wohne in 52511 Geilenkirchen in Deutschland. Mein Vater ist in Mitocu Dragomirna geboren und als 2-jähriger von dort weggezogen. Sein Vater Emil Zdriliuk, der Name wurde früher Striliuk geschrieben, hatte eine kleine Schreinerei in der Innenstadt von Mitocu D. Meine Großmutter, also seine Frau ist eine geborene Fiesel. Weiß jemand zufällig etwas über das Haus, hat jemand irgendeinen deutschsprachigen Kontakt nach Mitocu D.??? Würde mich über eine Antwort sehr freuen. Guido Zdriliuk


Wednesday, 05. March 2008
14:39:45 -0800

hello, did anybody know about my father leonhard winzinger, he is born in 1922 in gurahumora. His father's name is eugen and his mother's is franziska. thanks for your help.

moongodess34 @

Wednesday, 05. March 2008
11:40:38 -0800

hi my name is buffie deshannon, my biological birthname is mayerhoff. my granfather & his brother, snuck out of austia on a ship! and here i am! i would love 2 learn a/b my family and history and geneology. thanks! buffie

joerg.donhoefner @

Wednesday, 27. February 2008
04:50:02 -0800

Ich suche nach Informationen über die Familie Donhöfner. Mein Familienstammbaum endet bei meinem verschollenen Großvater Franz Donhöfner, geboren 1914. Er hat als Holzarbeiter in Augustendorf/ Bukowina gearbeitet und dort meine Großmutter Genovefa Rewaj, 1910 -2002, geheiratet. Franz Donhöfner war das erste Kind der Olga Donhöfner.

bellip @

Tuesday, 26. February 2008
16:20:10 -0800

Suche Vorfahren der Familie Winzinger aus Gurahumora.

Friday, 22. February 2008
14:04:42 -0800

just found this site, my grandparents came from Bokovina. Janos Eros and Rose Gyophy. Immigrated to Cupar Sask around 1887. I am located in Grimsby ontario Aranka Coombs

myname ---

Tuesday, 19. February 2008
14:52:14 -0800

hi just stumbled on your wonderful website i am looking for any cousins out there with the surname tett . my fathers name is james tett who came from ireland his parents names are james and abina tett also from ireland .

Monday, 18. February 2008
04:06:47 -0800

hello my name is reuben and i am looking for may father's family. our family name is rosenblat my father is moshe and hes parents names are itshak and rivka.he had 2 sisters - hana and haya thank you reuben israel

bellip @

Friday, 15. February 2008
15:57:27 -0800

Hallo, suche Vorfahren meines Vaters Leonhardt Winzinger, geb. am 19.10.1922 in Gura Humora, Rumänien.

bethlong3 @

Thursday, 14. February 2008
16:13:14 -0800

Our Bukovina Hungarian DNA Project just passed the 100 member mark: you can check out the project results at our website: Beth Long Project Administrator

Sunday, 10. February 2008
16:26:16 -0800

I am looking for more info on Fany marcus, Leah kleinerman, Ana and Meir Kaufman from Plopana Romania, The Kaufman family are related to the kleinermans first cousins . Haim&Michael&Gabriel in a picture I believe on the Kaufman dide. We are also related to Rosensweig, Emil Kaufman were cousins. Max macus from my grandfathers side, and Rubin Eistein. I can be reached at thank you

cal329 @

Saturday, 09. February 2008
10:37:00 -0800

I am looking for information about the Ebers family in Czernovitz. My grandfather Josef Ebers or Josef von Ebers emigrated to the US from Czernovitz in 1912. His father's name was Alexander. My grandmothers name was Ida. My grandfather had something like 11 or 12 siblings (which included some half-siblings). He would describe his nationality as Austrian or German, and said he was related somehow to the egyptologist/novelist Georg Ebers. After being in the US for awhile, he used a "von" before the "Ebers" for reasons that are not at all clear.

