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Welcome to our Store-Links Page. 

Here you will find links to Bukovina related items which can be purchased from other organizations or from the authors/artists directly.



  • Siegfried Mirwald has written several books about Bukovina History and Culture.  A list of his books, with description in English and German is available at store-author-mirwald.html at our website. 


  • Reinhold Czarny (Germany) has informed us of the availability of two DVDs on Czernowitz (now Chernivtsy in Ukraine), which he produced in 2005 in collaboration with Oksana Nakonechna, a Czernowitz resident. Once called "Little Vienna" and the most populous city in Bukovina, Czernowitz was Bukovina's capital in the Austrian era. These DVDs, available in either English or German, will enable the viewer to take a virtual tour through this city, now under Ukrainian sovereignty.  The first: FILM-DVD, presents a comprehensive stroll through Czernowitz with emphasis on its historic and cultural sites and is available for 20 Euros + 8 Euros for S/H*.

    The second DVD contains over 1000 photographs of Czernowitz, among them panoramic scenic views, the former Bishop's residence, numerous churches of various denominations, the railroad station, and many other landmarks. The DVDs are compatible with NTSC and can be viewed on the normal American computer and TV. Price: 10 Euros 8 Euros for S/H*.

    * S/H for 2nd DVD is free!  Total Price for both DVDs, incl. S/H is 38 Euros.
    Preferred method of payment: prepayment or transfer through Western Union Bank.  
    For further information or placing orders you may contact Reinhold Czarny at one of the following addresses:  or at his website at (2006-12-16)


Other Organizations:

  • The Saskatchewan Genealogical Society of Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada has several Bukovina related publications for sale, two of which are described below.  Please contact them to purchase these books.

The Saskatchewan Genealogical Society
P.O. Box 1894
Regina, Saskatchewan
  • Erwin Massier, et al. Fratautz and the Fratautzers: The Rise and Fall of a German Village Community in Bukovina. First published in German (Pleutersback: By the editor, 1957). English translation 1992 by Sophie A. Welisch.
    (231 pp, Paperback, cerlox binding) ----- $27.00 plus $5.00 postage and handling
    (US dollars for orders outside Canada)

  • Josef Wild, ed. Fürstenthal: A German Bohemian Community in Bukovina
    First published in German (Munich: Landsmannschaft der Buchenlanddeutschen, 1981).
    English translation 1993 by Sophie A. Welisch.
    (135 pp, Paperback, cerlox binding) ----- $25.00 plus $5.00 postage and handling
    (US dollars for orders outside Canada)


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