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Vol.  5, No. 4   -   December 1995

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Board of Directors:

Oren Windholz, President

Raymond Haneke, Vice President

Bernie Zerfas, Treasurer

Robert Schonthaler


P.O. Box 81, Ellis, KS 67637 USA
Editorial response to
P. O. Box 1083
Hays, KS 67601-1083



Information coming in from members enclosing their genealogy charts and some with data discs, as well as requests for information. The board of directors has authorized three members to be responsible for the computer operation until the society convention in July of 96. They all live out of state, so it will take some time and patience to get the work done. After the convention we hope to have local volunteers able to do computer searches for members. The primary goal will be the input of new data, and requests for information will be somewhat delayed. Please continue to send your family trees no matter how small.


With this issue of the Newsletter, notices are being enclosed to those members paying annual dues. We appreciate your support which brings you this publication, the annual conventions, and preservation of our heritage. The most important thing you could do for your society is to set down and write the $150.00 check for lifetime membership, joining the 79 others on the plaque of honor. The lifetime fund generates earnings for society support. We receive at least one letter per week from people who are discovering the Bukovina Society for the first time. Our work and resources have been very well promoted by other genealogical and historical societies around the world, such as the Romanian, Czech, Germanic, Jewish and other societies concerned with eastern European history. Thanks for your support.


Eugene A. Moisey, Sr. is seeking information about the Moisey's (Mojsej) of Banyliv, on the Chermosh River, about 60 kilometers west of Chernivtsi. Particular names are Tanasie, Ivan and Ignatius Moisey, and on his maternal side is looking for information on Nekolia and Gregory Kuz (Kuzz). The Ukrainian Research Institute of Harvard University referred him to the society. Address to 13903 West 20th Place, Golden, CO 80401-2103

Stan Stankowski is researching information on Josef Pelczar from Gurahumora and Anna Straczna. He can be reached at P.O. Box 592271, Orlando, FL 32859

Eleanore Vollhoffer Dempster of 11402 River Wynd, Maple Ridge, BC, Canada, V2X 4Y9 is looking for information, as follows: Joannes Vollhoffer (1830-1881) and wife Theresia Watzlavek (-1918), born in Lintz, Upper Austria, and (c.1862) migrated to Bukovina. Five of their seven children immigrated to Canada, Maria, 1860-1935; John, 1862-; Martha, 1864-1937; Michael, 1872-1942; Adelaide;  Katherine, 1876-1919; Rudolf, 1878-1957. Theresia and the five children migrated during 1903-1904 to Canada en route to Balgonie, Assiniboia (now Saskatchewan.) Michael was born at Suczawa and attended school at Radautz, serving in the noted Eskadron Regiment from Altfrautz. A license issued in Radautz April 10, 1902, gave Michael the right to operate a shoemaker shop in Altfratautz. He later farmed near Southey, Sask. Rudolph was born in Altfratautz. He homesteaded near Earl Grey, Sask. and later operated a shoe repair and harness shop in Southey, moving in 1916 to Prelate, Sask. Maria married Adam Karl Righetti; Martha married 1. Simon Huber, 2. Peter Galenzowski (the elder); Michael married Anna Ollinger; Katherine married 1. Felix Oschevski, 2. Frank Kurtz; Rudolf married 1. Eleonora Niznik, 2. Petronella Hanel, 3. Marie Schultz.

Margaret Kastner of 4077 N 100th St., Milwaukee, 53222-1329 is seeking information on her Trunde ancestors, her father Steven was born in Solca, Bukovina and came to America with his parents in 1891. Steven's parents, Frank and Katherine, were part of the Yuma, Colorado settlement.

David Joel Priever, 1470 S. Sherbourne Dr. # 1, Los Angeles, CA 90035-3520 received the Bukovina Society address from The Address book of Germanic Genealogy by Ernest Thode. David is researching the Greenberg and Schneider families. Greenbergs came from Lukavytsa, Ukraine (Lukawica, Bukovina) located 75 Km. SW of Lvov. The Schneiders came from Bagrinovka, Ukraine (Bahrinesti) 45 Km. south of Chernovtsy (Czernowitz). The Bukovina Society has had several requests from Ukrainian interests for fellow researchers, and we hope they will contact David. He is also a member of the Jewish Genealogical Society.

Ulrike Christofori, 955 Cranbrook Ct. #300, Davis, CA 95616 is working on a Master's Thesis at the University of California on the Zips dialect of Southern Bukovina. Our address was discovered by Ulrike from the Bukowina-Institut and has to become a member of our society. If anyone can be of help, please contact at the above.


