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Martha McClelland , President
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About This Website

Effective December 19, 2011,  for all questions related to this website including membership, please contact

Martha McClelland, President

Bukovina Society of the Americas

P.O. Box 81

Ellis, Kansas 67637

Please Note:  In order for your email to reach us, please do not alter the Subject Field which we designate for your email.  If a previously active email address in this website is no longer functioning, please send an email to   for more information.

Effective December 19, 2011, Webmasters Rebecca Hageman and Werner Zoglauer, the original creator of this website, have retired from their positions as webmasters for  Becky and Werner served as webmasters from March 24, 2002 through December 19, 2011.

The creation and content of this website represents the volunteer efforts of many people who have contributed their time and/or literary works to build this website and create contents for it.   Please visit our Web-Contributors page for additional information.

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December 9, 2002 was chosen as Site of the Day by Family Tree magazine.

From: "Sutermeister, Cara" <>
To: <>
Sent: Friday, December 06, 2002 10:29 AM
Subject: Your Selection as Family Tree Magazine Site of the Day

Dear Bukovina Society of the Americas Webmaster,

Congratulations! Family Tree Magazine at has chosen Bukovina Society of the Americas at as Site of the Day for Dec. 9, 2002, because we think it will be a wonderful online resource for our readers.

Please contact me if you have any questions. Again, we salute your excellent site and hope it continues to grow in the future!

Cara Sutermeister
Family Tree Magazine
4700 E. Galbraith Rd.
Cincinnati, OH 45236

July 15, 2002

This site is now known to most SEARCH engines.  We are adding more pages as time allows and invite visitors to submit Bukovina related content which is in concert with the aims of this website.

May 1, 2002  - is our new domain name.

We have moved our web pages to our new host, Netfirms, where we have an add-free site under our own domain name.  A lot of construction work remains and we hope to show continuing progress. 

April 2002  - NEW: Bukovina Society of the Americas Website

In early 1996, Larry Jensen, a member of our Society, took the initiative to pioneer a website for the Bukovina Society.  The initial website was at Larry's personal AOL account and shortly thereafter, a mirror site was created on the FEEFHS server.  Larry's efforts significantly increased the visibility of the Bukovina Society and attracted new members for the Society from around the world.  Thank you, Larry, for a job well done!

At the Bukovina Society convention meeting in Ellis, Kansas in August, 2000,  a committee was formed to expand and upgrade the website content.  Society members, Becky Hageman and Werner Zoglauer volunteered to work on the new website.  A development site at now hosts the new Bukovina Society Website.  We have discussed with FEEFHS the possibility of  including the Bukovina website on their server.  Depending on the resolution of some technical issues and workload scheduling, this may occur sometime in the future. 

Included on this new Website are documents (some updated) from the old website as well as new content.  Over time, we expect to add significantly more to the content.  In addition, we have added several new features to enhance the content and navigability of our new website. 

Currently, all of the contents from the old website have been moved to this new website.  However, a large amount of  construction work remains, primarily in areas requiring new content. 

We decided to make the new website publicly available before it is complete.  Individuals whose contact information needs to be updated on the [Genealogy & Contact-Listpage, should inform us with change requests.

We appreciate your patience while web construction is in process. 

Becky Hageman and Werner Zoglauer,

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