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             The Ellis
                                             Thursday - August 10, 1989

Ellis, Kansas 67637

(Posted on the World-Wide Web by the Bukovina Society of the Americas,
on May 8, 2002 with permission of the Ellis Review, Ellis, KS 67637)


The Bukovina Society board of directors met recently to plan for the 1990 meetings.  The festival in July was deemed a great success.  The program over four days featured speakers of international reputation, and ended with a German dinner and dance for over 300 people.  Registrations extended to 11 other states outside Kansas, and several European countries.

The next annual festival will be July 12-14, 1990 with programs and speakers confirmed again of international interest.  The Society, based in Ellis, Kansas, voted to conduct the second annual event locally with a plan to move to locations around the United States and Canada in future years to areas of Bukovina heritage. 

Board Members of the Bukovina Society of the Americas:

Rear: left to right -  Joe Erbert, Bernie Zerfas,  Paul Polansky, Raymond Haneke, Oren Windholz, Darrell Seibel
Front: left to right - Bob Schonthaler,  Irmgard Ellingson,  Dr. Sophie Welisch, Frau Irma Bornemann, Ernie Honas, Wilf Uhren


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