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15-17 September, 2006


by  Ralph Honas, President (Ellis, KS)


We are pleased with the distinguished list of people who have responded to the organizing committee  for the upcoming Bukovinafest on September 15th in Ellis, Kansas   Among the special guests will be Professor Ayrton Gonçalves Celestino, co-founder and first president of our sister organization in Brazil, the Associação Alemã-Bucovina de Cultura--ABC. His planned journey to retrace the route taken by his forebears from their earliest-known residence in Bavaria to their early 19th century settlement in Bukovina was published in the March 2006 Newsletter. Professor Celestino will complete the trip with stops in the US to include Bukovinafest 06 where he will share his travel experiences with us.  Steve Parke’s presentation is titled “An Evolving Community:  The Collyer Township Bohemians, 1879-1900.” Irmgard Ellingson will give two presentations: “From Bohemia to Bukovina: The Hapsburg Homeland” and “The Bukovina Immigrants and Their Homeland.”   Herman Ottschofski will report on his 2006 trip to Bukovina.  Sophie Welisch will discuss Bukovina cultural traditions.  In the event she is unable to travel to Kansas, another member of the Society will give her prepared report.   Several social and cultural times will be set aside during the Bukovinafest.  On a personal note, my wife, Julia, and I are pleased that Karl and Tina Honas from Lichtenstein, Germany will be here for the combined Bukovinafest and Oktoberfest as our guests.

The Society headquarters will open at 9:30 a.m. on Friday, September 15th to begin the day with a welcome coffee. There is no registration fee, with group and other meals on your own. You may register or gain further information by emailing your name and address to:   On September 16-17 the annual Midwest Deutsche Oktoberfest will also include a special program entitled German Heritage Days.  These presentations will be in the afternoons of the Oktoberfest with a detailed program available at the Ellis County fairgrounds entrance. Information on the Oktoberfest, accommodations and local attractions is available at:  We look forward to seeing many of you in September, especially the numerous new members who joined the Society since our celebration three years ago.
11-14 June 2004 Ast / Aust Family Reunion - Kings Beach California
19-22 September, 2003 Bukovinafest 2003 - Ellis and Hays, Kansas
4-6 April, 2003


German Heritage Days, scheduled for April 4-6, 2003, is being presented by the Ellis County Historical Society in Hays, KS, with funding assistance by the Hays Convention and Visitors Bureau. Numerous other local businesses and cultural organizations are also involved in this new event in Hays. Some 30 programs, presentations and tours will celebrate the German heritage of the area. Customs, language, music, and food will be a part of the weekend, held in meeting facilities and historical buildings of old town Hays. Bukovina Society board members will make two of the presentations. A brochure and other local historical information is available from the Bureau at 1301 Pine Street, Hays, KS 67601, or call toll free 1-800-569-4505.
21-22 September, 2002 First Genuine Annual Oktoberfest sponsored by Midwest Deutsche Oktoberfest Association with participation by the Bukovina Society.
Ellis County Fair Grounds, Hays, Kansas at Exit 157, Interstate 70

19-21 July 2002

The Federation of East European Family History Societies (FEEFHS) and the Saskatchewan Genealogical Society (SGS) will co-host a family history conference in Regina on those dates. Within this event and in the same setting, the Bukovina Society of the Americas, Society of German Genealogy in Eastern Europe (SGGEE) "a Poland and Volhynia Genealogy Group", and the East European Genealogy Society (EEGS) will hold their annual conventions. These five organizations are working together to provide an exceptional learning experience for everyone.
FEEFHS & Bukovina Society 2002 Convention Information   Program - Topic and Speakers

6-8 July 2001

Bucovina Fest 2001 - Rio Negro & Mafra, Brazil 

10-13 August 2000

Bukovinafest 2000 - Ellis and Hays, Kansas

22 July 1999

Annual Membership Meeting

13-16 August 1998

Bukovinafest 1998 - Ellis and Hays, Kansas 
30 November 1997 Christmas Customs of the Old Country

17-19 July 1997

Bukovinafest 1997 - Waco, Texas

16 Sept - 1 Oct.1996

Excursion in the Bukowina

18-21 July 1996

Bukovinafest 1996- Ellis and Hays, Kansas 
14-15 July 1995 Bukovina Genealogy Conference
14-17 July 1994 Bukovinafest 1994
16-18 July 1993 Fifth Annual Convention of the Bukovina Society
16-19 July 1992  Fourth Annual Convention of the Bukovina Society
11-13 1991  Third Annual Festival and Meeting of the Bukovina Society
12-15 July 1990  Second Annual Meeting of the Bukovina Society
19-22 July 1989  Bukovina Heritage Festival


Other Bukovina Interest Events (reverse date order):

July 3-6, 2003

13th Bucovina Fest 2003 -  & 116th Anniversary of Bukovinians in Brazil  - Rio Negro & Mafra, Brazil
For more information contact Ayrton Celestino.
Para obter maiores informaçōes contactar Ayrton Celestino.

5-7 July 2002

12th Bucovina Fest 2002 & 115th Anniversary of Bukovinians in Brazil  - Rio Negro & Mafra, Brazil

(See our Sept. 2001 Newsletter for more information) 

18 May 2002 Pfingstreffen der Landsmannschaft der Buchenlanddeutschen, Ulm-Unterelchingen, Germany (In German language)

6-8 July 2001

Bucovina Fest 2001 - Rio Negro & Mafra, Brazil 

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