margret_mathieu_60 @

Wednesday, 06. February 2008
05:38:16 -0800

Hallo Clemens Ebbing, auch ich habe mehrfach versucht, auf Ihre E-Mail vom 04.01.08 zu antworten. Jedoch weiß ich nicht, ob Sie diese Nachricht erhalten haben. Falls Sie noch Bilder von Arbore haben, würden ich mich sehr freuen, wenn Sie sich melden. Vielen Danke und schöne Grüße Margret Mathieu-Herrmann

hansencm321 &

Tuesday, 05. February 2008
12:35:08 -0800

Hello, I am looking for information on my grandfather's family name. Sturza / Loy / Pekar / Baker. The Sturza's settled in Winlock, Washington in 1906 from Paltinossa. (Lewis County, Washington). Please contact me if you have any information you can share. Thank you very much! Sturza / Loy / Pekar Lewis County, Washington

kaitaristvan74 @, kaitar @

Friday, 01. February 2008
00:44:02 -0800

Hallo leute, bin Kajtar Istvan Janos aus Rumaenien, Deva,wohne gerade im Bukarest. Suche gerade fuer daten wegen Lawrence John(Loerincz Janos) aus Regina Sask, er war der cousin von meine grossmutter Kajtar Borbala. Die mutter vom meine grossmutter hat geheissen Majkely( oder Mickhael)Rosalia geboren, oder gelebt in Krieg(Hadik), der vatter hat meine name gehabt, Kajtar Istvan Janos.Nachdem alle haben im Helfgott(Istensegits, Tibeni) gewohnt an nummer 20, gegenueber die strasse vom die Kirche.

kaitaristvan74 @, kaitar @

Thursday, 31. January 2008
13:22:03 -0800

My name is Kajtar Istvan Janos, I`m from Deva, Romania and for a very long time i`m interested about the history of my family. I`m looking for the two sons, or his relatives of LAWRENCE JOHN (LORINCZ JANOS)from Regina Sask - Saskwatchewan. I don`t know very much about him, i was 3 years old when he was in Romania to visit our family. Now I have 33.My father have with him , his wife and they two sons and grandsons a few pictures, I know also he has a radio station in Regina..LAWRENCE JOHN(LORINCZ JANOS)was cousin with my grandmother, Kajtar Borbala. They stayed in ISTENSEGITS(TIBENI) at no.20 cross the street from the church.The grandfather of my father was KAITAR ISTVAN JANOS(as my name) and he`s wife was german, MAJKELY ROSALIA(or MICKAEL)from a neighbour village.Well, i think I wrote enough, I`ll write after a week, after I find out more thinghs from my father. I leave here my phone number, maybe somebody knows something....0040 722 699 625, 0040 722 405 595

Wednesday, 30. January 2008
07:59:58 -0800

30. january 2008 Hallo, kann weis jemand etwas über meinen Großvater ? George Klein, geb. 23.April 1878 in Molodia/Bukowina, gest. 8.Mai 1951 in Regina, Saskatschewan/Canada. Würde mich über eine Kontaktaufnahme freuen. Georg Klein, Deutschland Hello all, know somebody anything about my grandfather ? George Klein, * 23. April 1878 at Molodia/Bukowina, + 8. May 1951 at Regina, Saskatschewan/Canada. I would be glad for contact me. Georg Klein, Germany

stevejohn.wilson @

Saturday, 26. January 2008
12:34:21 -0800

I am trying to find information concerning my grandfather & grandmother. My grandfather, Ivan Feodosiev Voloshyn married to Georgieva Petriuk, born in Bukovina Austria, village of Revakovets prior to the year 1918.They moved to Canada and lived in the Hamilton Ontario area,then moved on to Ottawa Ontario.Any background information would be greatly appreciated.I can be contacted by E mail. Thank you Steve Wilson

georgettatereza @

Saturday, 26. January 2008
04:05:15 -0800

may God bless you all!!! my name is daradics georgetta mum surname daradics piroska my grandad daradics janos. my grandad came to deva city(hunedoara caunty romania) around 1919 with hes fam. i am very happy that you all are interested to find more about the hungarian and another fam. who have to move from there bucovina.i like to know more about my grandad DARADICS JANOS fam. thank you again and may God bless you all.if i dont ask to much pls.send me an e mail with more details about my dear fam,DARADICS JANOS also my dad familly was BUZAS they came also in hunedoara area i dont know to much about hes familly pls. send me anny details if is possible! thank you becose you all exist and help us to find our ancestours thank you again with respect and consideration, georgetta tereza my e mail is georgettatereza @