People who have sent their names in as interested in the tour to Bukovina in the fall of 1996 have been inquiring as to the status. At this time we are expecting word from the organizer, Dr. Ortfried Kotzian of the Bukowina-Institut. His reply will be sent personally to those on the tour mailing list and details will be in the early 1996 issue of the Newsletter.


More features have been confirmed for Bukovinafest 96 in addition to the tentative schedule published in the last newsletter. Ken Meter of Minneapolis has confirmed is plans to speak to the convention on Saturday morning. Ken is co-author with Robert Paulson of the book, BORDER PEOPLE: THE GERMAN-BOHEMIANS IN AMERICA. His ancestry and the subject of his research and writing are from the area in present day Czech Republic from which the Bohemian Germans of Bukovina originated. Ken will also be interested in meeting with many of the people planning to attend the 96 meetings.

At this time, Dr. Ed Brandt notified us of his plans to attend the convention and will present "An Overview of East European German Settlements." Ed was born in southwestern Kansas to Manitoba-born parents who returned to Manitoba when he was six. That history had a lot to do with his becoming an East European German Specialist. An accredited genealogist and author, Ed has spent much of his time with the FEEFHS organization of which the Bukovina Society is a member. Ed particularly wants to meet Prof. Celestino Goncalves, and other special guests of the society.

Larry Jensen was at the headquarters building recently for a visit. He assisted the society with their computer data base, and will be providing a video of his trip to Bukovina. Those with a particular interest in Illischestie will want to be at the program featuring this video. Larry will also be watching his schedule with an effort to attend the convention and participate.


The board of directors, spouses, and members of the Bukovina Society helped make the annual Oktoberfest another big success. The Bukovina Society organized the opening ceremony and sang a number of German songs led by our music director Joe Erbert. A chilly morning turned into a sun filled warm day to enjoy all the ethnic foods, beer, music, and crafts. We thank all those who brought home made pastries for sale at the Bukovina booth. The funds raised will help the society obtain more archival materials.

[Photo unavailable]
Society president Oren Windholz and guest speaker Leona Pfeifer look out on the singing and keg tapping after the opening ceremonies of Oktoberfest 95. (photo courtesy of The Ellis Review)

[Photo unavailable]
Dancing started as soon as the bands played. (photo courtesy of The Ellis Review)


Werner Zoglauer, Bukovina Society International Board member, spent time in August at the German Genealogy Center in Leipzig where all of the original Bukovina archives are stored as well as many other records from former German settlements in Eastern Europe. He was tracing his Zoglauer side through the original Radautz church records. He reported the following on the Leipzig center: The Leipzig Genealogy Center (Deutsche Zentralstelle fur Genealogie Leipzig) is in a brand new building on the east side of Leipzig, a seven minute drive from the Autobahn. The facilities are very nice and comfortable. Counselors, some of whom speak English, are available to assist in identifying the records desired. The requested, original records are brought to your table. You can flag the pages to be photocopied and the library staff will do that for a nominal fee. There are also microfilm viewing stations available, but they were all occupied and the staff suggested that advance reservations for that equipment if advisable.

Jan Adams wrote to relate to society members some of her experience in researching at both the Brno Archive and the Prague Archive. The information extracted for her was in Czech and needed a translation which led to gaining the services of resident researcher, Jiri Osanec of Olomouc, Czech Republic. He corresponded in English and translated the archive documents giving both the old and new spellings of names and places. Mr. Osanec located a book with information about Jan's paternal grandmother's ancestral village which included a picture of the birthplace. He took pictures of ancestral homes and churches and even encountered a distant relative who still resides at the address where Jan's great-grandfather's mother was born. Jan recently received a letter from the relative. Jan is working on the possibility of engaging Mr. Osanec to research her Bohemian-German ancestors in search of the location of the Flachs family. Perhaps other Bukovina Society members would be interested in Mr. Osanec's services in order to share the costs of research. Jan sent to the society library a copy of a seven page article from a Czechoslovak Genealogical Society International publication by Osanec on his research. Information on services offered and costs are available at FAMILY ROOTS, Jiri Osanec, I.P.Pavlova 26, 779 00 Olomouc, Czech Republic. Mr. Osanec was born in 1947 in Olomouc and graduated from the Palacky University Philosophical Faculty with a specialization in history. He has been a teacher for 23 years and his hobby and, since 1990, second profession is genealogy. He carries out research commissions from clients all over the world and has written several dozen articles for history journals.


Dr. Edward R. Brandt has donated a copy of a new book, GERMANIC GENEALOGY to the society from the authors and publisher. It contains chapters on how to begin Germanic research and many annotated bibliographic entries for genealogists. Chapters are on the Family History Library, personal and place names, lists of useful addresses, vocabulary, tables, 26 maps, religion, and much more in the 370 page book, with a 32 page index. The book can be ordered from Dept. W, Germanic Genealogy Society, P.O.Box 16312, St. Paul, MN 55116-0032, for $24.00 plus $3.00 mailing charges, $4.00 outside the US. The Bukovina Society is represented in the book and our members who have reviewed it have high regards for the professional work done.

