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Ethnographic Map of Bukovina

(Based on the Census of 1910)

Large (711 KB) Version

Schwarztal / Schwarzthal Map of Bukovina (2340 x 3177 dot version, 711 KB)

This map shows the borders of Bukovina, when it was a crown land of the Austrian empire (1775 to 1918). Population figures are based on the census of 1910.

Technical notes: This full-sized version of this image has been provided for anyone seeking to view all the details of the original map. The image size is far larger (711 KB) than any other file currently on this site, but the added detail it provides should be well worth the slower download time.

A reduced-size (49 KB) image is available, in order to allow for faster downloading, and to provide a map that can be printed on a single page. The reduction of this file's size unavoidably causes some blurring of the image, which makes most of the smaller place names unreadable.

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