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Vol. 04, No. 1   -   January 1994

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Ralph Honas, President
Raymond Haneke, Vice President
Joe Erbert, Secretary
Bernie Zerfas, Treasurer

Oren Windholz, Editor
Editorial response to
P. O. Box 1083
Hays, KS 67601-1083


A note was received from Professor Dr. Johannes Hampel, a professor at the University of Augsburg, and a principal in the Bukowina-Institut of Germany. He sent best wishes to "Unserer Bukowina Heimat," (Our Bukovina Community) after spending 14 days in the Bukovina region. He attended the 5th International Bukovina meeting there with participants from North and South Bukovina as well as from Germany. He noted that only the "Americans" were missing and hopefully will be with them the next time.

Picture not available
Dr. Hampel is pictured during the tour he gave of historic Augsburg to participants of the 40th annual meeting of the Landsmannshaft der Buchenlanddeutschen in 1989. He was an author of a book on the 2000th year celebration of the city. Irmgard Ellingson, Paul Polansky and Oren and Pat Windholz were on the tour and met many of the members who had just learned of the founding of our society.

Picture not available:
The picture card from Dr. Hampel with scenes from Czernowitz, capital of the former Bukovina homeland, located in the northern part absorbed by the former Soviet Union.



From our last mailout which contained membership renewal cards many members have paid their 1994 dues. We are pleased that the lifer list has increased also. The funds from the $150.00 fee, which are in a special endowment account, provide annual income from earnings for operating the society. Thanks for your commitment to the future. At this rate we will reach our goal of filling the memorial plaque in the entrance to our museum and headquarters.

  • 49. Lillian A. Martin, Oakley, Kansas.

  • 50. Clara and Herman Keller, Yuma, Colorado

  • 51. Floyd and Else Manz, Regina, Sask. Canada

  • 52. Rev. Wayne and Irmgard Ellingson, Ossian, Iowa 
  • 53. R. Anita Busek, Seattle, Washington.
  • 54. A.B.C. and Elvira Dubach, Ellis, Kansas

Bukovina People & Events

The board of directors enjoyed a Christmas party on the evening of December 6th. After dinner in Hays, they adjourned to the home of Ralph and Julie Honas to work on the 1994 convention and next mailout.

Irmgard Ellingson, board member from Ossian, Iowa, has been asked to speak at the International Convention of the American Historical Society of Germans from Russia in Lincoln during June of 1994. The AHSGR has been very supportive of the Bukovina Society and welcomes our input and publications.

Thanks to Dr. LaVern Rippley of St. Olaf College for sending us the latest publications of the Society for German-American Studies. They have often provided coverage of the Bukovina Society and kindly announced my book in their December quarterly newsletter. Their new brochure lists the Bukovina Society as one of 16 affiliate organizations.

Kelly Werts produced an audio cassette, Christmas on the Plains. It is an excellent recording featuring traditional Christmas music of ethnic groups in Kansas. The songs are in the English language, and the variety of musical instruments include guitar, accordion, fiddle, hammered dulcimer, reed organ, mandolin, and others. An historical description of each song is given. Lawrence Weigel of the Volga German Society and Oren Windholz of the Bukovina Society were consultants to Kelly. His address is 5901 Delmar, Fairway, KS 66202.

Christine Falconer of St. Paul, Minnesota sent a large picture album to Oren and Pat Windholz from the 40th Bundestreffen, Landsmannschaft der Buchenlanddeutschen in Augsburg. It was prepared by her sister Otilie Nebl and follows the tours, activities, and programs attended by them, Irmgard Ellingson, and Paul Polansky in 1989. An introductory note was written to Oren and Pat from Dr. Paula Tiefenthaler, another friend from the 40th. Mrs. Falconer and her husband visit family each year in Germany and was asked to bring the album back. It will be placed at the headquarters for all members to enjoy.

The Daughters of Isabella in Hays hosted the Bukovina Society at their meeting on January 11th. Stephanie Schumacher heard the program at Leadership Hays last year and invited the editor to speak so the ladies of the organization could learn of the heritage of the Bukovina German immigrants to Kansas and of the work of the Bukovina Society. I have also been put on the board of directors as secretary for the Ellis County Historical Society.

 Picture not available:
Tilly Nebl is the photographer for many of the publications from the Bukowina Institut in Augsburg. She is one of the many friends made by the Bukovina Society representatives in 1989.


Bukovinafest 1994

A video has been received from the Association for Bukovina German Culture in Brazil. The two hour tape features their parade, opening ceremonies, foods, folk dances, songs, religious ceremonies, and many other interesting activities. Dennis Massier will edit this and other videos for presentation at the meeting.

Al Lang, chair of the committee, has moved to Dodge City but will continue to be active in the society. Anyone who is interested in presenting a program, demonstrating an art or trade, or in any other way make a contribution may contact a member of the board. Bob Schonthaler volunteered to be in charge of recruiting speakers and programs, and Oren Windholz agreed to coordinate the convention.

