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Bukovina Ancestors in Uniform

Ferdinand Schuster

Born  January 11, 1865 in Fürstenthal Bukowina - house # 160
Died July 21, 1912 in Ellis, Kansas



Schuster, Ferdinand 18650111-in-military-bef-1904.jpg

Zur Erinnerung an meine Dienstzeit

Schuster Ferdinand

K. k. (Kaiserlich und Königlich) Infantrie Regiment Freiherr ?????


In Memory of my time of service

Schuster Ferdinand

K. k. (Imperial and royal)  Infantry Regiment Baron ?????



Ferdinand Schuster was born in Fürstenthal, Bukovina, in 1865.  The date of the picture is unknown, but was taken prior to 1904, when he arrived at Ellis Island.  The practice was to attach a picture of the person's face to a picture of the uniform, so only the head is actually Ferdinand.


A copy of a copy, the writing is difficult to read.   “Freiherr” or “Baron” is a title of nobility; this word is then followed by the personal name of the individual for whom this regiment is named, which unfortunately, is illegible.


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