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Other Web Sites related to Bukovina

There are many topics that might interest Bukovina researchers, including the history of the region and the many ethnic groups that settled there, its geography, and current events. The Bukovina Society of the Americas has compiled this list of other web sites that may help to provide information about these topics.

Governmental Sites

More Information on Genealogy and Ethnic Groups

  • FEEFHS, the Federation of East European Family History Societies has a huge web site with information about more than 140 member societies, covering every country and ethnic group in eastern Europe. You may have already retrieved this page from the FEEFHS server, which is a mirror site for the Bukovina Society of the Americas.

  • The German Genealogy Home Page has useful information for all researcher with Germanic roots, including a regional page for the Sudetenland relevant to those with ancestors from the Bohemian Forest.

  • J.N.Hoffmann  maintains a website for the Genealogy of the emigrants from Bukovina in Lapa, Brazil  (Genealogia dos emigrantes da Bucovina na cidade da Lapa, Paraná).  Their Bukovina ancestors are closely related to the Ellis, Kansas Bukovina German immigrants, both groups emigrating from the same villages in Bukovina. (as of 23 Dec 2002)
  • A large and current list of Bukovina related sites can be found at
  • Germans from Bukovina share a common genealogy with the Germans from Galizien.  Both areas were  settled by Germans from Bohemia, Rhineland Palatinate and Württemberg  during the late 1700's to early 1800's.  (8/18/2004) 
  • The JewishGen web site is an excellent resource for Jewish genealogy. Their regularly updated JewishGen FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions page includes introductions to such sources as the National Archives, Vital Records, Passenger Lists, the LDS Family History Centers, etc., that make it a useful guide for Jews and gentiles alike. Their ShtetlSeeker database is also helpful for locating the geographic coordinates of towns in eastern Europe.

  • Jewries in Galicia and Bukovina, in Lemberg and Czernowitz, authored by Albert Lichtblau and Michael John, contains a brief and  interesting discussion about Galicia and Bukovina under the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy from 1772 through 1939.  The article is located at the Universität Salzburg, Austria server at


  • The ROM-SIG Family Finder can now be accessed via on the web. They have a large database of Jewish genealogists with ancestors from Romania, including all of Bukovina. Searches can be done by surname and/or town, or even for all matches within a specified distance from a town!


Emigration & Immigration

General Resources for Genealogist


Also see our Bukovina Map Room!

Cities and Institutions in Bukovina


  • In 1999, a young man, who experienced the beauty of Bucovina, decided to gather them in a place where people who left Bucovina can ease their longing for their natal places and the ones that haven’t traveled yet in this area can see its glory and find all the reasons to say “We’re going to Bucovina!  Here you will find links to several cities and villages of the former Southern section of Bukovina, which is now part of Romania. (as of  8 Mar. 2006)

Biographical Pages

  • Paul Celan, born in Czernowitz in 1920, is among the most important German-language poets of the century. Three web pages provide information on his life, and an example of his work: .
    • Alan Ng's Paul Celan home page has a number of items by and about the poet; some in English and some in German.

Other Web Sites Devoted to General Bukovina Information, Culture, History, etc.

  • Peter Elbau maintains a very informative website at  This site contains informative Geography and History articles, as well as very interesting pictures/postcards of Bukovina people and city/village scenes. 
  •     Mihai Panzaru is constructing a website at  As of May 2002 it contained a brief history of Radauti and also pictures of the Painted Monasteries.
  • An interesting website for Romanians in Alberta, Canada, can be found at  The main purpose of the Romanians in Alberta portal is the reciprocal knowledge and the exchange of information. This portal is to support communication between Romanians from all over the world, as well for foreigners interested about Romania, so as for Romanians interested about Canada and the province of Alberta especially.


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