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Bukovina Ancestors in Uniform

Czernowitz Landwehr


Picture and Information submitted by
Hope McAdoo, Calgary, AB, Canada


Here is a picture of my grandfather who was in the Austrian Army.  George Zielonka (seated on the left) served in the Landwehrpak (Reserve Service army of the 9th Company of Czernowitz Landwehr Infantry regiment #22) as noted in his army passbook and was active during Nov 27, 1908 to Sept 9, 1909 as well as Aug - Sept 1912.  He came to Canada on the SS Montrose from Antwerp on March 5, 1913.  He traveled under another name to escape his country. He grew up and lived in Tereblecea-veche, Siret, Bukovina.




Regiment Recruiting District


K.K. Landwehr-Infanterieregiment Czernowitz Nr.22 Czernowitz, Kolomea Rumanian 54%, Ruthene 27%, various 19%


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