Monday, 21. January 2008
00:12:12 -0800

An den Herrn SCHMEGNER, welcher mir eine E-Mail geschrieben hat: Ich habe Ihre E-Mail erhalten, aber diese versehentlich gelöscht bevor ich sie lesen konnte. Bitte senden Sie Ihre Nachricht doch erneut an: eMail*AT*SniperRS*DOT*de Ich hoffe, dass Sie diese Nachricht entdecken. René Slowenski

conradiandre @

Monday, 14. January 2008
02:52:20 -0800

Meine Mutter Theresia Jekal wurde am 15.01.1924 in Krasna Ilski geboren. Ihre Mutter heisst Justina(geboren 29. September 1899, wahrscheinlich in Krasna Ilski). Die Mutter ist nach der Geburt verstorben (wahrscheinlich 1925 oder 1926.Danach heiratete ihr Vater die Zwillingsschwester Barbara. Die einzige Information, die ich erhalten/gefunden habe, Justina und Barbara sind in Familienblättern als Gaschler und nicht als Gruber eingetragen.Es kann sein, das die Grossmutter mehr als einmal verheiratet gewesen ist. Weiter Geschwister von Justina und Barbara waren/sind Josef, Leon, Adolf und MarieIhr Vater Johann Jekal (geboren am 10. Juli 1896 in Neuhütte / sein Vater war Anton Jekal geboren am 12. Juni 1863 in Neuhütte / seine Mutter Katharina Stadler aus Neuhütte).Wer kann mit weiterhelefen? Besonders wichtig: Wer sind die Eltern von Justina und Barbara Gaschler oder Gruber?Bin für jede Hilfe dankbar. Mit freundlichen Grüssen André Conradi

nicolehunchak @

Sunday, 13. January 2008
22:09:23 -0800

I love this site! I visit it regularly, hoping that there may be new information on family names. In particular, I'm looking for the family names of Hunceac, ketza and Proskurniak. I can trace my family back to there arrival here in Canada, but prior there is nothing.! If anyone can help, I'd love to here from you!

casey_0003 @

Sunday, 13. January 2008
07:14:48 -0800

Hallo mal wieder.. Kann mir wieder jemand zu den Namen "Zaharanski, Sawetzki, Schmidt, Brodacz, Knebel, etc." geboren in Jacobeny helfen? Würde mich freuen, wenn ich mal wieder etwas neues zu lesen bekäme! Hi again. I´m still looking for the names "Zaharanski, Sawetzki, Schmidt, Brodacz, Knebel, etc." born in Jacobeny, Bukowina. Who can help me? I would be glad, to read new Informations about them, or ancestries.

denispagel @

Friday, 11. January 2008
07:23:34 -0800

Hallo, mein Name ist Denis Pagel. Meine Großmutter kommt aus Schwarzthal/Bukovina.Ihr Name damals war Frieda Brandl Meine ältesten bekannten Vorfahren sind Brandl,Wudi,Kübek,Bernhauser,Schaffhauser,Tauscher,Pscheidl,Gross Vielleicht hat ja irgendjemand auf der Welt Informationen oder Bilder zu diesen Familien. liebe grüße denis pagel

kischook @

Thursday, 10. January 2008
23:13:00 -0800

What a great site. My great grandparents Anna and George Issar were from Bukovina. Would like to know more about my ancestors and this is a great place to start. Thank you. Trent Kischook

ClemensTreffer @

Friday, 04. January 2008
09:27:34 -0800

Hallo Magret Mdieu Ich habe schon versucht über Email mit ihnen in Kontakt zu treten.Aber irgendetwas stimmt nicht mit Ihrer Adresse.Deshalb versuche ich es über diesen Weg. Habe Ihre Mail auf der Bukowina Seite gelesen.Ich war schon 3 mal in der Bukowina und zwar im Nachbarort Solca.Dabei habe ich auch Arbore besucht. Davon kann ich Ihnen Bilder schicken,wenn sie möchten. Mit freundlichen Grüßen Clemens Ebbing

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