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Vol. 01, No. 2   -   May 1991

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Bob Schonthaler, President
Joe Erbert, Secretary
Bernie Zerfas, Treasurer

(This copy of our Newsletter was called The BULLetin when originally published in paper form)

Oren Windholz, Editor
Editorial response to
P. O. Box 1083
Hays, KS 67601-1083

NEW COMPUTER.  Just two short months ago our dream was to have our own computer to process the society mailing list, membership records, correspondence, and most importantly, to begin a project of entering the genealogies of all members. An appeal went out to the members for help in purchasing one, hoping to be operational by the annual meetings in July. Due to a great response, over $600.00 has been raised and at the board meeting of February 21st, approval was made for the acquisition of an IBM computer. We saved one expense through the work of member Don Kuhn, who arranged for the donation of a good used printer. The big news is that David Zerfas of Bloomington, Illinois donated his personal IBM after learning of our project through Bernie Zerfas. Dave is very interested in our project, and has been of great help.

Thanks to all of our cash donors and as promised, the following people and memorials are being recognized for their generosity. We are now able with the above computer fund to purchase the software for the computer with capacity to store the genealogy of every member of the Bukovina Society.

Anne Doerfler Rudolph Gnad & Johanna Augustine
Twila Large Fern & Wilbert Keller/Frieda Zerfas Dietz
Mr. & Mrs. Carl Haas  
Paul Polansky Schneller Schneller Family
Lea Morris Eva & Fred Aust of Illischestie
Sister Dorissa Erbert Family
Leo Flaman Jacob Flaman of Radautz
Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Fries Frank and Minnie Fries

Raymond Kroeger


Ukrainian Genealogical and Historical Society of Canada

Ukrainian pioneers to Canada and USA
John C. Schulhauser Rudolph and Amalia Anastasia Schulhauser

Oren and Pat Windholz


Larry Jensen

George and Anna Joachimstaler

Richard Hoffmann


Carl and Betty Lang


Craig Breit

Henrietta Schoenthaler/Jennie & Emil Deutscher

Elizabeth (Neuburger) Maskill


Maria (Nemechek) Blackburn

Sophie (Erbert) Nemechek

Reinhold, Margaret & Amy Boschowitzki


Mitzi Menestrina

father, Karl Tanda

Van D. Massirer

Edwin A. Massirer
Lois Jean Wagoner  

Jacob Flaman

father, Jacob Sr. & grandfather, Frank

Janet Jo Tauscher

Joseph & Theresia (Bena) Tauscher

Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Nemechek

Patrick W. Riley grandfather, Joseph F. Augustine
Helen M. Fenton M/M John Zachman and M/M E. Adam Schonthaler
E. B. Karasiewiz Fred and Jennie (Gassner) Knieling
Mary and Robert Conard Ferdinand and Clara Schuster family
Vernena C. Bunker Ludwig and Lydia Deutscher
Berne Schepman M/M Fredereik Mai
Steve and Batty Augustine  
Anna Kingham  
Lillian A. Martin  
3 Anonymous donations from members asking not to be named  

YOUR SOCIETY COMPUTER is compatible with ones used by other genealogical societies, and the Family History Centers of the LDS church. Several of these organizations will be at the annual meetings to be of help to us.

ENCLOSED in this mailing is a schedule of events and registration form for the Third Annual Bukovina Fest. Our current mailing list is over 600. Those who fill out the form for registration please note: Tickets are not issued for the social, dinner, and dance. A name badge with the coat of arms imprint will be given to the registrants. A central list of registrations is also kept. For out of town persons staying at the Holidome or Hampton Inn, please note that you are with the Bukovina Convention for special rates.

FAMILY HISTORY CENTER at Hays has the microfilm in their permanent collection of Fuerstenthal, Czernowitz, and Gurahumora church records paid for by a few of our members. The Czernowitz records are for many Bukovina German villages, and the Gurahumora records contain much information on Poiana Micului. The Bukovina Society has a copy of the microfiche from FHC of the book by Professor Raimund Friedrich Kaindl published in 1911. Geschichte der Deutschen in den Karpathenlšndern. There are FHC locations in many cities, and are of great help in researching.

THE CENTER FOR ETHNIC STUDIES invited Bukovina board representatives to their dedication at Forsyth Library, Ft. Hays State University on April 16th. Their new brochure credits the Bukovina Society as one of the groups playing vital roles in developing the center through donations of resource materials. We are proud to have a small collection with them now and hope to add materials through the years in order to make information available for students and researchers in the future. Anyone having sources of interest to the center, please contact this editor.

BOARD MEMBERS PAUL POLANSKI AND WILF UHREN, as we mail this newsletter, are part of a convoy distributing relief to the Romanian people near ancestral villages of the Bukovina Germans. Wilf will be attending our Bukovina Fest and along with Paul has promised to bring slides and video of the trip for the program.

UKRAINIAN GENEALOGICAL AND HISTORICAL SOCIETY OF CANADA will be celebrating the centennial of the pioneers from September of 1991 through August 1992. They are collecting 40,000 surnames to create a computer data base. Walter Rusel, President, sent greetings and a brochure to us.

HEADQUARTERS AND MUSEUM progress for the Bukovina Society should result in our having a home soon in Ellis. Board representatives are now negotiating the lease of an historic church property on the main street in town, Washington. Watch for the announcement with opening before our July Bukovina Feet.

CANADA trip to attend the Saskatchewan Genealogical Society meeting in Regina was a huge success. Led by President Bob and Sue Schonthaler, the group included Joe and Arlene Erbert, Oren and Pat Windholz, Ray Schoenthaler, and Darrell Seibel. Talks were given by our members and individual meetings held with our numerous members in Canada. The Romanian Club of Regina made us our guests at their facilities. Some of the Canadian members will be at the Bukovina Fest and a report made of the trip up there. Irmgard Ellingson joined the group in Minot, ND.

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