Irmgard Hein Ellingson sent to the society three books generously donated by the Bukowina Institut as a result of her last trip to Germany and a meeting with Dr. Ortfried Kotzian. The new books are, OSTDEUTSCHE KULTURARBEIT, DIE DEUTSCHEN IN POLEN, and DAS BUKOWINA-INSTITUT IN AUGSBURG. Thanks to the Institut for sending new books to our library and archives each year.

Margrit B. Krewson with the Library of Congress sent her book GERMAN-AMERICAN RELATIONS, A Selective Bibliography, to the society along with issues of the Library of Congress INFORMATION BULLETIN.


Joe Erbert wrote a number of letters to Erberts living in Europe to let them know of the Erbert reunion during the Bukovinafest 96. A professor wrote back whose daughter, Julia Erbert is interested in gaining a pen pal among the Erberts in America. She would correspond in English. Anyone interested can write Joe at the society address for more information.

The Bukovina Society will be represented in a book to be published in New York, THE GERMAN AMERICAN FAMILY ALBUM by Dorothy and Thomas Hoobler. We have supplied them with information and a picture for the book to be available in early 1996. A copy will be sent to the society library.

The new home of the National Czech and Slovak Museum and Library was dedicated in Cedar Rapids, Iowa in October. The 18,000 square-foot facility displays 5,000 artifacts, some dating to 16th century Europe and 50 national costumes. The library contains 10,000 volumes and offers genealogy research and geographical information of interest to the 4 million Americans of Czech and Slovak origin and other researchers. It is open Tuesday through Saturday at 30 16th Ave. SW, phone 319-362-8500.

I received my first newsletter from the German-Bohemian Heritage Society, having recently joined the organization. They are an active society with publications and programs. Anyone with roots in that part of the world should write to P.O.Box 822, New Ulm, MN 56073-0822.

The Bukovina Society receives the Bulletin of the Ukrainian Genealogical and Historical Society of Canada. Anyone doing research on their ancestors in the Ukraine should contact them at RR#2, Cochrane, AB, T0L 0W0, Tel/Fax 403-932-6811.

The Polish Genealogical Society of America publishes books, a quarterly Bulletin and a semiannual Journal. It holds five meetings and one conference annually. Information on membership is available at 984 North Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60622.

The Carpatho-Rusyn Society offers memberships through 125 Westland Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 15217.

The National Archives Great Lakes Region contains Federal Records in nearly 50 record groups. It is located at 7358 South Pulaski Road in Chicago, IL 60629, telephone 312-581-7816.

Edward Altmann saw our sign, stopped in at the society headquarters from Pasadena, California on his vacation and became a member. He remembers many of his father's stories about military service in the old country and will write them down and send them to the society.


Irmgard Hein Ellingson of the Bukovina Society International Board attended the annual conference of the Czechoslovak Genealogical Society International in October, at which she gave a talk on the immigration to Bukovina and Volhynia. The conference spanned 5 days with many presentations of Czechoslovak heritage and culture. Irmgard sent to the society a copy of the proceedings of the conference along with other materials. A 24 hour Czech/Slovak Information Hot Line is available at 612-946-6605.


In July Jim Corbett traveled to Germany and Austria in a "roots" hunt. Included in the group was his wife Vernetta, his 80 year old father-in-law, Fred Schmidt and Fred's grandson, Jon Schmidt. Jim calls himself an Irishman who married a Schmidt descendent of Bukovina. They corresponded with the Bukowina-Institut in Augsburg before departing and were expected. Jim said the staff of the Institut were very friendly and assisted them in finding more family information. Jim sent in the Johann and Franciska Albus Schmidt family tree.

[Photo unavailable]
The American visitors Fred, Jim and Vernetta in front of the Bukowina-Institut


The federation, which the Bukovina Society is a member of, has grown to 104 member organizations from 14 countries. FEEFHS is also in the process of assisting the formation of nine new and independent East European Genealogy Societies for areas now without organizations. The recently published Resource Guide to East European Genealogy is in the library of the Bukovina Society. FEEFHS has announced the third annual international convention will be held in Minneapolis on June 9-12, 1996. The convention will feature 70 to 75 presentations. Genealogists interested in the events may send an SASE to Ed Brandt, 13-27th Ave. SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414-3101 to receive an "Indication of Interest" form. The questionnaire will be used to facilitate program planning so as to ensure that the interests of the largest possible number of attendees will be satisfied.

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