In addition to the two speakers announced in the last newsletter, tentative programs to be scheduled are:

  • panel of members who have traveled to Bukovina
  • Irmgard Ellingson speaking on the migration of Germans from Wuertemberg to Bukovina
  • Paul Massier speaking on the Baptist movement in Bukovina
  • A style show featuring dress of the 1800's and early years of the immigrants cosponsored by the Ellis Country Historical Society
  • The Orphan Train Children Story
  • Demonstrations on cooking special foods as Hemetschwangers and Apple Strudle
  • Aust family art show.

Aust Family Reunion

by Don Ryden

Several special events and projects are envisioned which will be of interest to all Bukovina Germans as well as descendants of Jakob Friedrich Ast and Maria Katarina (Armbrüster) Ast, the first Asts known to have settled in Bukovina.

A guided bus tour is planned which will visit several sites in Ellis County associated with the Aust immigrant and settlement experience in Kansas. This pilgrimage will include stops at significant sites of family homes, farms, businesses as well as churches and cemeteries.

The Aust clan will gather together to share memories and a midday meal during Bukovinafest weekend. They will create a family memento to donate to the Bukovina Society museum and will record oral histories relating family traditions and stories. The Austs would like to display artworks produced by family members. A call for entries is issued, and contact person is Wahnetta Mills, 405 E. 15th in Ellis.

Currently an Aust Family Heritage Album is being compiled for distribution. It will contain genealogical information and a collection of family experiences and photographs. Don Ryden is searching for Aust kin in North America and Europe. If an Ast relative has not received a letter about the album, or if you know of other family members, please write to Don at 2241 E. Mountain View Road, Phoenix, AZ 85078,

The Schaffer Legacy

An intriguing story has long circulated among the Bukovina German people of a wealthy family who came to America and left a fortune here some half century ago. Many Bukovina German descendants were related to the Schaffer family and tried to gain a share of the estate after the daughter Henrietta E. Garrett died leaving no will. Doug Dale has taken on the task of tracing the legend back and has asked members of the Bukovina Society who remember the stories to contact him by phone at

(306) 734-2751 or the address of:
  Box 386
Craik, Sask. Canada SOG OVO.

Doug believes there are many files of material generated as a result of the estate matters at City Hall in Philadelphia which could have strong genealogical value.

0ne Jacob Schaffer was born in Illischestie and located in Canada by way of Kansas according to Mr. Dale. The Ellis County naturalization records do reflect a "Schafer" from Illischestie. If anyone in Ellis County would like help to record their memories of this case, they can contact the secretary or editor.


Ayrton Goncalves Celestino wrote to us again in December with holiday greetings and news from their organization. The Association for Bukovina German Culture celebrated the Third Bukovina Christman (3. Natal Bucovino) with traditional songs, Bukovina food, and the "Nikolaus Kinder." He has found ancestral papers for Janet Jo Tauscher from a Tauscher family in Sao Bento do Sul, and is assisting Aura Lee Furgason in her search for information.

Prof. Celestino read in my book Bohemian-Germans in Kansas of the songs preserved by Mr. Leo Weber. At his request the society sent him audio cassette recordings of Leo singing.

Mr. Vasile Macovei, the Romanian General Consul in Brazil has presented to Prof. Celestino an invitation from the Cultural Foundation of Romania to attend the "Meeting of Bukowina's Sons" in August of 1994.

California Czech Club

We appreciate receiving the CCSC Noviny, a very interesting newsletter through the courtesy of Kathryn Betlach Dankowski. It is of primary interest to the Czech and Slovak people with ancestors from the present day Czech Republic. The region was the homeland of Bohemian Germans who migrated to Bukovina and later to Canada, the United States, and Brazil. The newsletter lists a Czech university student who does Bohemian roots research back to about 1650. He is fluent in the English language and charges $8.00 per hour plus a small amount for extra expenses, with limits placed by the requesting party. The name and address are available by writing to the Bukovina Society secretary. Also listed in the Genealogy Guild column was the book Bohemian Germans in Kansas. Ms. Dankowski sent a copy of the latest surname listing (over 1300) for our headquarters library.

Bukovina Cooking

Green Beans  and Dumpling Soup
Submitted by Ethel Haneke


2 quarts water
2 Tablespoons onion
3 potatoes, diced
1/2  teaspoon salt

Boil potatoes until done. Add 1 lb. fresh or 1 can green beans. Let come to a rolling boil then add dumplings made as follows:

3  eggs
1/2  teaspoon salt
 1 1/2  cup flour
water sufficient for soft batter

Drop by 1/2 teaspoon the batter into the boiling mixture for 5 minutes. Brown 2 1/2 Tablespoon flour in 2 Tablespoon ' butter. Stir constantly until dark brown. Stir into soup. Add cup of cream or half/half and stir.



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