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Bernie Schneider's Bukovina Family documents

Posted on the World-Wide Web with permission of Bernie Schneider
 by the Bukovina Society of the Americas,  March 14, 2004


My Father, William Sam Hameluck, born 1926 Grayson, Saskatchewan, presented me with the passports from his grandparents.  William was given these passports by his father George (listed on Anna's passport, page 4). 

Since I was the first born of the first born, of the first born, and had a keen interest in family history, I was given these passports when I turned 18 years old.  

To me these  passports are more precious than gold, as they are the only tangible link between the generations of my family.

Wasyl Hamaluk, born 1868 and his wife Anna Pudetz, born 1869 (previously widowed Moroz), came to Canada from Molodia, Bukovina. Their ethnicity was Romanian.  

Anna was a widow with two young children, Wasyl (Bill, born 1893, Molodia, Bukovina) and Simon (Sam, born 1896, Molodia, Bukovina).

Anna owned an Inn and Wasyl worked for her as a bartender. (We will assume this Inn was locate in Molodia).  Together they had a son Georgi (George, my Grandfather, born 1902, Molodia, Bukovina.) In 1903 this blended family came to Canada and settled in the Killaly, Grayson, Dubuc area of Saskatchewan.   

  • Towns listed on last page of Wasyl's passport:  
    Neudorf, Kalaly (Killaly), Grayson, Dubuc, Ckhohm (Stockholm), Estarhazy(Esterhazy).  These are listed from west to east, linked by the railway, at that time.  

A sad event for the children was when the family dog had to shot before their departure to Canada, as there would be no one left behind to care for the family pet.  

Wasyl was a Water Diviner, a skill he had that came in handy on the Canadian prairies. He helped many a neighbor find just the right place to dig their well.  

When George Hamaluk went to school in Saskatchewan, the teacher changed his surname to Hameluck. This is now our family name.  

Lovingly submitted by Wasyl & Anna's Great Grand Daughter and second generation Canadian,

Bernie (Hameluck) Schneider
Prince Albert, SK


Wasyl & Anna Hamaluk Passports

Anna's Passport Pages 2-3 Anna's Passport Page 4 Wasyl passport - pages 2-3 Wasyl passport - last page

Wasyl & Anna Hamaluk Passports

Anna's Passport
Pages 2 - 3
Anna's Passport
 Page 4
Wasyl passport
pages 2-3
Wasyl passport
last page


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