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Bukovina Genealogy Resources


Church and Civil Records

When the Bukovina Germans left Romania in the Umsiedlung of 1940, many of their Roman Catholic and Lutheran parish records were brought with them. After the end of World War II, most of these were collected in the Deutsche Zentralstelle für Genealogie in Leipzig, Germany. All of these records have been microfilmed for the Family History Library collection, in Salt Lake City, Utah; copies of these microfilms can conveniently be borrowed at any local Family History Center (FHC).

Other records that remained in Bukovina are now collected in the state archives in Suceava, Romania and Chernivtsi, Ukraine. These archives do not offer any formal service to genealogists requesting help, but those who are interested may want to write directly to the directors of the archives. In Romania, the address is:
Prof. Gavril Irimescu, Director
Filiala Arhivelor Statului
Str. Stefan Cel Mare Nr. 33
5800 Suceava




Professional Bukovina Genealogists

Below is a list of individuals who have asked to be included in this list of professional, Bukovina experienced genealogists, who offer their research services.   The Bukovina Society of the Americas provides these names of these genealogists as a service.  The Bukovina Society of the Americas has no first-hand knowledge of their qualifications, their work or fees if any.  These individuals are not necessarily affiliated with the Bukovina Society of the Americas.


(Note to Experienced Bukovina Genealogists: If you would like to be included on this list,

please contact the Webmasters:  Werner Zoglauer  &  Rebecca Hageman )


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